Weyrmates Weather And Woes


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Date: July 19, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Hatching Galleries
Synopsis: Randi happens upon Alara and T'ryn starting a serious discussion. It's postponed for more … sobering matters.
Rating: PG-13 Language warning.
Logger: Alara

Today is a bit cooler than most, possibly because the clouds are providing sufficient cover from the sun. Still the slight chill in the air, does not stop a certain brownrider from perusing the galleries and the sands again. Eyes up to the sky as if trying to discern the weather's next move-or he is having a staring contest with several clouds. Luckily, jacket does a great deal to keep the warmth in, and the chill out. T'ryn pauses to pull out an apple from his pocket-waiting long enough before taking a rather heaping bite. Munch Munch Munch.

Alara finally has a quiet moment. It's been a long day. Again. And she's tired of it. Near to the point of throwing things at the next rider who approaches her with an inane suggestion or complaint. She heads up to the galleries to find a quiet place to sit. However, there's a brownrider already here. "Oh." She listens to the crunching with a small smile. "I'll just …" She turns to walk back down the stairs again, not wanting to interrupt his communion with the clouds.

Another bite into the apple, has T'ryn grinning, and one hand moving to brush a fleck of apple to the ground, before he is turning his head. A look over to the goldrider, before he's glancing back to the sky. Swallow, and bite-before the apple is thrust unceremoniously towards the Weyrwoman. "Lo La." said around a bite of apple-unbeknowest that she's turned around, till he is looking back to see apple still in hand, and woman turned around.

"Hey? Where are you going?"

"You were looking like you wanted to be alone…" It's a sign of Alara's worry lately that she had turned around at all. Now she turns back toward the man, and notices the outthrust apple. "Um… is it alright if I sit?" She moves closer, looking at the apple. "I see." This doesn't necessarily mean that she understands he wants her to take it. She's a bit slow today.

"Huh?" replies T'ryn, before he is keeping the apple back out towards the Weyrwoman. "you don't want a bite?" Never fear about T'ryn's stomach, he could eat Ockath's weight and still be hungry. Sharing an apple will be no dent in his food regimen. "Naw, just cloud looking. I like to figure out the weather if I can. I called when the front was coming in, now I am trying to see when she'll blow out. It's not necessarily a hermit's job." A grin there, and he's moving to take a seat by her, if she is seated. "What's on your mind?" And yes, his other hand is going for a casual touch.

Alara settles in beside him, accepting the apple and quickly taking a bite. "Thanks." She leans on his shoulder, definitely accepting the touch as she exhales loudly. "It's just been a shellingly annoying day, Ther." She purses her lips again, and nods, looking back up at the clouds with him. "Do you have a prediction yet?" It's a quiet question, just wondering what's on his mind. Suddenly, she lifts her head, and turns toward him. "Do you know that Grolth's rider wanted to import herdbeasts from up North? Like we have the time and dragon power for that. I understand that the beasties down here taste weird, but, shards." Normally Alara does not swear, so it's a good sign that she's nearing the end of her limit for the day.

T'ryn shakes his head, as his arm moves to wind about her lower back. Keep her close as he is given back to staring. "Hm?" predictions-given how he is screwing up his face for a moment eyes narrowing in quick study. "I'd say, two days." A nod there, before he's looking back to Alara. "I do." And now it's T'ryns turn to shift a little, as if expecting some great big story. "Why from the North?" a pause and he is looking back to Alara for a second "Wait because they taste weird? Food's food. If he fucking wants a herdbeast from the North, tell him to become a herdsman up there." a shake of his head.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath gives a deep seated yawn and stretch through the link. Like rocks shifting to get cozy. « So, have you heard about the green with the healer? » So his rider might be out staring at clouds, but that doesn't keep the brown from conversation.

"Precisely what I said. Well, not precisely. I used slightly different terms." Meaning Alara said it much more diplomatically and minus the F-bomb. "Two days. Okay." She may go put a thirtysecond mark on that bet in the living caverns. Just to see what it's about. "I am tired of some of this, Ther. I know part of it's because Rauzath's losing that happy-dozy feeling she gets during the first bit of clutch." He might remember it, and he might not.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath is suddenly awake with the news. « It was a green? I heard that a dragon set a Healer up high, but I didn't hear which dragon or why. » She mentally leans across a desk lined with papers and hides alike. « Tell me more. »

A grin there. "That's because you have more diplomatic speech than I do." T'ryn is chuckling, before he is leaning back in, preferring the closeness as opposed to the clouds. "Eh, yeah I know..but it's part of clutching. You'll both go through loops, and we'll both be here to sit with ya and help oil, you know." A bright grin, teeth flashed-before he's picking out apple from his teeth. "It's what w-we do."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath gives a nudge along the line before there's a sigh. « Yes, it was a green. We have heard from Ours, that he heard from Kaseth's that it was Escaeth's rider.» and then the voice sounds as if earth is settling « We do not know why. Mine is supposed to talk to him. »

"There's a bit of truth in that." Alara nods as she refers to the part about them sitting beside them during the whole process. "You and Ockath were very helpful, then." She takes another bite of the apple. After swallowing, she blushes a bit. "Did you want some more of this?" She may eat the rest of it, if he doesn't. "Um, speaking of…" She's unsure of how to broach this subject, or even if she should. "Do you…" She bites her lower lip nervously. "Would you…" The harpers' child is at a loss for words.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath listens intently. « Oh. Her. Yes. Hers was trying to convince Randi that they were not affected by our risings. I think that conversation put them on their shit-list. Probably for quite a while. » There's a small hint of sadistic glee in her voice. She likes Randi.

T'ryn chuckles. "It is truth, because I spoke it, La." and feeling proud of himself, he all but rocks in his seat on the bench. "No, I had a full one before you came out, take the rest of it. It's yours." T'ryn's grin fuses down for a moment as he catches the side stepping about. Kissing a tooth, before he's focusing in on Alara's face. So-well this could be quite interesting, when T'ryn gets focused he's hard to shake off. "Would I what?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath continues on, «Well, this smart fellow deemed it wise to carry the Healer up to the reaches. It's unknown why. We think it involves the headwoman?» The glee is noted enough to get a rumble from the brown. « Mine just think he's unfortunately stupid. »

"Would you…" Alara still can't frame the words. So, as she sits — very close to T'ryn, mind — and watches the sky with him, she flushes deeply, and takes another bite of her apple. "You … we…" It's slowly coming out, but still not very clear. Oh, dear. "Let me try this again. "Theron, are … are you …" Nope. She frowns. "Ok. I'll just say it this way. I was talking to E'ro, you know, who's bronze caught Kaseth, and … he was saying things to me. Even after I hinted that I had someone to … spend my time with." And she looks down. "And he mentioned about weyrmates. I didn't want to … " Alara sighs. "I wasn't sure what you thought about the idea." And she's been mulling over it and worrying about it since he mentioned it.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath snorts. « He sounds like a clever one. My, don't we just have a Weyr full of them. We were talking to Yzuruth and His the other day, and they were wantin' to know if they could help us out. Like we need more help. We've got you and Yours, and probably Erikath. But Kaseth? Who's she got? » Not that her little sister gold will probably accept the help, but it's the principle of the thing. « La gave him a what for. » It being Ockath, she'll use the endearment.

There's a pause before he is blinking. Well of all the questions, this one of the few he's not expected. At least-for a while. Sure, somewhere in the back of his head this had to be niggling at his mind, picking and pecking. So when you do bring up the whole notion he's left where we began at. Blinking. And finally, T'ryn does open his mouth only to let his jaw hang slack for a moment. "Well. Er." This sounds so bloody awkward as if he's almost to run. "I was going to ask you next Gathering..I had a big idea..that involved flowers…And something nice." And then he is laughing, laughin as the true emotion finally eeks out of the brown. "Of course I will. I mean, why would I not want to be?" and a beat-finally; "Who's E'ro?"

And here to interrupt the nauseatingly sweet proceedings is the much-less composed of the two weyrwomen. Just as she had found him here last time, she jogs up the stairs towards a very familiar brownrider. "D'you live here or something?" she teases. "Hey, La." It sounds like an afterthought, but if the lines of worry in her forehead are anything to judge by, it's probably Alara that she is here to see. Obviously something has ruffled her feathers. "E'ro?" She apparently catches just the end of it and sighs. "What'd he do now?" There'd already been rumors of people falling asleep over pies as it was.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Kaseth projects … strangely today. It's not easy to place a finger on, because there's no specific emotion. It's just that she is … somehow less than she always is. There's the distinct feeling of darkness, a lone blue-green light offering dim protection against the buffeting something knocking at the edges. « Has yours met the Masterstarsmith? »

"He's the bronzerider who caught — Hello, Iardani. Have a seat." Alara's cheeks are now about as red as any skin left on the apple. She takes a bite, using the moment to compose herself, and nods. "We'll discuss it, flowers or no." She whispers this to T'ryn, giving him a quick peck on the cheek for his consideration. "He likes to watch the weather. Might have us a Weather Uncle when Ockath's too old to chase Thread.” Or something. "What's on your mind, Randi?" She shifts back into 'Weyrwoman' mindset. "You look worried." And if something worries Randi, it's doubly worrying to Alara. Just the way it goes. "It's not your … immigrants, is it?"

Dragon> To Kaseth, Rauzath mentally jumps in surprise. It's always a surprise when Kaseth decides to join the conversation. And she's always so much. Like fitting three dragonminds into one, or something. Rauzath calms again, adjusting to the strong presence, and thinks back, even questioning Alara herself. « I think in passing. He is … eccentric. And … » There's a quiet moment, as though she's asking around. « Huh. Is he dragonless? Markth heard from Zolth who heard it from … somebody. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath a grunt along the line « Some are just lucky I guess. It's as if we caught weyrlings to become riders. I wonder what bronzer or brown sent them off with a stamp of approval. » But then Ockath's critical of everything. "Erikath is supposed to help you..Me. I want- Why is another Bronze..» And then cue more grumbling. « Good. Mine's goofy enough to try an be noble, and punch the sod, I am betting. »

Dragon> To Rauzath, Kaseth ignores the jump, or misses it entirely. « He doesn't feel like the other people who walk around without dragons. » Vague images of Ciara and Merendezen float to the surface like fuzzy, static-laden pictures on the AIVAS displays. « He is … empty. » And this statement resonates with the groaning of gears, flickering of dim lights and a palpable //ache that - since it's a strong feeling for **Kaseth* - may very well overwhelm.//

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath replies smugly. « Good. Mine needs somebody standing up for her. Well, as long as they don't get into a long, drawn out fight. That's more stress on her. » Not on Rauzath herself, mind. She'd watch and pass the news on. « Erikath says he'll help. » Whether the weyrleader will let him do so is another issue. « You're brill, Ockath. » High praise from the gold.

"Why was he making move-" and then he's straightening up as Iardani shows herself. "Oh hey there Kitten." See now he can't use that name for other folks now in chiding, having assigned it to someone. "I've always liked the weather. My dad taught me, so we'd know when to travel." A nod to La, as hands gesture back towards the Weyrwoman "See?!" however the words and the peck to the cheek have him flushing up something fierce. "Uhm.Erm. Yeah I could be a Water Uncle." Okay, that makes no sense, so it should stand to reason that something just happened. Luckily there is a subject change
T'ryn, capitalizing on it, quickly adds on: "What did who do now? L'han? I was just about to tell La that…"Yeah apparently it is sharing day.

Dragon> To Kaseth, Rauzath staggers mentally back from the force of the sentiment. « No. I mean, his dragon went between without him. He's alone again. So, that spot is empty. Somebody said that his little firelizard … green was it? » The gossip isn't always correct, of course. « Kept him from going too. » Her full mental power turns sad. She's mentally undecided on whether it would be a good thing for her rider or not.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath returns with that same old grouchy and grumpy voice « Oh he will. Mine's head over heels. He writes things about her. » Oh and T'ryn would fight, but then once it's done he would act as if nothing happened. bad Blood one. It can be an admirable trait. « Aww shucks, Little Sister. » A term of endearment from the brown. « You're all aces, yourself. »

Bristling a little at the name 'kitten', Randi sticks her tongue out at T'ryn and flops down to sit next to Alara. "What's a water uncle?" It's not a term she's heard before. But even strange words can't distract her for long. "I went to Landing last night," she begins, shooting a significant look to Alara. "Met a … a very strange man." Strange normally thrills the young rider, so the blue mood she seems to be in doesn't quite add up. "I think I may have done something wrong." Knees are pulled up to her chest as arms wrap around them, her heels braced on the very edge of the step she's sitting on.

"Weather uncle. You know. The uncle in every Hold who sits there and tells us what the weather's gonna be for the next seven, because his knees are aching or his bad arm's 'givin' him fits.'" In true Harper fashion, she even sounds like an old crotchety uncle. "Hmm? Who was it, then? I heard that Gem crafter's there. He's a bit sour at times. Difficult. Takes some 'handling', as Ianti might say." She grins, and then turns to T'ryn. "What were you about to tell me about that greenrider, Ther?" The use of the diminutive probably won't go unnoticed by Randi. "If you did something wrong, Randi, I can go over with you to smooth things over, if it will help?" If it's possible.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Kaseth seems to only sink further into that sea of ache, faling through cold and harshly lit blues rather than the melancholy blue-green of before. « I didn't know. Why would he leave? Don't we always go everywhere together? » And here, her link of attachment and devotion to her little blonde lupine girl flashes across her mind, but the thought of losing that only spirals her further down. « His mind is raw. It hurt. My sound it … it made him break. » And the smoking ozone and burning rock of guilt is hot beneath the ice-cold fear and sadness.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath pulls a bit inward in pleased embarrassment at the praise. « Well, then. » It's all she can manage for a moment. Then, as though someone flipped a lightswitch, she's very sad. And the depths of sadness she's felt from another source seem to wash through her mind and echo into their conversation. « Oh, that poor man. » She can't say that to Kaseth, but she can share it here. « I cannot even imagine, and Mine has no words. » That's saying something. « What would you do in that situation, Ockath? » Nevermind that she hasn't explained what the "situation" is.

Dragon> To Kaseth, Rauzath could lose herself in that sense, if she didn't have Alara's connection to reality, or Ockath's harsh words nearby. « It sometimes happens. Not intentionally. There are Harper's tales about such things. Mine read about a Master who understood. I don't know how. » She comes back a little more, reassured by the touch of her rider's mind on her own. « It would, luv. It would remind him. Like poking at a Threadscore. Ouch. » And Rauzath's mental voice will echo the smell, at least, of the charring and burning. Not a pleasant smell by any stretch.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath gives a sound of confusion for a moment, as if he's trying to catch up to some conversation jump that has taken. « What situation? » he might as well ask. « Mine- well Mine's a feeler, so I imagine he'd be sad? » Guessing, clearly.

T'ryn just offers a grin over towards Randi before he's raising a brow. Perhaps it is the sudden change and look, as if some silent jump has been made without him. "Everything alright?" Going from Randi's body language, T'ryn can deduce that something is up..he just doesn't know what it is. A glance over towards Alara, and there's a faint cough.

"Oh..Someone-who might be a greenrider, might have, or may have put a healer on a ledge way up top." And a shrug. "You know, normal stuff."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Kaseth projects « Can we fix it? » Of course, that is the first thing her vast mind would jump to. « Make him Stand and patch up the hole like the healers do? » There's a soft smell of clean cotton and the acrid stench of the new 'tape' some of the Healers use to seal a wrapping. And suddenly the stench of blood is gone, Kaseth having sealed it away beneath cotton, tape and the slightly sour smell of new skin. « He hurts so badly I could feel it even though I was good. » And stayed out of his head, just like Randi always tells her to. « Can't we fix it? »

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath quickly explains, the words seeming to tumble out of her mind into the brown's as though water were being poured from a large container. « Talking to Kaseth about someone she and Randi met. Dunno if Yours has met the Mastersmith. He's a dragonless man. You know, lost him to Thread or something. » Rauzath finally pauses. « And she talked to him and it hurt. And she's so strong. You know how she is. Even her annoying 'zaps' can make me jump. » She loves the young gold, but she's so powerful. And aloof. So when she does enter the conversation, everyone notices. « It is very sad. » This is spoken slowly, but in an even tone.

Dragon> To Kaseth, Rauzath thinks it over. « I think it's a grand idea. I don't know if Mine or Yours would agree. We should make them think about it. Maybe there's another dragon who'll love him. » With a quick nod, the matter's settled for the decisive queen. « We should ask him. But he's a Master. Normally , Masters don't Stand. For some strange reason? » Rauzath thinks everyone should Stand. But she's a gold. « Well, we'll think about it. »

Always with her bigger-on-the-inside gold in the back of her mind, it seems so incredibly normal to Randi to speak out loud to her in the middle of conversation. "He's too old, queenlet." The words are soft, but there's an answering screeching bellow of frustration and upset from the other end of the Weyr. "I don't know, La. He's… He lost his dragon. Kaseth's keening snapped his mind for a while and I had to chase him into the rain." And Alara would know first-hand what kind of an emergency it must have been to get her friend to race out into the pitch dark of stormy night alone. "It was looking at myself after a nightmare, La." Another thing her friend would understand. "I thought we'd broken him."

Alara sobers, and moves from her weyrmate's — well, her probable weyrmate's — side to her friend's. She wraps her arms around her, and lowers her head to her shoulder. "I know. I saw this look in his eyes once. Just in passing, when he came to Telgar once…" And here, Alara pauses to talk to her own gold. "No, luv. He's too old, and they wouldn't let him because he's the Head of his craft. Yes, luv. Like the Weyrwoman for the Smiths." She gives a small, sad smile before returning her attention to Randi. "I'm glad you followed him, Iardani. That was really brave." She sighs. "I don't know what to tell you. That's one of the hardest things since Faranth cracked shell."

She turns to T'ryn. "Oh, yes. Rauzath did tell me about that. It was L'han? She didn't hear why. " A pause, and the telltale tilt of the head. "Something about the Headwoman?" Right. "Hmmm. Well, we'll monitor the situation. We'll have some of the more alert dragons who sun in the bowl watch that pair, and if I need to, I'll talk to Indira myself." They got along rather well last time they talked.

"By th' Egg-" whatever else is said doesn't come out as he falls silent for a bit. Eyes flicking between the two women, before he is falling uncharacteristically silent. A small frown coming up over his face, though whatever else emotion is there is being locked up tight. Manning the walls, or so it seems. No he's not commenting any more on the breaking of the fellow that Randi and Kaseth met. No, this is one he will ride out in silence.

At last he does finally comment. "No matter what it was over, I'd rather not have our riders marooning healers on ledges, without yours or J'cobi's consultation.." Or something close to it, like a Wingleader.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath is silent for a bit, almost like his rider, however he does finally speak up. « I d not think he would go on..let alone my self in that situation. » A quiet saddness there in the voice before the sounds of the earth moving. « Very Sad, indeed. »

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath projects « We » Meaning herself and Kaseth, obviously, « think he should try again. Ours say that he's too old and … he's like the Weyrwoman or Weyrleader for the Smiths. So, he can't. But we wish he wouldn't hurt so much. » It runs deep in all of them: this love for their lifemates. « I don't want to think about this anymore. » It may be a childish thought, but it is what she thinks right now. « Let's return to talking about that greenrider. »

Leaning into Alara's familiar embrace, Randi has to bite her lower lip to keep from sobbing like a little kid. "That's why I didn't come back last night. I told Kas to let Rau know not to worry." There's a shallow inhale of breath. "Didn't think I had the brains to jump and I didn't want to fly straight during the storm." There's another pause where she, too, stares out across the horizon. "He came back to himself eventually and I got him inside but then… but then…" Here she shudders, remembering the absolute shutdown and the return of icily standoff-ish politeness. "He just… He pushed me away. Acted like … like grandmother around Lords she doesn't like."

Dragon> To Rauzath, Kaseth projects « Why can't they stand? » The sudden silence and loss of color or scent leaves nothing but a vague pressure against Rauzath's mind; the deadly calm before the storm. « He only leads them because he is empty. What did he do to them that they would refuse him the chance to be whole? »

"Mmmm-hmmm." Alara makes a soothing sound, continuing to hold Randi close. "Yeah. It was probably very hard for him." She has no clue; she can't even fathom this. "Did he do the bit like Ianti where she turns up her nose at them? Because that might've been interesting to see on another face." She's not attempting to make light of the way her friend feels, but offer something else to talk about, if she wants. "I know some riders won't even talk to him because he's done things like that before. It's just probably very hard for him to be reminded…" That ought to go without saying, but Alara says it anyway.

After a pause, Alara nods at T'ryn's comments. "Right. If it's not one of the three of us, or another wingleader, it needs to at least be approved by one of us. That way we don't have crafters getting stuck up there willy-nilly because they won't lower their prices for some weyrling with an attitude." Which is frankly what L'han is reminding her of right now. "Hmmm. Ferry duty for a while, Randi?" Her mouth turns up just a little at the thought. "With those other three." The ones Yzuruth mentioned.

Dragon> To Kaseth, Rauzath commiserates with the other gold. « I know. It makes sense, right? Humans have some very strange ideas. Take a look at Mine and Ockath's. They've been staring with purple eyes at each other for Turns. Turns, Kaseth. And they're just now flying together. I swear. » It is an intentional subject change, for sure.

"I wouldn't take it personally, Kitten." T'ryn finally says from his perch. The brown rider, finally snapping back out of what silence he has been in. "He's hurting, and it'll be a hurt you can't close with fire or string." He's trying at least to add to it. And so he is coming up from his seat to stand, and pace amongst the benches. The weather was easier. "Well we'll need to form up wings then or something." T'ryn mutters, as if trying to push the subject on, and into something safer. "Or some dumb as a square fuck rider doesn't get out of his ranks for some stupid reason." A shake of his head. "Should make him clean weyrling shit to boot.." But then T'ryn's being mean right now.

Watching her two friends move around each other like bits in a clockwork dance, Randi smiles in spite of herself and leans back against the stair to think while they plan.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath grunts once more. A quiet agreeent giving there, as he finally is talking « Well, apparently the greenrider brought Mine and Eirikath's a Pie! ». laughter coming weakly, but it is there. The change of a subject. « A peace offering for missing the flight, or something..» His own grin heard in the mind. « Can you imagine that, they want to surround us, and now feed us. What is the world coming to? »

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath heard about the pie. Probably not the whole story, or at least the correct story. « That was L'han? Hmmm. Is it true that J'cobi threw the pie right back into his face? Or that Yours hit him in the eye with his rib bones? » Some of the story came through, but not a lot. « Tell me about it. » It's not the 'voice of command', but it's a little more intense than her normal.

"Oh, that's on the list, Ther. For certain. I'm just not sure we have the numbers we need to split into many more than just queen's and one more." Alara shifts away from her friend, tapping her toe on the stone, thinking. "Well, if it's just the one wing, then J'cobi would be defacto Wingleader, of course." That's traditional. "And he does fairly well at the job." She frowns. "Perhaps I should talk to J'cobi about the greenrider, see what he thinks." Or have Rauzath query Erikath. That might be the quicker route. "Huh."

"Works for now at least till we're got many fighting and flying strong." The first search should be amazing. Nothing bolsters numbers like a good old fashioned search. After all there aren't too many Weyrs sending on riders here, let alone too many riders coming here from other Weyrs. At least that he knows of. And with that T'ryn is moving over to where Alara and her friend are, one hand moving to sit on the Weyrwoman's shoulder. "I said I would have a word with him. I could wait, if you want me to?"

"Oh, Ther. I totally forgot. I'm sorry, darlin'." And she blushes a bit when she catches herself saying that out loud with Randi nearby. "Well, if you'd let him know. If it's not eough, we'll have J'cobi or myself do it." She snorts softly and turns to Randi. "I'd let you do it Iardani, but I'd like a rider when the lecture's done." She remembers how well they got along last time.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath snorts before the sound of the earth cracking up, and rifting is given. « None of that happened from what I know. The two of them made fun of him, but that is it. There was nothing, but pie lust, and I think I made fun of Little Brother's Pan. » a snicker at that. « It never gets old »

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath is a little embarrassed when Ockath brings up the pan. « Hmm, yes. That pan. » She vaguely remembers something about it, but as dragon-memory often does, it is fading fast. « So, was the pie good? » After all, His would know, right?

"Forgot?" And silence for a second as apparently the brownrider is trying to remember what she may have forgot, let alone what he has said. Still he is looking over to Randi quizzically, for a second, as if the gold rider could help him in his time of need. Alas, it seems he is flying solo on this conversation. "I'll catch him an have a chat. Maybe tan his hide a little while."

"Um… well, didn't you mention…?" Alara is flustered. She's still not sure what's going on between them, or the surety of it. So, it's making her a little uncomfortable. And Randi's right there, and probably bound to tease her mercilessly once she's not thinking about Mastersmiths and storms. "That'd be the best, I think." Problem solved, right?" She turns, pushing his arm off her shoulder, so that she can lean on him a little.

"The weather?" and then silence-fumbling silence as he remains there, before his arm is coming off her shoulder long enough for her to lean into him. T'ryn, just nods for a moment, befoure coughing lightly to clear his throat. "Yeah. Sides I think I got a gentler touch than J'cobi. Just sayin.." a chuckle there before he's suddenly saying. "Anything else I can do?"

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath seems not to notice, instead he barrels on along. «It's brilliant. » And a pause before the other dragon seems to come up with a response. voice lacking conviction. «Uh..Yes? » anther short pause- « He didn't eat it. »

"Right. The weather." And Alara's still holding the little bit of that darned apple, of which she takes another bite. "Had an idea or two, but …" She nods toward the watching Randi. "Company." And she winks. It's kind of a different side of Alara. When she thinks about the two men and how they'd each handle the situattion, she chuckles. "Oh, that's for sure and certain, T'ryn." Cue a big grin.

Dragon> To Ockath, Rauzath ahhs, the click click of nails on a desk as the gold process the information. « He didn't get any of the pie? J'cobi ate it all? » She sounds a little disappointed that there was no pie throwing involved.

"We'll talk more later on uh…the weather." Weather that rhymes with weyrmate. A wink is tossed in before he is leaning back down to kiss Alara on the cheek, before he is looking back to Randi. A faint frown and there's a nod. "I'll go find him..See you guys soon." Mainly, La soon. Another look is given to Randi, before T'ryn is jaunting up the benches to head on in, in search of a green rider.

Dragon> To Rauzath, Ockath projects « I don't think he did. » and so the brown wanders off to confer with his rider apparently coming back with a rumble, and not just that of many stomachs needing to be fed, sweet, delicious pie. « J'cobi did in fact eat all the pie..»

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