Wanted: Character Concepts

Resident and Craft:
Headwoman - and assistants.
Herderhall Jman or Master - For the Beastcaverns and feeding pens.
Support Staff – Kitchen, Gardening, Carpentry
Smithcrafter – Preferably someone with an eye to invent things based on the timeline we’re playing. Like, say, the camera!
Harper Apprentice - Someone to drive Tiemme up the wall. :)
Guard Captain - and guards.

Pretty much all colors except goldrider are needed right now. But, ideas for different colors:

Weyrleader-Candidate: Bronze or Brownrider; Preferably completely inexperienced but far too confident. OR, older and experienced and willing to go toe-to-toe with veteran riders and not afraid to try new tactics. Something along those lines would be awesome.

Wingleader Candidate: Not a bronzerider. A brownrider winglead candidate would probably have a normal wing. But if it’s a blue or greenrider, maybe a ‘speciality’ wing of mostly blue and greenriders that could be part of a new threadfall strategy being tried after the tragedy that left a lot of Eastern riders dead or permanently injured.

Transfers from Igen, Fort, or Ista: This will give you an instant tie-in to some existing alts we have. But, specifically…

Igen: Anyone with criminal ties will know of Ch’rii already since he was a known thief before impression (and still is – a good one, too!). Maura is also from Igen but she was the heir-presumptive for a minor hold until she impressed. So those with holder-ties would know her. P’sec is also from Igen, and older leader-type rider who has personal tragedy in his past.

Fort: A’tae and Brentram are from Fort. Brentram is the Weyrleader’s son, and A’tae was exiled from Fort Weyr in apparent disgrace. Both would be high-profile names and recognizable.

Ista: Meiglen, the goldrider hand-picked by Pern’s Weyr Council to “replace” Randi at Eastern Weyr (when she disappeared) is from Ista. Any transfers from Ista would obviously know who she is, though they may not know her very well. Masterhealer Xantes is also a transplant from Ista. Dragons from any of Svaldirath's clutches are adoptable; you can see the breakdown on her page.

Eastern Weyr Native: There have been a couple of clutches had at Eastern itself. Someone who picks this route could be indignant at the number of transfers that come to Eastern and the fact that it seems to be the place to dump outcasts and criminals.

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