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Date: July 21, 2010 (note, directly after Saturday's alright for fighting)
Location: Eastern Weyr: Alara and Rauzath's Weyr
Synopsis: Alara metes out punishment for T'ryn's part in the fight. T'ryn finally asks about Weyrmating.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Alara

After dealing with the greenrider, Alara just wants to come home and collapse. She's tired, she's frustrated beyond belief, and in the back of her mind, an angry, broody, uncomfortable gold dragon makes her own complaints known in fairly strident tones. "Mmmhmm, luv…" She steps into the weyr proper, starts removing her footwear, and sits down on one of the chairs at her table. There may still be some of this she has to finish now, building headache or no.

The time needed to cool off and allow for the queen and her rider to be settled, come and gone, the appearance of a rider coming through from the ledge should not entirely be unexpected. Removing the flight cap from his head, Tr'yn, takes time to somewhat adjust his hair before clearing his voice. "La?" he asks, as he comes further into the Weyrwoman's weyr. "You got a minute?"

Depending on the answer, T'ryn might quit hemming and hawing by the door and come in. Or just do a shuffling dance and depart.

Alara exhales through her mouth, her lips pushing the air up through her bangs in a pffffffft sound. "T'ryn. Come in." She turns her chair to watch her man walk in, face intentionally expressionless. "What's on your mind?" She pushes the hide she was reading back and turns her whole attention to the man. "Have a seat."

That gets a queer look from the brownrider. He wasn't expecting the expressionless face, no, not at all. So T'ryn hesitates before coming in and taking the offered seat. It wasn't the exact welcome he was expecting, nor does it bode well when his pet names are not used in a greeting. "I thought you might want to discuss further what happened t'day." And there he eases down onto a free space. "I can explain."

Alara nods, keeping her expression neutral. "Alright, then, let's hear it." She does notice his discomfort, and sighs. "Look. I wasn't having the best of days before this kerfuffle, and it definitely did not improve our mood." The pronoun is intentional. "She's getting close to clutching. You know how she gets." She runs a hand through her hair, and then leans back, letting the emotions start to show. "And I … I was kind of hoping this would go off well." It's some of her first decisions about discipline as the leader, and it seems like they didn't go well at all.

T'ryn looks towards Alara for a moment, as hands move to fidget in his lap. Nervous energy to come with the spilling out of all of that emotion? Why yes-that is exactly what it is. A look up towards her and he's rising, if anything to move closer before sitting back down. "I know-" T'ryn begins, "-but, shard it La. It was going well, till like he opened his fucking mouth." So T'ryn might still have a little anger in him at the foolish greenrider. "He doesn't think. I tried explaining him why we don't put healers up on the ledge, an he then came at me with some Faranthier than thou harper's tale about how he's going to follow the orders of the Headwoman, till one of you tell him otherwise in a strict order." A sigh. "I even tried to keep it cordial. He just kept hearing what he wanted to hear, and then asked if Randi was going to come and kick his ass." And hands slap his thighs, exasperation.

"And that's where you should have said, 'Yes, her or Alara', and had Ockath bespeak one of our dragons. You're not a weyrling anymore, and you know better. I understand how he frustrates. Rauzath isn't too keen on him, and I know Iardani isn't either. But he's a rider here. Well, now he's Landing's watchrider and ferry-dragon. So, he's not here anymore." And that makes things a bit easier. "I do have to put you on extra sweeps for a couple sevens, Ther." Much as she might wish not to for other reasons.

"That's not what caused the dang fight though, La." T'ryn says as he looks back to the woman. "He said, that Weyrwoman get lucky and are all t' chance, and so they aren't higher than he is." A shake of his head that. "I slapped him in the mouth for that-and I apologized, but he was asking for Anarchy. And basically saying Shard You to the whole damned way shit's run.' And the brownrider nods, as far as having to do more sweeps. "Sweeps I can handle, we're both good for the long haul. You know that.."

"He then took what I said out of context and asked his dragon if she wanted to go between. Which-didn't make a lick of sense before sucker punching me. I didn't start it, but I as sure as fuck, going to finish it."

Alara nods, listening to the story. "Well, hearing that, I am more convinced than ever that I made the right choice." She frowns. "I understand, and I appreciate your wishing to stand up for me. But …" Here it becomes difficult territory, and to soften the blow of the words she intends to speak, she stands up, moving toward him with a smile. She lowers herself to a crouch, coming face to face with him, resting an arm on his leg. "… as much as I — appreciate you, and am glad we're starting to figure this out, I am a big girl, and can take care of myself. If someone's badmouthing the queen, then, let her know. You know both she and Kaseth are able to stop such things."

Just looks at La for a moment as she moves down and comes to face with him. It wasn't his best moment, he knows that. However the words are enough to have him frown a tad more before relaxing. There's a smile and his hand moves to brush and rest over her arm, before he's nodding. "I know you are, and I know the queens can handle. Fight was unprofessional of me, but He had a blood in him." A want for the fight. "I don't know how he made it out of being a weyrling."

Alara will accept that for the moment. "Alright, Ther." Even him just being here seems to calm her some. She stands up slowly, trying her best not to disloge the hand on her arm. "Alright." She moves to sit back in her chair, and then changes her mind, just standing there, wiggling her toes. "It's just been …" She shrugs. " I don't know. It seems to be piling up on me pretty heavily. I'm keeping track of all this," she gestures to the pile of hides and papers. "But somehow, I always end the day with a headache. I have no clue why."

T'ryn nods, as he lets fingers squeeze her arm, before he is moving to rise up a little, with her. It makes it easier. See, he can get closer, so it can be one less headache off shoulders-or noggin in this case. The brownrider looks towards the papers and then back to her. "Cause you're getting worn out? You're about to clutch, and trying to build a Weyr from the ground up. We got too little dragons, and a few leaders." a shrug "So you feel you gotta do a lot on your own. We can handle this. I know it." T'ryn uses we on purpose. "You got me, at the end of the day, an I'll do whatever I can backwards to help."

"Yeah." Alara sighs, chuckling at his words. "Don't think it'll help much if you do things backwards, luv." She shakes her head. "That's it exactly, Ther. I feel like we'll never be ready, never be up to speed… even with all the work that all of us are doin'." She puts her other hand on top of his, grasping and holding tight for a long moment. "You're right about that, too. I get this way when she's ready to clutch, because her annoyance is buzzing at the back of my mind…"

"Well, I meant that I'd go beyond the call and all that, dove." A faint smile back And he's leaning in and down for a second. A sigh given over. "We will, when we're supposed to be. It's how things work. We have the leadership, and we'll get the numbers. We have a clutch coming as well as search and candidates that'll be pouring in. It will get there, just not over night la." And with that T'ryn leans in to press a kiss to her cheek. "And it'll be fine. I'm here for you." a pause "Like a weyrmate should be?" And there a glance. Yeah not the best to say when a chewing out was being given.

"Like a weyrmate?" She lifts a brow, turning to face him completely, perhaps pushing his hand off her arm if the angle is wrong. "Your timing could be better, Ther, but in another way, it's about the best time to think about such things." When she needs the support like this. "Are … are you askin'?" Her voice softens, and she looks right into his eyes. "Is this what you want?" She's open to the idea, and it shows on her face.

"A weyrmate." he echos, before looking back down. And with his arm shifted he's now trying to figure where is appropriate to place it. Which earns an awkward pose as it finally hits the back of his head to scratch, and pose. T'ryn just offers his usual, goodnatured andgoofy grin. "Well, weather I got down. Time not so much." and then he's clearing his voice. "Yeah, I mean it's what I..uh..I wanted for a long time, just didn't know." and there his face screws up. "I woulda asked after catching you, but it didn't seem that was right. You know? Catchin' is natural an all, but it's also out of our control."

Alara nods. "It is a bit awkward, isn't it." She blushes a little, and gives him a shy grin. "But you're a silly oaf . See, if you'd've brought it up then, or any time during the Turns afterward, I'd've probably …" She considers her words, whether she actually would have taken him up on it. "I would've probably agreed." She reaches her arms up around his neck, in a kind of a possesive gesture. "Silly Ther."

T'ryn grins and lets that deep seated laugh come out from his throat before he is nodding after a moment. "Well, I didn't know. You know how hard it was to just work up the courage? It ain't like riding or telling stories for me. There I know what I can do and do it the best. Here, with you?" And there's a smile even as the words come out "I get so worried that I'll turn things to crackdust." simple. Ad when she reaches up he falls silent. A soft laugh as he lowers his head to rest against hers. "I think too much sometimes.." a grunt "Well..Do you still wanna?"

"Ther… that's what I've been saying the whole time, you great lump." She's channeling a bit of Rauzath, now, the buzzing in her head turning to a loud laughter, in fact, there's a bugle outside to reinforce that fact. "Rauzath, darlin, it's not that funny." At least they weren't kissing this time. "She thinks we're hilarious." He can probably hear the bugling.

"Oh." T'ryn says with a grin and there, he's finally clued in before he is looking up and then over to Rauzarth. "Oh we're getting applause on my end as well. And yes- I did it on my own." Though this is not to La, clearly. And then the brownrider is looking back at Alara. "Right then, we're weyrmates." And people throw rice! I mean There was much bugling. And a kiss, of course. Because those always seal things..Mainly lips.

"We merit applause, hey?" Alara snickers, and then nods once to his proclaimation. Then, her attention — and her lips — get stolen. She tightens her grip around him, and pulls herself closer, intensifying the kiss. Rauzath continues to bugle, though not quite as gaily. It's not laughter now, just a happy bugle.

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