Portrayed By Riccardo Scamarcio
Position Asst Steward at Eastern Weyr
Former title(s) Candidate (Eastern), Assistant Steward in Training (Crom)
Sex Male
Age 18
Place of Birth Crom
Family Father: Turval, mother Greta, 8 siblings, 6 older and 2 younger
Faction Traditional

Character History

Warin was born in Crom about 18 turns ago, the seventh of nine children and the youngest son. Being the son of a steward of a major hold makes him… nothing, in particular. However, since stewards are decided by competence rather than bloodline, Warin was well on his way to learning the ropes and becoming an assistant in his own right, which pleased his father to no end. None of Warin's older brothers had shown an interest in carrying on the family occupation, so his father was willing to settle for his youngest son possibly doing so.

Warin was a quiet, studious child; one who took well to his Harper lessons. While not necessarily assertive, the observant might have noted that he often, more often than statistically likely, got his way. He didn't form many close friendships, if any; nor was he really close to anyone in his family. Not exactly a loner, he simply kept everyone at arm's length. Of his family he was closest to his mother, and of his peers he tagged along with Vothol, a third cousin to Lord Crom who was more or less his age. "Tagged along" was in the eye of the beholder, though, as Vothol certainly was assertive and blunt, but not very subtle or cunning. A lot of things simply fell into place for the more aggressive of the lads, and it would take someone paying close attention to see the strings being pulled from behind.

Vothol got the fancy, around the time his cousin was murdered, that he might end up in the line of succession, and began grooming himself to be the heir apparent, as much as a teenager can. It went without saying that his friend Warin would be his first choice for steward, since the young man was headed in that direction anyway. Warin was more amused than anything by Vothol's multiple assumptions, but he went along with them. Then the search dragons from Eastern Weyr came, and suddenly things changed. Both Vothol and Warin were among those called into the Steward's office a few days later, and both accepted search — after all, Vothol might not become Lord Holder of Crom, but he would be just as happy riding a bronze and becoming Weyrleader, and Warin was Vothol's shadow.

It didn't take long for Vothol to make enemies at the Weyr (please see http://divided-skies.wikidot.com/what-is-pern-coming-to for their first encounter), but Warin, as class-conscious as he was, was able to keep Vothol mostly in check. When the hatching came, Warin was left standing, but Vothol impressed brown. Warin had found the Weyr to his liking, however, and decided to stay on. Nominally a candidate for future clutches, he also applied as an assistant the Weyr's steward, figuring that his prior training could get him out of doing the candidate chores in between hatchings.


V'tol: When Vothol became Crom's Lord Holder (if only in his mind), Warin was to be his steward. Warin does not seem at all perturbed that brown Wreth put an end to V'tol's ambitions Hold-wise, and has paid the Weyrling no more attention than he pays anyone else.

Memorable Quotes:

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Trivia and Notes:

In general, Warin is aloofly polite to everyone. He rarely displays any sort of overt dislike or like of a person.

Warin's Logs


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