Watered Tasks


Keane.jpg Lorien (NPC)

Date: Dec. 13, 2010
Location: Lorien's Base, Telgar area
Synopsis: Indira's letter comes by Keane while he's in a meeting with the Telgari crimelord. This scene is also in post-reference to Paid In Full.
Rating: PG
Logger: Keane

Loriendovus takes his wine watered - two cups water to one cup of strong wine. Loriendovus also only takes this cup of wine after sunset when the rigors of his busy day is dwindling down for the coming night.

Keane knows all of this, and yet it still amazes him that the Telgari crimelord chooses this strict routine that hasn't changed at all since the time he toppled the last renegade lord of the area. Taking his own glass of unwatered wine, he was in the process of giving Lorien the rundown on the latest news he's been collecting at the Blood and Bucket - as was usual between them - when one of the renegade's task-boys ran up to their set-up table and interrupted him mid-sentence. "…and well, something tells me that old Serevan's about to have his hands full for the next coming months," Keane is telling the crimelord of Telgar, downing his wine in one full swallow. "Perhaps you should do him a service and go see what you can do for him."

Lorien watches the old barkeep down his unwatered wine with slight distaste, but he chooses to keep focused on the topic. "Serevan and I have an understanding," he says then in his usual clipped tones, running an idle finger around the rim of his cup sitting on the table at his home base. "We don't get along as well as we should, considering the type of strict lifestyle he and I share. He thinks I make my decisions based on my paranoia-"

"He ain't exactly lying," Keane grunts, cutting him off and immediately lifting a hand to stall off an oncoming retort when the task-boy arrives.

"Has my letter arrived to Crom yet?" Lorien is quick to ask the grimy-looking boy, assuming he was here for him while he keeps a hard stare on Keane for his words.

The task-boy, startled that the crimelord was addressing him in the first place, nearly drops the letter he was holding as he stumbles over his words. "N-no, sir! For-for the barkeep!"

Keane raises his brow and reaches to pluck the letter from the boy's grip before nodding to send him off. "Your letter should have reached Crom by now," he notes to Lorien as the boy scampers off without answering the crimelord's query. "I've heard nothing on whether Ashafor lives or dies. I know that's the real reason you've called me here." He's unfolding the letter as he speaks, not bothering to look at the younger man while doing so.

Lorien's more focused on the fact that the task-boy hadn't answered him. "Clearly I'm in need of new task-boys," he notes crisply to the barkeep, his dark eyes cold as he watches the boy leave. Turning back to Keane and his letter, "It should have," he now agrees on the letter to Crom, "but I've not heard a single thing. Not even from the drivers. That's grounds to be suspicious."

"You look for any grounds to be suspicious," Keane counters, smoothing the letter out. He was in the process of adding something along the lines of delays being common when traveling by wagon, and that he was willing to look into the current whereabouts of said wagon, when the first line of the letter has him eating those words and coughing uncontrollably. It was Indira's response to his note, its contents burning the very fingers that touch it as his eyes narrow over skillful wording and passionate returns that would set a country boy to blushing furiously. Keane's no country boy, however, but he was in the presence of a rather paranoid renegade.

"I trust it's nothing vexing," Lorien notices the reaction with sharp interest, his eyes traveling towards the note the other holds.

With a fist over his mouth as the coughing fit fades, Keane shoots the crimelord a look before hastily folding the letter back up. Indira certainly had a way with words. "Of course not," is all the old man says in reassurance, stuffing the letter out of sight within his coat as he offers his empty glass towards the Lorien for a refill. Last thing he wanted to do was have a chat over the contents of that letter. He directs the conversation back to Ashafor's fate, willing to talk to the man and offer him his assistance in finding whether the letter had reached Crom until the night comes and it's time for him to go home.

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