Welcoming Committee


Kaskan.jpg Bhedri.jpg / Beddie (NPC'd by Jaya)

Date: Nov. 29, 2010
Location: Dark corridor, EW
Synopsis: Beddie gets quite the welcome from a guard named Kaskan and introductions are made. Kaskan also gets slapped.
Rating: PG-15 for adult innuendo
Logger: Jaya

She’s been here for only a few days and already Bhedri Dicori was starting to grow bored. First off was that less-than stellar welcome from her twin sister, Jaya, and then in the morning there were those hideous rules she would have to abide by if she was going to be sticking around for the next few weeks. Really?? Beddie wanted to go exploring – being that this was a southern Weyr and all – and with Jaya and that handsome bodyguard of hers declining, she had no choice but to suck it up and do it on her own.

Beddie traversed the hallways and corridors late at night when there’s sure to be no one about harassing her and making her embarrass her sister (Jaya’s words), so when she came upon a nice small cavern that looked very much like a storage room (and a dead end), the woman dressed in peasant tops and skirts sighs when she finally realizes she is lost. “Why can’t all Weyrs be made the same?” she cries to the ceiling, perhaps thinking said ceiling would respond back with a way out and back to the bar. In any case, the lighting is not much to help her see her way properly, and so with her back to the entrance, she paws through the crates for anything that could help her find her way back. Most would probably think she’s just stealing.

Kaskan is tired. It's been a long day for him as well, both mentally and physically. Trotting along on automatic, his brain is disengaged from his feet. Heading for the bar he has duel intentions of indulging in both alcohol and the barkeep. The glows have been turned down so late in the evening, which is a reminder of another reason why he's annoyed. The day's events kept him later than usual so he's guessing Jaya might be closing up about now.

The echoing burst of a loud voice echoes off the stone walls from somewhere ahead. The words are slurred by faded repetition but it brings him up short nevertheless. Light blue gaze narrows as he approaches the shadows ahead with a bit more caution. Not soon after he comes upon someone digging in a crate and from what he can see of her, and with the added hint of her familiar clothes, he smiles wide in recognition. He found her after all!

Panther quiet he slips along the shadows of the wall until he'd directly behind her, then he steps forward and slips an arm around her waist. Leaning back immediately he intends on picking her slighter frame off the floor and sinks his chin into the curve of her neck to nibble at her neck. "Hey sexy!" he growls playfully.

Beddie is so intent upon her rummaging that she wasn’t even thinking about the possibility of someone sneaking up on her. One could imagine the sheer shock of suddenly being grabbed from behind – that arm snaking around her waist suddenly brings her up so short that whatever she had fished out of the crate drops to the floor when she jumps. She stays that way for a moment, eyes wide with both hands held up to her chest as she feels the man behind her – and feels his chin into the curve of her neck. She’s afraid to make any sudden moves, or to even turn her head in his direction as he starts nibbling on her neck. What—? “Excuse me?” comes her heavily accented, high-pitched voice to that playful growl, her back arching away from his body as her eyes dart about the room. Then, quite firmly with as much Dicori pride she can collect (although it still comes out like some holdbred lady that’s being accosted for her panties), “Unhand me, you Weyrbred ruffian!” she cries out then, chin lifting up so she can spy the man out the corner of her eye.

Kaskan isn't immediately alerted by the sound of Beddie's voice. He knows he surprised her and he's also very distracted. She looks like Jaya and she feels like Jaya. That's enough to initially cloud any other discrepancies. His growl turns into a heated snicker and his lips slide up the side of her neck and behind her ear, his words breathing warmly across her skin. "Oh it's to be that way tonight, eh? You know I like it as rough as you do." Hefting her securely against his lean frame he bucks his hips to her rump lewdly, one hand wandering north to firmly fondle a breast. "Alright then… m'Lady… let's see what you're serving tonight." The turn of her chin is conveniently timed. Blocking what little light there is he gets a brief glimpse of her familiar features in the shadows before angling his neck to catch her lips in a kiss that speaks volumes of fervent intimacy in a way no stranger would exhibit.

Rough?! Beddie blinks at that, suddenly realizing that no – he does not think you’re you. Jaya likes it rough? Well she was certainly going to have to have a sit-down with her sister and talk about her bedroom habits – and then he pulls that lewd move on behind and fondles her breast, and that has her jumping again. Her face scarless and smooth, Beddie opens her mouth to protest such a rogue taking advantage of her in an abandoned storage place, of all places, when he seals his lips to her softer one in that searing kiss. It was enough to block her mind of all things prim and proper and things her rough renegade-of-a-sister would think about. She stiffens briefly into that kiss, then leans into it with a shocked moan as for that brief instant, she tastes him with her tongue. Eyes flutter close and she almost loses herself in the strong passion of that kiss until her brain snaps her eyes open and she abruptly turns to face Kaskan and breaks the kiss. Yep, and once that kiss breaks, she pushes him back with both hands before one hauls up and tries to slap him hard across his left cheek. Breathing hard, her face flushed with shock and arousal, “Ruffian!” she cries to him again, lifting her hand again should the last slap connect as if threatening to do so again. Struggling to find words, “Grab my breast one more time and I will deliver a hit to your face that will stay with you long after you have grown white hair!” she warns, eyes smoldering at the guard.

The kiss does it. Not that he had any doubts anyway but when she returns his kiss complete with venturing tongue he moans and delves even deeper himself. The suddenness of her breaking out of his grasp and turning is a blur until the sharp sting of her palm connects with his cheek. He automatically stepped forward to keep his arm hovering around her waist and keep hips tantalizingly close but the single-handed blow brings him up short. Temper nearly flares, bringing with it a flush hidden by the shadows, but is drowned by the sexual tension that floods his senses. He purposely wraps his arm tighter around her and yanks her to his chest, dim light pooling in the focused blue of his eyes. His other hand catches her wrist in a tight hold mid-swing, purposely folding her arm behind her back with slow, meaningful precision. Lips hovering over hers he breathes into her mouth, his voice a husky whisper, "Is that a promise… m'Lady?"

That kiss getting deeper would have truly undone all of Beddie’s resolve before she slapped him, so when Kaskan steps back she thought she was I the clear. She doesn’t step away fast enough, however, for she’s collected up and to his chest easily. Her dark eyes wide on his, she tries to rear her hand back to slap him again until he has it pinned behind her back. She tugs on her pinned arm a bit until his lips threaten to touch hers again. That gets all her movements to still, her eyes lingering on those tantalizing lips with both confusion and curiosity in her open eyes. At that whisper, she blinks a few times, shaking her head a bit as if that would ward off another kiss from the ‘ruffian’. “I’m, uh, I’m not her…” she tries to say, the words coming out in bare whispers against his lips before she runs a little pink tongue over them. Meeting his eyes then as she gains her composure, “Honestly, is this how my sister gets it these days?” she asks then, trying to hide the blush on her cheeks with words. “Dark corridors and with strange men? Tsk, tsk, this won’t do! I thought I taught her better than this! No, no,” and she struggles a bit, pressing her chest against him more, “I am not Bajaya, dear ruffian,” she tells him, planting an tentative smile on her face. She even tries to show the side of her face that’s scarless in the dim lighting, “See?” she tries to draw his heated attention there, bearing teeth in her smile now. “No scar! I’m just me. Beddie,” she adds her name, trying to twist to free her hand so she could offer it to him for a shake. “Bhedri Dicori, actually. Do you really want me to slap you again?” She’s actually curious. No sarcasm or flatness to her tone here.

Kaskan has the audacity to smirk at her obvious fluster, expression turning positively the rogue and ruffian she's accused him of being. Thoughts heavily filtered by an ever-expanding libido he ignores her first stuttered words with the intention of kissing them away. But as his lips brush hers she turns and her next words finally sink in. Not her? Sister? Still holding her firmly in the circle of his tensed, wiry frame he angles his head back just enough to see her face entirely. Giving his chin a jerk he swings over-long bangs from his view in habitual gesture, his gaze narrowing. The more she speaks the more he doubts, though the obvious alternative is rather daunting. Finally the lack of scars does register and he hisses sharply. A twin sister? How did he not know this? When she squirms he seems to realize just how close he's holding her and drops his arms as if made of lead. Taking a step back he tips his head and raises a hand, palm outward. "No, no, that's ok." His hand continues upward to rub his jaw, tone laced with humor as he adds ruefully, "One from you was enough for the evening." Obviously he was thinking otherwise just moments ago but is quickly back-peddling now. The question does add a lift to dark brows, however, his questing regard scrutinizing the woman closely. "Is this a trick?" he asks tentatively.

Once she feels Kaskan wavering in his heated attentions, Beddie straightens up against him and fits a seemingly patronizing smile on her face. Feeling his eyes on her face now, “What, didn’t she tell you?” she guesses by his silence, meeting his eyes intently. But then he’s backing off and letting her go, and relief floods the traderwoman’s face as she starts to run hands down to smooth out her clothes and perhaps hide the effect the man has had on her. Running a hand over her loose hair, “Not a trick,” she answers almost cheerily, shifting away from him to lean near the crates. “I am really not Bajaya. A shame, maybe,” she notes more to herself, her eyes running over him now as a tongue runs over her bottom lips as if she could still taste his lips. “Guess there’s no point in me asking if you know her or not,” she adds, the chuckle flustered as she tucks hair behind her ear. Then, a thought suddenly occurring to her, “You’re rather forward with my sister,” she says, sizing the guard up. “Who are you, anyway? Since you’ve felt me up and everything, I feel I should at least know who I’ve smacked across the face.”

Kaskan blatantly eyes her up and down for several moments, lingering remnants of lust hard to convince what he's seeing isn't the Jaya he's touched and tasted every inch of, inside and out. The air is thick with wanton arousal, hovering between the two of them like a simmering mist slowly dissipating with the rising rays of the sun. Still scratching at a jaw darkened with over-due scruff, Kaskan seems more confused than embarrassed by what his actions revealed of his relationship with the woman's sister. Her reasoning draws a deep, hearty laugh from his chest. "I guess I owe you an apology then, Bhedri Dicori." Dropping his arm he lays it lightly across his stomach an accords her a slight bow. "I'm Kaskan, and I daresay this is going to get me kicked off the welcoming committee for sure."

Despite the lust in Kaskan’s eyes, Beddie’s either used to men looking at her in such a way or she’s just that good at keeping a straight face to it. At least the blush still lingers on her face, however, alluding to the effect he had on her. There’s the growing of another easy smile at his laughter and apology, “Oh no matter about that,” she waves it off, arms coming to fold across her chest. “It’s an easy mistake. You can imagine how often she used to be mistaken for me turns ago – and in quite embarrassing situations like this one, no doubt!” she adds, leaning forward and passing the guard a wink. “But really, call me Beddie. Everyone does. Kaskan, is it?” Eyes pause over him, his last getting light laughter and a waggle of slender fingers as she answers with, “I’ve yet to run into any welcome committee here, I dare say! Still, a kiss is a good welcome enough in my books. I know the Weyr can be a loose place.” She turns from him then with a flick of manicured fingers as she bends to retrieve what she had dropped in the first place. With her back remaining slightly to him, “I hope you know you’re way around this place, Kaskan,” she continues to speak with a casual air – as if the whole groping thing has never happened – “because I have found myself lost here and could use a good guide back to the bar or wherever. No. No bar. Show me where the kitchens are because all of this has made me famished!” She’s dropped the thing back into the crate and turned to face him again, hands falling on familiar hips.

Kaskan eyes the woman with growing humor, slowly seeing more and more nuances as shadows shift marking the differences between her and Jaya. His smile broadens with a flash of white that contrasts his tanned complexion. "A kiss it shall be then - I aim to please!" Offering her the crook of his arm he gives her a regal nod offset by the wayward fall of half-hazzard locks and mischievous lilt to his tone. The wan lighting exposes dim circles of space along the hallway leaving vaster spaces of shadow between and everything looking much the same in either direction. Guide. Guard. Close enough. "To the kitchen it is, m'Lady."

Since Kaskan’s offering to guide her out of there, Beddie’s not one to smack a gift-horse in the mouth. Or wait… “I think you’ve gotten enough of a kiss to last you the rest of the night,” the traderwoman seems to tease, moving to stand right beside him with a finger lifting to try and playfully bop Kaskan on the nose. “I’m not giving you another one. At least not tonite.” Taking that offered arm like she was the Lady Holder of the Weyr, she meets that regal nod with one of her own and that rugged tone has amusement playing across her features. To his last, she waves a hand towards the entrance and will let him lead the way off, prattling on about the Weyr and its ghastly dead-end corridors and the ruffians that clearly hide in them. Or pretty much about anything else that seems to come to her mind on the way to the kitchens.

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