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Date: 6/2/11
Location: Eastern Weyr: Upper Bowl Center
Synopsis: Nenienne returns from Landing and finds the other watchrider. L'han and her talk about drills and the Weyr's state.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: L'han

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The sun has nearly set on Eastern Weyr, so the shadows are long and the spaces for dragons to find a place to soak up what last rays remain of the sun are at a premium. So it is a lucky thing that a particular green that loves Weyr sunlight has found one of those last places and she gets a bonus too… oiling! L'han is stripped to just a pair of shorts to work with the oil as one would expect, it's a messy job. As he works the oil into the green's hide he warns her, "If you get dirty before tomorrow, there will be no flying for you." He adds on in a mutter, "Only because I'll be too busy getting you clean again."

A dark dragon, probably a small blue or a large green but hard to tell in the fading sunlight, lands nearby and Neni climbs to the ground with a polite "Thank you". Neither the rider nor the dragon replies, the latter simply crouching for a launch and then heading *between* once in the air. Neni looks around to get her bearings, looking pale as she always does after *between*, and spots L'han and Escaeth. Though she doesn't smile (when does she ever?), she does head over to greet the two, her voice, at least, happy.

Escaeth trills a greeting to the other dragon, which is more likely than not returned, but it does alert L'han to Nenienne's approach as he turns and waves to her. "Evening, Nenienne… just got back in from Landing?" Escaeth stirs as L'han paused in moving the oil and she looks over to Neni before L'han continues to work the oil and she lays her head back down once more.

Nenienne nods, which probably isn't seen well, so she adds a "Yes. How are you and Escaeth doing? She looked really good in drills the other day."

L'han smiles and says, "We're doing fine, much happier now that we're alternating the watchrider duty with another rider. And yes she did… my girl and I are very good at flying, even better against Thread." Well he doesn't mind bragging does he? L'han looks back towards Neni and says, "Was it my imagination or did most of the Weyr turn out to see Randi lead the drill?"

"There were a lot of people," Neni concedes, "Though I think all of us were too busy gawking to actually say anything." Then, after a brief pause, she says, "I like you better than the other rider," whom she doesn't even name. "And Gael said to say "hi". I guess the other rider ignores her, too."

L'han laughs and says, "Well I suppose a goldrider leading drills doesn't happen every Turn." He finishes rubbing in the oil and turns to face Neni so Escaeth can enjoy the last remaining sunlight. "Well thanks, Neni." He smiles at the compliment and also adds, "I guess I should stop and see Gaelene soon." He considers the other rider for a moment and says, "Well, each rider and dragon is different, you get some good ones and some bad ones."

Nenienne says, somewhat sheepishly, "Being holdbred, I'm not quite so sure why it's unusual. I mean, don't all dragons listen to queens? It would make sense for them to lead." And her voice turns wry at his comment about riders. "Pretty much. Just as you find different types of people in Crafts and Holds."

L'han nods and says, "Well, I'm weyrbred, so I think it comes down to endurance and the simple fact the queens are just too damn mentally powerful. The Weyrleader normally can handle his own dragon's mind when they direct a Fall together and the queens serve as backups in case the bronze can't keep some dragonpairs under control… I'm not entirely sure about Randi and Kaseth, but they looked tired as shell when they got done with that drill. A Weyrleader needs to be able to pick up and go at a moment's notice against Fall.

Nenienne nods habitually, then adds in a thoughtful tone, "And I suppose it might get problematic when a queen is in clutch, having to get used to one of the others' style and such." After what happened last hatching, Neni appears not even to entertain the notion of a queen leaving the eggs alone.

L'han nods to Nenienne. "Even when a clutch is on the sands, Thread still falls. Having our leading dragon unable to fly is a bad thing. Thats why I'm getting concerned about things around here…" He lowers his voice to not carry so far and he says, "Things aren't right… I was looking into going into the Farmcraft before I impressed to Escaeth and one thing I learned is how much work goes into sustaining a Weyr… just from looking at what we have for supplies and what we have coming in… I can't figure out the puzzle of how this Weyr is staying up, we should be about dry of everything here, yet we still have supplies."

Nenienne hmmmms, then says slowly, cautiously, and thoughtfully, "I've noticed too, just from having grown up at a farming cothold, and knowing what we tithed to the main hold and how much went te the Weyr from that. I try not to think about it much, though — as long as the off-balance is in our favor."

L'han nods to Neni, as behind him Escaeth seems to be paying very close attention to the conversation. "Maybe so, but I've run through every idea that I can think of why that off-balance would be… short of a very large gift from the Northern Weyrs, which I havn't seen, or from the Holds, which hate us for guarding Landing, I can't figure out where all this extra stuff came from… and now we get twelve new riders out of the blue when Randi returns? It's just all too strange for me to just ignore, but I don't want to step on Randi's toes, not now that she's finally let me rotate the duty so I don't have to stay out at Landing all the time. I just dislike puzzles I can't solve, you know?"

Nenienne mmm-hmmms, most likely nodding as well, if she could be seen. "One thing I learned as an apprentice, though, is that the less you know about things which are not your business, the less headache and the less you can be blamed. Although that is, of course, more to do with pranks like hiding brooms than it is like running a Weyr." After another pause, she says, "Perhaps the new riders had been helping Eastern out somehow, and someone found out?" She hmmms at that point and then, obviously thinking aloud, says "Although even if they were somehow diverting tithes or something, I doubt a dozen could make that much of a difference. Perhaps it has to do with the continent itself; there is a lot more than wild felines to be hunted, and the wild fruits and such are plentiful."

L'han nods to Neni and says, "That strangely enough is reminicent of Weyrlinghood." He considers Neni's theory on the diverted tithes and other resources and he sighs. "Well twelve new riders do help, regardless of why they're here in the first place, and Randi, M'zen, and I went out hunting the other day for wild felines, Escaeth just about went nuts for how many animal smells were out there." He grins at the green behind him and whispers to Neni, "Fun fact about my Escaeth… you know how dragons don't have good memories? Escaeth routinely forgets what she's smelled… everything other than dragons and humans smells like something new to her. Always keeping her excited about what she smells."

Nenienne says, "Fascinating. I wonder how searchdragons do it, then — if they forget they've already searched someone, do they try to search them every time they see them?" She seems to be more than willing to drop the subject of the Weyr's odd prosperity.

L'han smiles and says, "As I do Search just about every clutch, I'll tell you this Neni, the dragon generally will search the person again, unless there is a pressing reason to not do so. However it is not a guarantee. Thats why people are encouraged to remain Candidates, since there is still a chance a dragon can choose them, but the search dragon may not search them."

Nenienne ahs. "I didn't know you and she searched. Were you two responsible for any of my candidate colleagues from the first two hatchings?"

L'han nods and says, "Weyrwoman Rio… we searched her when she was in Landing to use AIVAS. A very good day for her." He tilts his head and asks, "Are you planning to Stand again when there's a new clutch on the sands?"

Nenienne says, "I'm hoping to. It'll be a few turns before I can even think of mastery exams, and I hope to stand until then." Her voice takes on a wicked tone, "Unless, of course, I impress. Then I won't need to worry about standing again."

L'han teases, "Or the mastery exams." You can't dragonride and be a crafter at the same time. "Anyways, I hope you do… I may not have expected it, but it's the life for me." And then something probably a shock for Neni as a foreign presence touches her mind. « Keep your hope strong, smith-woman. One of us may yet choose you. »

Nenienne gasps aloud, even if her stunned expression can't be seen. She adds, as an afterthought, and articulate, "Whoa."

L'han raises an eyebrow at Neni's gasp and her whoa… it only takes a moment for rider to put whoa and dragon together. "Escaeth…" His voice carries a warning to his green. The presence fades as soon as L'han speaks. "Sorry about that… dragons do that from time to time. Riders are used to it, but for non-riders, it's a little overwhelming."

Nenienne's voice is once again philosophical. "Overwhelming, but not bad. And that's what it's always like for you, or do you get used to it?"

L'han smiles and says, "We get used to it, because they're up here all the time" He taps his forehead, "listening to what we're doing and what's going on with us. They're especially receptive to our emotions, doubly so while dragonets, which is why sex is not allowed in Weyrlinghood. They don't understand it and it confuses them. At least at that age. And a dragon shares just about everything with their rider and other dragons. Very social, very -nosy-."

Nenienne mmmmmms, then says, "I sort of hope I wouldn't get used to it. It felt so… intense. And," she addresses Escaeth, "Thank you for the encouragement."

L'han smiles and says, "Maybe, maybe not… but you don't want to be suprised by it in Fall." Escaeth for her part raises her head up and trills to Neni before she looks at L'han whom nods, as the sun has now gone and there is no place to sun in the bowl. "Ok, Escaeth…she wants to go sleep in her weyr before we have duty tomorrow. So I guess I'll see you later, Neni." He smiles and waves to Neni as he moves to climb onto Escaeth.

Nenienne's voice is warm as she says "Sleep well, both of you. I should go copy the notes Master Jarvys gave me while they still mean something." The last in a self-deprecating tone.

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