Washing a Pup-er Dragon!


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And Mohria's blue Riordanth

Date: August 26, 2010
Location: Along the Black River
Synopsis: Mohria and Riordanth steal a few candidates to wash Riordanth in the nearby Black River. Discussion of the upcoming hatching, bets, and plans ensue.
Rating: G
Logger: Uveline

Day 28, Month 09, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Along the Black River

The river valley is hilly, only flattening out close to the riverbanks, a stony expanse with the water swirling between the banks in a deep swift channel. The water of course isn't black, but more of a lazy birty blue. This clearing along the riverbank is ideal for a dragon landing or taking off, and has a gentle slope into the water, making it a favored spot for dragon bathing.

It's been a few days since Mohria's arrival at Eastern, and Riordanth could not /stand/ another minute of being without a large body of water to play in. Thus, the bluerider rounded up some Candidates and they all crammed onto Riordanth's little body, the blue making quick work of the flight from the weyr to the river. Now, in the humid heat of the afternoon, he backwings to a smooth landing on the shore. "Here we are," Mohria says, grinning already as Riordanth warbles happily at the rolling water. "No, Rio, wait," Mohria says, laughing as the little blue takes a hop-jump forward towards the water. "Let us get off, you oaf."

One of the (un?)lucky candidates claimed by Mohria and Riordanth for this excursion is Uveline, who has exchanged her normal tunic and pants for a lighter weight shirt and loose shorts - it's a warm day, and she wants to /enjoy/ the water! Scrambling off the blue's back as soon as she can, Uveline blinks around at the river - it's been a while since she could come here, after all. "I forgot how nice this was," she says to herself, admiring the valley anew. "I hope we get the lake finished soon, because I really miss swimming," she says more loudly, turning back toward Riordanth and Mohria.

Teallan took a hint from Uveline's change in attire and aquired something similar for herself. It's a pair of short leggings — coming to just below the knees — and a skirt over them instead of shorts, but still a deal better than she might have unwittingly put herself in. The young woman often puts fashion ahead of useful. Or wise. She slides down Riordanth's back shortly after the other Harper-candidate, landing lightly on her toes. She takes a few steps away, glancing to the river with a slight smile. "I still wonder how they plan to fill the lake once it is finished."

A Bit of a startled Scream. Vanielle gasped. "COLD!" she snarls looking fromher companions on the dragon's saddle. "So cold." She says stilling clinging to the dragon. "This was quiet a ride…" She gasped, the Kerroner-crafter turned Candidate climbing down slowly and tugged her pants down. "Oh dear…"

Mohria slips down off Riordanth's side, looking at Vanielle in surprise. "What?" She waits for the others to dismount and yanks at Riordanth's straps, getting them off just before the little blue dragon splashes into the river with a delighted warble and trumpet. "So," she says, smiling at the assembled youngesters as she strips down to a simple black one-piece suit. "How's Candidacy?"

"Pipes," comes the answer from Uveline as she follows Teallan toward the water, keeping an eye on the girl she has been told, repeatedly, to watch over. Someone, or several someones, are a bit protective. "I heard Neythan talking about it with the Weyrwoman a while ago. They are going to set up a system of pipes and a pump. But I have no idea how it will work. I just hope it /does/ work," she adds before turning toward Vanielle. "What's so cold?" she asks, puzzled, before smiling to Mohria. "It's certainly been a learning experience," she replies to the rider, glancing to the other candidates briefly. "And muscle building. Digging the lake, smoothing out rock floors and hauling stone from carving weyrs has made me a lot stronger than when I got my knot."

Vanielle laughs. She smiles. " Sorry, I was expecting the water too be cool." She says leaping down quickly. " I mean…" she looks at Mohria. "A learning experience… a life experience. It's been amazing. I've become more aware of things, than I once was. I learned to listen and try to speak up more take more leadership positions."

"Pipes. Fascinating. Maybe I'll have to ask him sometime how they'll work." The younger of the Harpers muses. "Candidacy," Teallan ventures, staring up at the sky thoughtfully. She ventures further towards the water, stopping along the edge of the river. A glance to the blue: "Does he wish bathing?" But her gaze ultimately comes to the rider. "It's… hard. Hard work. Sometimes… endless, it feels like, especially with the lake. I'll be very happy when it's done."

Mohria grins as she splashes into the water after her dragon, diving beneath the surface and coming up with uncanny timing just beside the blue as he turns and waits for her. Hauling up a bag of sand, she dumps some into her palm and sets to work, beckoning the other girls to join her in the scrubbing. "It's all good practice," she says to Uveline. "Should you Impress, tending to a dragonet is hard, hard work." Klah-brown eyes move to Vanielle, and she smiles kindly. "That's wonderful. Listening is a skill that many profess, but few master. We can't wait until the lake is finished either. Pipes, huh? Interesting."

Vanielle nods in agreements. "I really liked it in way, listening and trying to be a leader when it presents itself. I found… that… I followed too often." she admits. "I looked at the beting board, that's up in Jaya's bar said I'd impress Blue… somehow I don't see myself riding blue…" she looks at Mohria, and her dragon. "Not that's its not a fine color, it is…"

"Should be fairly warm, Vanielle, with how warm the weather has been," Uveline replies reassuringly. "Even the rain has been warm." At Mohria's beckoning guesture the older candidate wades into the water, heading for Riordanth's side. "Let me know what you learn, Tea. I'd be interested to know how it works, too. And how they plan to keep it from getting clogged, or overflowing." Uveline has always been very interested in new things, which is why she became a teaching Harper in the first place. Looking toward Vanielle for a moment Uveline tilts her head. "How does the color make any difference?" she asks, blinking at the lass. "I mean, you'll get the same connection with the dragon regardless of color, right?" This, to Mohria.

"Someone put me down for brown!" Teallan calls over her shoulder to Vanielle as she ventures in to the river and over to the blue's side to help with the bathing process. She does shiver briefly as she's soaked through, but it passes. "I think some of it is just people being silly." She giggles a bit, "I mean, we could bet on ourselves for bronze, afterall. It's not like the bookie would stop you."

Riordanth croons contentedly as the beautiful women swarm around him to scrub his hide, eyes spinning a happy tropical green shade. Mohria nods at Uveline, "Of course, every rider that Impresses…/Impresses/. Though some riders have deeper connections to their dragons than others. But that's more personality than color. Why don't you think of yourself as a bluerider, Vanielle? Just out of curiosity."

Uveline glances at Teallan and blushes, turning her head to hide the expression. "How's that silly? I mean, really, what does it matter if the dragon is a blue or a brown? I'd be pleased to Impress anything, myself. What's the color matter? I mean, impressing a gold would be one thing, since that's a lot of responsibilities you have to take up, but everything else would be all the same, wouldn't it?" Filling her hands with sand, the young woman sets to scrubbing Riordanth energetically, working out her confusion on his hide.

Vanielle chuckles. "It doesn't matter, but I just don't see myself on one. I mean…. I don't think I have — well I guess it all depends on the dragon and what she wants. But it…" she pauses at the comment fro mthe rider and as she begins to scrub the dragon. "I don't know. I just don't feel it… blue is a beautiful color." she smiles. "But I guess it doesn't matter. I mean.. I… don't know much about dragons. They are individuals…"

Teallan shakes her head slightly at Uveline. "I'm not saying Impressing is silly. I think people might be placing silly bets just because they /can/. We could, say, bet that Zen will Impress Gold, just to see what his reaction to finding out he was bet that would be." Slim shoulders rise and fall in a shrug as she gets to scrubbing Riordanth as well. "Things to joke about and pass the time, that's all I see that betting board as."

Mohria nods her head as she climbs up onto Riordanth's back to work on his wings - the one thing she never lets anyone but herself wash or oil. "It really is all down to personality. And gender. But when it's all said and done, hoping for anything specific gets you nowhere. I guarantee that if a blue finds you on the Sands, Vanielle, you'll just laugh to yourself and say 'how wrong I was'. Because every dragon and rider is a match."

Uveline listens to the talk about colors as she scrubs away, careful to not press too hard against Riordanth's skin. "I heard it wasn't good to bet on yourself but, well, I tried it anyway. Green, since that's usually what there are the most of. Best odds, I figure." To Teallan, "The bookie said real bets only, no women on bronze or men on gold. She's taking money, after all. Small bets only, but it's still people's hard earned marks. She won't have anyone fugde up her odds with sillyness. But there are others who will take whatever bets you want to place, and not bat an eye at it."

Vanielle nods. "Yes. I acknowledge that actually. I'd laugh and probably cry and then probably startling my poor dragon if it turned out to be a gold. Farnath help me." She nods and continues to scrub. "I for one put myself down as gold, a single mark." she comments. "Its fun to see what bets are up."

"I put myself for gold," Teallan admits at length, working at the blue's flank. Scrub scrub scrub. "I might go back and put a bed for blue and green, also. It's not like I use my marks for much else and I'd rather balance the odds even more." She grins a little, glancing in Mohria's direction. "I think the betting is fun, I don't take it seriously. If a dragon chooses me, I don't care the color."

Mohria chuckles, smiling as she gently works her way along Riordanth's wings. The two work in perfect sync, Riordanth's wing moving to meet Mohria's scrub time and time again. The little blue warbles his utter contentment, lids sliding closed. To be cleeeeean. "I can't remember what I was thinking I'd Impress, when I Stood. Probably that I wasn't going to," she says thoughtfully.

Uveline shakes her head slightly as the other candidates both confess to self-bets on gold. "Well, there are more bets on candidates for gold than there could be gold eggs, so someone will end up being wrong," she says. "What do you think, Riordanth? Are we all crazy for betting in the first place?" Uveline asks the blue, grinning as she works across his side toward his shoulder and neck.

Vanielle mods. "Yeah I agree,Teallan." she says politely. "I don't care." she works slowly in small circles, leaving higher up for the taller people. "I mean I think we are all lit silly for all betting. I mean who knows what's gonna come out of those eggs. We don't. I doubt the mother's know until it happens… just like we all do…" she glances to Riordanth. "OR do they?"

"Oh, of course people will be wrong. If I don't Impress at all, I'll be wrong, but it's for the fun of the game." Teallan gets more sand once what she had has been used scrubbing the dragon. She moves to another limb, reaching up to try to get higher towards the shoulder. "I doubt the mother knows. She can certainly guess, but I doubt she knows."

Riordanth just gives a happy warble. He doesn't care what they're talking about. Just keep scrubbing. Mohria shrugs, "If Riordanth knows anything, he's not sharing. He says a little to the left, Uveline."

Uveline laughs at Riordanth's translated reply, moving over as directed. "I'd guess the dragons know something more than we do, but I not anything specific. Just ideas. How else are they supposed to figure out who to search?" she asks rhetorically, scrubbing away industriously. "What will each of you do if you don't impress? I plan to go back to teaching here."

Vanielle Thinks. "I'll stay on and help out in any way possible. I.. ahh.. hmm I doubt I could go back to my old life." she says softly. "I really don't think think I could."

"I'll go back to Landing," Teallan says, repeating her oft-given answer. "Unless /you/ Impress, Uveline. Then, I think, I wish to ask to take your position… until they find someone better, I suppose, since I'm no Journeyman."

Mohria grins at that. "Rio searched F'min," she boasts. "He's got great Searching instincts. I've never figured out what he looks for - or finds - in hopefuls. It's just an instinct." She looks down at the Candidates. "What was your old life, Vanielle?" She smiles at the Harpers, nodding. "It's good to have a plan," she murmurs, focused now on the scrubbing.

Uveline blinks at Teallan. "You want to teach? I didn't know that. I thought you were more interested in composing," she admits, blushing at this lack of knowledge. "Well, if that happens, I'll put in a good word for you. You might talk with Kestian about it, if you haven't already. Being the senior harper here, he might have some influence on that."

Vanielle frowns. "Something I'd noth like to bring up.." she says softly. "Please." She averts her eyes continuing to clean the dragon's blue hide. "I guess it was partially that I… ran away.." she states.

"Not composing, no. I just… wanted to compose a ballad for the Weyr," Teallan admits, flushing herself. "I prefer singing, but… I want to stay at the Weyr and I'd rather be useful and Teach than to simply fall into status of perpetual candidate like some I've heard of." She peeks towards Vanielle, curiousity in her features.

Uveline hears Vanielle's words and starts, turning toward her with eyes wide. "You did? I didn't know that. I thought you had permission when you came out here," she says, puzzled by this information. But since Vani doesn't want to talk about it she lets it drop, instead nodding to Teallan. "I see. I wonder how soon they'll have candidate barracks ready to go. The weyrling barracks are going to get very crowded soon…"

Mohria looks curiously down at Vanielle, but she doesn't push the issue. Riordanth swings his head around and croons softly at the girl, though, his eyes opening and spinning a serene shade of blue. "Did you?" she asks Teallan.

Vanielle smiles. "A ballad." she mumuses "I think it'd be nice to hear ballads and songs, and stories. Yeah we can only hope the Candiate barracks are ready by the time the next gold goes up in a few years.. "

"One can only hope," Teallan says towards Vanielle, shuddering as she imagines sharing barracks with a large grooup of Weyrlings. For those that don't Impress after the first clutch, it'll be difficult. She looks at Mohria and blinks. "I did what?" she's not sure what's being asked.

"I doubt it will be that long," Uveline says. "With Thread still falling they could be rising as often as twice a Turn each. It will pretty much always be crowded, and that will be without the candidates in there. With the candidates, it's just that much worse." To Teallan, "I think she means the song."

Mohria moves along Riordanth's wings, careful of the delicate sails. "The Candidate barracks aren't ready? Where are you all staying, then?" She blinks back at Teallan, and then smiles. "Did you write a ballad for the weyr?"

Vanielle pause. "That's right.. thre are two golds…" she pauses. "In a way fortune favored the new Eastern Weyr, both golds rose close it means we'll have at least…. some amount of young dragons.." She grins. "Well I think you-" she turns to Uveline. "Should write a song about the Weyr, its new dragons, those eggs on the sands. Maybe a song about the first two clutches of the new where…" "We're in the Weyrling barracks- or what willbe."

"I think they were specifically sent to Eastern because they were near to rising," Teallan says to Vanielle, glancing up at the blue. "Did I miss anywhere?" She nods slightly to Uveline and smiles to Mohria with a sheepish shrug. "It's not done yet, but I figured something historic like the founding of a new Weyr should be remembered in song."

Uveline blinks at Vanielle as she is told to write a song. "But that's what Teallan is doing. And I'm not a composer, I'm a teacher. I don't write songs." Seriously. Not so creative on that front. "And I've already had to describe the clutches for E'ro, though I haven't given him the notes yet. I keep forgetting them at my cot," the older candidate says ruefully.

Mohria nods her agreement with Teallan. "Yes, it should. I wonder if any other Harpers are working on it." Shrugging, she nods. "They were," she says to Teallan. "So there wasn't any waiting around for more dragons to be born. Plus, it's such a big morale boost for a weyr. It's important. New life and new beginnings and all that."

"And fresh blood for the wings, once the mature," Uveline notes wryly. "We have to take over flying Threadfall in our area eventually, and these dragons will be a large part of that capability, I'm told. Southern Weyr cannot cover us forever." Uveline eyes her hands, which are beginning to wrinkle with the constant moisture of scrubbing. "I'm getting wrinkly. How much more of you is there to scrub, Riordanth?"

Mohria laughs. "Thankfully he's a very small blue," she says, patting his hide fondly as she slips off him and rinses off, heading for shore. "Let's get dried and get you all back to the weyr."

"That's a frightening thought," Teallan says softly, glancing to Uveline. "I hadn't thought of that before… That should we Impress, we'll have to fight Thread." She shivers faintly, glancing to the blue. "I hope, if I do, that I am worthy."

Vanielle nods. "Yesh" she flexes her rfingers. "Lets get dry and back to the Weyr. This was great day… I mean.,. cleaning and talking. I think ithis is the first time I've felt so… bonded to the others. Here."

Uveline nods to Mohria, rinsing her hands after giving Riordanth a last quick scrub and wading back to shore. "That was new," Uveline agrees, smiling at Mohria and her blue. "Thank you for the opportunity. We haven't had many chances to really get up close to a dragon and touch. Let alone scrub." Uveline sets behind a bush to remove and wring out her clothes, returning shortly with her clothing very rumpled but ready to return to the Weyr whenever Mohria tells them to go.

Mohria smiles at Teallan. "You'll become worthy," is her rather cryptic answer. "Bonding is so important. Especially if you Impress and have to function as part of a fighting wing. It's /essential/. As is getting to know dragons before you /have/ one," she says with a small frown, swimming to shore. In no time, Riordanth has his straps on and is ready to go, helping each girl up onto his back with a happy warble.

"We've been so busy, as have the few dragons Eastern has," Teallan says after Uveline, brow furrowed. She exits the water and shakes slightly, allowing most of it to sluice off of her. "There hasn't been much time for interaction, I don't think." She smiles to Mohria, once astride the blue. "Thank you, also. It was a nice trip."

Note: the location referenced is not presently a built room - it's a spoof based off the Black River Bridge room description!

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