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Date: 13th May 2011
Location: Ciara and Suosith's weyr
Synopsis: L'han asks Ciara for a favour, and gives her some much-needed reassurance, too. Meanwhile, Suosith and Escaeth chat.
Rating: PG13
Logger: Ciara

Simple is the best way to describe this weyr. There's little in the way of furniture, and no decoration. All it has is the basics: single bed, wardrobe for clothes, and a table and chair for work. Pegs hammed into the wall provide a place to hang a dragon's harness and other such equipment, and glowlamps are hung about the place to provide suitable light. The dragon's couch is large, and situated just behind an outcrop of rock to protect it from any gusts coming in from the bowl.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth brushes against the gold's mind, the soft chime of bells accompanying the green's presence. « Suosith, are you awake? »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith's voice is rich with the smell of sweet perfume, the gold enjoying her leisurely sunbathing time by the lake. « I am, Escaeth! What do you want? » Polite and sweet is the soprano reply to Escaeth's question.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes again appreciatively, the warm music of her voice providing Suosith with the spa experience. « I can't find Rauzath and Kaseth, do you know where they're at? Mine wants to discuss his duty arrangements with their riders and I can't find them in the Weyr. »

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith seems to be very much enjoying the musical tones of Escaeth's voice, her own words becoming more lyrical in response. There's some worry in them now though, ominous noises and the smell of burning pine curling about her mental presence. « Kaseth is gone? But I spoke to her earlier? I have not seen Rauzath for some time…myself and Ciara occupy her weyr, now. »

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth becomes slightly worried at the word that Rauzath is not there. « Is yours a Weyrwoman now? If she is, mine would like to talk to her. » The musical flow to her voice is not stopped, only slightly tinged with bass tones at the worry for the two golds.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith is happy to answer that, the worried tones to her voice vanishing almost immediately as she revels in her rider's new position in life. « Yes, she is. Would you like to come to our weyr? » The image of their ledge follows - Rauzath's old ledge of course, but now with Suosith lying on it so as to better be admired by all and sundry. There's a brief pause as her attention diverts, and then she adds, brightly, « Ciara is happy to talk to yours. »

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes again in appreciation. « Thank you Suosith. Mine appreciates her time. We'll be there soon. »

Ciara is sat at her table to the side of the sparsely-decorated weyr, scratching her forehead with the pencil she's holding. Whatever work she's poring over isn't keeping her attention very well, anyway, and the rider looks towards the entrance of her weyr. She is expecting someone, after all, and that's a welcome distraction from the work currently occupying her time.

The sound of dragon wings comes from the entrance along with a trill from the owner of those wings to the gold lying out on the ledge. The sound of boots comes along the door as well as a man's voice. "Thank you Suosith." The owner of that voice steps into view, L'han, as his gaze blinks to adjust to the light of the weyr before he spots Ciara. "Hello Ciara… oh excuse me, Weyrwoman Ciara. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice and congradulations on finishing weyrlinghood."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth settles down to join the gold in enjoying the sun after dropping off her rider. « Ahh, nothing like Weyr sunshine. Landing is nice, but the sun is too bright sometimes. »

Suosith's musical croon trails in after L'han, and Ciara smiles at the green rider as he enters. She can put the pencil down now, and turn away from this dratted paper! "L'han, come on in. Take a seat, take a seat." She pushes the other chair by the table out in invitation. Judging by the fact it doesn't match the one she's sat one, it'd be a safe guess to assume it's recently acquired. "Thank you. And it's no problem, honest. Part of my job and all that." She settles back in her seat, trying to find a relaxed position that doesn't look too slobbish.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith is happy to share her ledge, though she does seem to be appraising the green's beauty, silently, judging perhaps a little. « Oh, I haven't been to Landing much. Are there very many people there? »

L'han gives a warm smile to Ciara as she offers a chair and says, "Ahh, thank you." He settles into the new chair with a tired sigh born of a working man. "I don't suppose you've been told the specifics of why I've been assigned to Landing for almost a whole turn? Not that I mind the duty of course, as Landing is entertaining and an interesting place to be, especially when the Masters find something new out of that computer, but what I do mind is not being allowed to rotate the duty with another rider and being allowed to come back and sleep at Eastern." He pauses for a moment before he continues explaining, "Basically I got into a fight with Alara's weyrmate over something I did on behalf of our Headwoman, which I believed she had a very good reason for. Because of that and that Randi for whatever reasons doesn't like me and thinks I'm an idiot they've had me stay out at Landing as Watchrider… but it's more like an exile to keep me out of their hair to put it plainly."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth does however give the gold her space, not that most dragons would consider crowding a queen. Her beauty is actually pretty good as her hide is seemingly freshly cleaned and oiled and there is relatively little Threadscore from past Falls the green was involved in. « There are some at times and then there are little at times. Dragons, runners, and people all come and go. I get to watch and keep it all safe and moving. Plus there's always a new smell. It's a wonderful place. You and yours should go there sometime. »

Honesty is the best policy sometimes, and Ciara chooses not to lie about the knowledge she, as a Weyrwoman, should probably be privy to. "No, I haven't." She waits then, listening to L'han speak with the odd nod, keeping a straight face through it all. No judgement here, not from her. She's not involved in the situation and can have a more balanced viewpoint. "I see." She does, however, seem lost as to what to say now. "Um…I'm guessing you want to try and resolve the issue and sort something out that works better for you?" Her eyes are on his face, eyebrows drawn together in a concerned expression. She feels for him, even as she tries to be neutral about the whole thing.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosithis appreciative of the space, even as a new scent, that of smoky kohl, enters her voice. Jealousy? It's smothered, just about, by her usual almost sickly-sweet perfume. « Oh, we should! I should like for Landing to see one of their golds. » She doesn't sound too keen on the runners, though. « Are there many runners there? »

L'han nods to Ciara at that. "Aye, I do. I could have had Fort Weyr's Senior Weyrwoman come down to talk to Alara and Randi, but I didn't want to do that to put an external voice on them, not with such a new Weyr. And they wouldn't have thanked me for it either. So I was waiting for them to either address it themselves or as now for a new Weyrwoman to come to Eastern or graduate weyrlinghood. Point is that I'm tired of being at odds with them. I didn't intend for it to be like that and I don't like that it's not fair to Escaeth to not be able to have the comfort of her weyr. A building in Landing is not the same." He looks towards the entrance of the Weyr before he looks back to Ciara. "It's just they seem content to ignore me so I really don't know how to resolve this."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes as the music rolls on. The green has an entire orchestra in her head and every sound of is harmonious to her mood. « Oh indeed. I don't remember the last time a gold was there… to be honest, neither does mine. » She flicks her tail at the mention of the runners. « Oh they are there, but they aren't a bother. They don't let the runners come up by the big building with the computer. Too many people and dragons. »

Ciara nods, picking up the pencil and toying with it in her hands as she considers the situation. For a moment she looks down at her hands, at the pencil being passed between her fingers, saying, "yes, I can understand that," and then she looks up at L'han again, stopping with the childish fiddling. "Well. I'm not sure how much power I'm allowed to wield, exactly. Alara's not here and nobody'll give me a straight answer on where she is." She pauses again, teeth biting into her lower lip for a moment. "And Randi kind of seems out of it, even if she is here. So. I…guess I can make a decision." She sounds damn reluctant about it, and it shows in her eyes, too. "I could set up a duty roster for watchriders at Landing, if you think that would help?"

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith thinks that's that decided then. « I shall have to pay them a visit and remind them of what an Eastern gold looks like, then. Thank you, Escaeth. » The gold's voice soars to new heights as she gives the compliment, all friendly and bubbly as she leaves her worries about the older golds behind. She's here, that's what matters. « Oh, I'll probably stay by the big building with the computer then. Maybe they'll let me see it, the computer. Have you seen it? »

L'han smiles at Ciara and says, "That would help yes… although I would recommend keeping the number assigned to it low… Holds as I recall like knowing who their Watchriders are." He considers Ciara's limitations and he says, "Short of making any significant and sweeping changes to the Weyr without Alara's say-so, I think you'll be alright. And if there is a problem, I'm sure Randi will be quick to come talk to you about it. Or Alara if she comes back." He frowns at that before he adds, "Headwoman Indira knows what they'll likely have a problem with, you could talk to her if you're considering a decision, even one such as this."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth smiles through the mindlink, the green's happiness trailing over to Suosith's mind. « You're welcome Suosith… and tell yours thank you. Landing is a nice place, but the Weyr is where the dragon lives. » She's getting to come home! « Oh and the computer? I've not seen it myself… the building isen't big enough for a dragon, even me, but mine's let me see it through his eyes. It's very strange. »

Ciara reaches to pull a piece of paper on the table towards her, shifting the pencil into her right hand, and twists to make a note on it. "A low number…okay." Still holding the pencil poised to write, she turns her head so she can face L'han again, worry in her face as he mentions Alara. "If she comes back…well. I can talk to Randi I guess. Should talk to Randi. She's back at the Weyr…I think." Seems like a lot of things are vague for the girl right now. "Oh, yes, Headwoman Indira. Yes, I'll go to her, I think, yeah." She turns back to scribble something else on the paper. Pause. Something else is written down quickly in her not-so-neat handwriting. Setting the pencil down, Ci turns back to face L'han fully. "Hopefully I can get everything sorted out. I'm sorry you've had to put up with it for so long." And she genuinely does sound sorry, and look it, too, even if it's not her fault.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith is in strong agreement with that, her link to the Weyr set as soon as she broke shell on its hatching grounds. « Of course! I would not like to swap Eastern for Landing as my home any day, and why should you! » Her voice gets squeakier as she gets more het-up about the prospect. « Oh, you are lucky. I shall make Ciara go and see it so that she can show me, if I can't get into the building. » That's a certainty, to judge by the strength of her words and the fresh smell of cut grass now mixing with her perfumed mind-voice.

L'han picks up on the worry in Ciara's face and voice. "It's alright, normally you have several other goldriders around to help with things until you get more used your duties so if you need some time to talk to Randi to sort out how this will work, that's fine, Ciara. I'm not an impatient person. That you're taking the time to look into it and resolve it means alot to me." He gives a reassuring smile to the goldrider, appreciative of her attention to the issue.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes in agreement with Suosith. « Indeed. » She considers the possibility and then she adds, « Mine could go with her to make sure she can get in and see the computer. Mine's allowed access to most of the computer as Watchrider although the Masters usually watch him when he's there working on it… probably curious as to why a rider needs to use it. »

Ciara nods, still looking unsure but also happier now, able to smile - although not her usual cheeky smile or grin - at L'han's reassurances. "I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible, I promise. And hopefully with some good news, too. With Alara…somewhere, I suppose it's more likely people will be able to say 'yes' to my proposal, I guess?" There's a subtle request for further reassurance from the green rider there.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith says, cheerily, « Oh, I'm sure she would take yours up on that offer! She did have access to some smaller computers, but I don't know if they'd let her go to see the big one. Though she is a goldrider, » and therefore incredibly important in Suosith's view, of course. She doesn't fully understand the computer's importance, as evidenced by her next words. « I wonder why they're so protective of the computer? »

L'han nods to Ciara in agreement. "Indeed. Especially since I think, not to worry you about such, it comes at it's own time, but if Suosith rises with Rauzath being gone for so long, you'd be the Senior Weyrwoman… I'm not sure and I believe Rauzath might have something to say about that if she and Alara come back." He smiles and says, "Don't worry too much. If Alara and Randi aren't able to lead, either you or Rio will be the new Weyrwoman in time and you or Rio can always ask for a more senior goldrider to come down from the north to help out. As far as fighting Thread goes, I believe Weyrleader J'cobi has that well taken care of."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth considers that for a moment and after bugging her rider about it she replies, « Mine says it's because the Holders want to destroy it… they think it's a bad influence on Pern. Despite all the things that it has given us and could still give us yet. That's why Eastern was settled, to keep it safe. And I think they would let yours see the big one… especially as she's a goldrider from Eastern… we keep them safe after all. »

That's a comforting thought. Apparently already pretty much single-handed running the Weyr at nineteen, save for Indira and Rio's help, Ciara swallows at the prospect of being thrust into Senior Weyrwomanship. "Um…I guess it'll all depend on what happens. I suppose Suosith won't be far off rising, seeing as she was old enough to graduate." She glances nervously towards the ledge, and receives a happy trill (or as close to a trill as a gold can manage, at least) in response to her worries. Looking back at L'han, the Weyrwoman nods at the rider's next. "I think Randi's back to stay. Hopefully. Alara…." She trails off, shrugging a little. Then there's a nod at the J'cobi thing. "Yeah. Hopefully we can keep the rest of the Weyr running while he focuses on that. " She pauses, then asks, "do you think he's a good Weyrleader?" Odd question, maybe.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith snorts mentally, derision dripping off her words. « Silly Holders. Mine thinks it is a good thing, too. Whyever would someone think it's a bad influence? » She is in firm agreement with Escaeth's thoughts on the visiting matter. « I will remind them of her rank if they give us problems. We are no Holders come to destroy things! » She's offended at the very idea, the burning pine smell returning with a vengeance.

L'han nods to Ciara. "He's a little gruff around the edges, but he's a bronzerider, they are a little like that. But he's got the brains for it and knows what he's doing. He'll take care of Thread until Alara and Rauzath return." Or the next Senior Gold rises… whichever comes first. "Actually, golds take a little while after maturing before they rise, so I wouldn't expect her to rise for a few months yet. And you'll know when she's getting that way." It's like getting hit over the head with a sledgehammer, Ciara… you can't miss it. He glances towards the entrance, another answering trill from the green out there as the two happy dragons seem to be providing encouragement to their riders. "Escaeth seems to think you and Suosith would make an excellent Senior."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes in agreement with the gold's derision. « The Holders are silly, but at least they don't visit really. Mine was worried they'd bring a lot of people to destroy it. Only way to stop that is a lot of dragons or dragon fire. Seems they don't want to do that. Goodness knows I wouldn't if I were them. »

Ciara nods, more slowly, considering that opinion with a thoughtful expression. "I see." She goes to reach for the pencil again, but has second thoughts and puts her hands in her lap instead, fingers interlacing randomly. "A few months?" L'han's words are echoed, but where the green rider seemed to be implying that was a way off, when Ciara says it sounds like it's right round the corner. "Yes, they did teach us it would be a rather, er, big event." She's looking awkward now, but tries to draw herself up and look more professional, even if she looks somewhat taken aback by Escaeth's message. "We're only just graduated…I feel like there's so much we have to learn!" Clearly her thoughts are not echoed by Suosith, who bugles her agreement with Escaeth's thoughts.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith hms! « When Ciara and I are the senior pair, we will not let them get anywhere near it! How outright silliferrus of them! » And there comes the inevitable made up word, the gold having to invent anew to express her distaste for such behaviour. She bugles, and her mental presence is mingled pine and perfume before she speaks again. « If Rauzath does not return soon, that may be sooner rather than later. » And she doesn't sound too unhappy about it, unlike her anxious rider.

L'han smiles reassuringly as he shifts forward in his chair to rest his forearms on his knees. "There's always something new to learn Ciara. I've been riding Escaeth for six turns, nearly seven now, and I can say with great satisfaction we havn't learned everything there is. It would make life boring if we did." He smiles before he looks back to the ledge at Suosith's bugle, drawing a laugh from the greenrider. "Well at least you'll have some good encouragement. You'll do fine, Ciara. Trust yourself and know that you're allowed to make some mistakes when you're a new rider, even out of weyrlinghood. Just make sure to ask if you need advice or help. I know of no rider that wouldn't help another."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes in amusement at Suosith's pro attitude. « Well the bronzes and browns should be pleased about that. Although I expect all golds will fly here in a few months once most of the dragonets are in weyrs of their own. Eastern still needs dragons. »

Ciara's eyebrows jump at the length of time L'han's been riding. Clearly the woman wasn't expecting it to be that long, given his youth. "Oh…I suppose you're right. If you knew absolutely everything…." She smiles now, toying with her hair to push it back away from her face. "Thank you. Yeah…I just don't want my mistakes to do any damage, you know?" She shrugs, looking towards the ledge and resting gold again, briefly. "I'll remember that. Hopefully I don't test their patience with all the millions of questions I'm bound to have," she adds, with a sigh, though there's still that little smile as she comes to terms with what L'han is getting across. It's okay to need help.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith seems to draw herself up mentally, presence expanding and strengthening beyond its already almighty pride. « I will provide Eastern with many dragons, of course. All lovely and strong, and pretty. » Proud of herself and her home to the end, of course.

L'han smiles and nods, "You won't. You're not bound to have them all at once are you?" He seems to be seriously asking before he breaks out into a grin. "Thats why we all look out for each other. I know you're in a tough place since you're one of the four goldriders here, but understand the difference between giving an order and deciding how it should be done. There's a good story that I can share that was told to me by my mother, a greenrider, if you'd like to hear it?" He figures she can use a break from her work, even though his business is done.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth considers the gold for a few moments, giving her the same attention that the gold did to her and then chimes her agreement. « Thankfully dragons look more like their dam once hatched. »

Ciara opens her mouth to answer the question before realising it's rhetorical, at which point she closes it again, laughing a little. "Hopefully not!" She's slipping out of business mode - if ever she was truly in it - and slumps in her chair now, looking more at ease not having to play the big Weyrwoman figure. "Sure!" She looks curious as to what the story could be, brown eyes fixed on L'han's face, showing she's listening intently.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith's ego is well and truly swelling, her mind seeming to flutter at the compliment. « Oh Escaeth, you do flatter me. » She considers the Weyr's bronzes, and notes, as if sharing a whispered secret, « I wouldn't choose a horrible ugly bronze to fly me. Only the best for me and my children, you know? » There's a chiming giggle, and she's all champagne bubbles and fruity perfume.

L'han smiles and says, "Once in Fort Weyr, the Senior Weyrwoman asked the other Weyrwomen to put up tents for a Hatching feast… the other Weyrwomen instead of putting up the tents, took their time trying to decide where each tent should go, how big they should be…. they talked and talked and none of the tents got put up. The Senior came back to check how they were doing and was aghast to find nothing had been done. When she asked why, they explained they couldn't decide how and where to put up the tents. The Senior shook her head and told them that's not how they put up tents. She found a passing bluerider and told him to get some other riders and weyrstaff and up the tents. The bluerider didn't stop to ask how, he just said yes Weyrwoman and a few hours later, he and his helpers had the tents put up. The Senior then explained to the other Weyrwomen, We make the decision. Let those that actually know how such things are done figure out how to do it." L'han smiles at that and says, "You make the decisions, Ciara, but you have riders and weyrstaff that can carry them out well enough."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth giggles at Suosith's comments on the bronzes. « It's too bad blues can't keep up with a gold… some of them certainly look good don't you think? Although some browns look absolutely handsome. »

As the story is told, Ci's face goes from curious to smiling, to something actually pretty close to her normal grin. She shakes her head wonderingly, with a quick glance towards the ledge. "Thanks, L'han. That…actually makes me feel a lot better about doing what I…well, what I have to do." Seeing as she seems to be the one in charge at the moment, with the exception of J'cobi. "I just hope people will respect what I ask them to do. I'm only nineteen…most of them are way older than me!" She sounds amused by it as well as worried, but she's mostly at ease now, smiling at the green rider.

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith mulls that one over, and a quick flash of Balkrith might just be made out in her thoughts as she ponders the blues. « Hm, some of them, maybe. Some of the browns would maybe be good enough - but they have to keep up with me! I think the blues are happy to chase such beautiful greens as yourself though, Escaeth, » she adds, voice bubbly.
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L'han smiles in return to the now less-worried goldrider. "Don't worry. Even if I may disagree or not get along with Randi, if she asks me to do something, I'll do it. Goldriders tend to be agreed with, sometimes moreso than they should, but once the decision is made, most riders will tend to carry it out." He smiles at the age and says, "And I'm only 23, but I've seen quite a few Falls and plenty of problems in that time. Wisdom and experience comes quickly to dragonriders. You'll do just fine, Ciara." He looks towards the ledge and smiles. "Well I should see about getting Escaeth to eat before we go back out to Landing. The Farmcraft does not care for her to be feeding off their herds at Landing."

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth responds to the praise with an appreciative chime and a image of Riordanth appears. « This blue caught me the last time I rose. I appreciate speed and determination along with how they look. As well as caring… the males are so silly when we get proddy. » Flashes of Riordanth bringing her a herdbeast are also sent to the gold.

More finger twiddling, but Ciara looks to be believing L'han's every word. Almost seven Turns of experience versus her two - and she's not Weyrbred either, which is an instant disadvantage, in her eyes. She'll take advice, any advice, quite happily, and from an experienced rider it's only more valuable. "Thanks, L'han…I'll try my best with your problem, I promise. Oh!" Ciara stands when he mentions having to eat. "I'll see you out." Anything to stay away from the work just that little bit longer! "Maybe they won't have to worry too much about their herds for much longer, if I can sort this out. Then everyone'll be happy!" Right?

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith giggles at that, mimicking Escaeth's distinctive chiming with bells of her own, tinkly ones to go with her high voice. « Oh, I would definitely like a male to bring things to me. Maybe more than one - they could all pay their respects to me, especially if I'm looking after my eggs! »

L'han laughs and rises from his chair and says, "Thanks Ciara. I appreciate it. And the Farm and Beastcrafts will too." He chuckles at that as he and the goldrider will make for the ledge when she stands up.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes with a sound of trumpets. « Oh they will. The bronzes, especially whomever flys you will like to bring you things. And oh, it's time to eat! » She bugles in happiness. Mealtime is a good time for a dragon.

Ciara leads the way to the ledge, in the respect that she keeps pace with L'han while walking that way. "If I can keep everyone happy…I think I'll consider that a good job done." Suosith is peering in at them as they reach the ledge, the gold, after a moment, making room for Escaeth to take off when she needs to. "Like I said, I'll let you know as soon as I have some news."

Dragon> To Escaeth, Suosith is pleased to hear that. « So they should! » And oh, bugling! Food! « Enjoy your meal, Escaeth. I'll be talking to you soon, it seems. » She has not ignored the conversation going on in the weyr, then.

L'han smiles as he walks along with Ciara and he nods to Suosith when they come out to the ledge, his hand going to scratch a spot on Escaeth's hide much to the murmering approval of the green. "Thank you, Ciara. Just let Suosith have Escaeth know or even come visit us down in Landing. It's a fun place to go." He smiles before he climbes onto Escaeth's back, the green getting to her feet. With a trill from the dragon and a wave from the rider, Escaeth wings her way from the ledge, heading for the upper bowl to the herdbeast pens to feed.

Dragon> To Suosith, Escaeth chimes to the gold, giving an impression of warmth. « Thank you Suosith. Mine really appreciates it! Enjoy the sun! »

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