The Weyrs are the traditional homes of the dragons and their riders and the support staff needed to keep them fighting fit and ready to face Thread at a moment's notice. Generally situated in dormant volcano calderas, the Weyrs are generally considered 'set apart' from the rest of Pern in more ways than one.

Benden Weyr

Colors: On a red field, a Roman Number Two in black
Leader(s): Kyriana, gold Phenith's rider and Sh'gan, bronze Inalth's rider.
Overall Political Viewpoint: Progressive
Coverage Area: Benden Hold, Bitra Hold, Lemos Hold, Half-Circle Sea Hold, Far Cry Hold, Valley Hold, Greystones Hold, Vintnercraft, Woodcraft
Technology: Benden Weyr boasts better and smoother corridors than most of the later Weyrs until the stonecutters ran out of fuel. It has a dumbwaiter system installed in many weyrs above the living caverns and many of the larger weyrs have warm bathing springs that constantly circulate water. Early in the current Pass, the Ancient labs and hydroponic tanks, once used to grow foodstuffs until Benden Hold nearby was properly established and could tithe to its Weyr, were rediscovered.
Notes: Please note, Benden Weyr may not be used for character origins/backstory/family/etc. This is to respect the long-standing fandom rule against their use per Anne McCaffrey.

Eastern Weyr

Colors: Midnight blue, silver, and black
Leader(s): Acting Weyrwoman Meiglen
Overall Political Viewpoint: Progressive
Coverage Area: Landing, Monaco Bay Sea Hold
Technology: Being a brand new Weyr, Eastern is swiftly getting the latest upgrades on things from the Smithcraft, the latest modern contrivances, but is still not the most advanced place on Pern.
Notes: Our only PC Weyr, Eastern is not the same Eastern/Monaco Bay Weyr that is featured in more recent Pern novels about the 9th Pass.

Fort Weyr

Colors: On a brown field, a black Fort
Leader(s): Parna, gold Breznith's rider and T'mar, bronze Craylioth's rider
Overall Political Viewpoint: Traditional
Coverage Area: Southern Boll Hold, Fort Hold, Ruatha Hold, Plateau Hold, Ruatha River Hold, Fort Sea Hold, Peyton Hold, Hold Gar, Harper Hall, Healer Hall, Weavercraft Hall
Technology: Fort Weyr, being the first, got the advantage of being built by a technologically advanced society. It has dumbwaiters installed in most of the weyrs above the living cavern, clever water systems to allow more weyrs to have proper recycling baths.
Notes: Fort Weyr is generally considered the pre-eminent Weyr on Pern because of its status as the first founded. In regular times, councils of the Weyrleaders and Senior Weyrwomen happen at Fort.
Originating PCs:

  • A'tae, Fort brownrider sent away in a great fanfare
  • Brentram, son of Weyrleader T'mar

High Reaches Weyr

Colors: On a dark blue field, a Mountain Range in black
Leader(s): Kassian, rider of gold Jerieth, and P'nol, rider of bronze Shenuth
Overall Political Viewpoint: Neutral
Coverage Area: High Reaches Hold, Tillek Hold, Nabol Hold, Balen Hold, Lewis Hold, River Bend Hold, Pars Hold, Misty Holt, Sattle Hold, Ogren Hold, Keogh Hold, Master Sea Hold
Technology: High Reaches was one of the later Weyrs constructed during and after the First Pass, so it's not as smooth as others. Unlike Fort or Benden, it doesn't have hot springs in every weyr, just for the queens and Weyrleaders. Other than a few smithcraft toys to make hauling water a little easier, they've remained politely neutral on the matter of importing new technology.
Notes: High Reaches was once more the subject of a queens' battle just a few turns ago when Kassian's queen was nearly killed when her junior Marget's queen rose unexpectedly close to the senior's own time. The dragonhealers aren't very hopeful about Jerieth ever flying again, but the Weyr looks with some hope to the AIVAS machine for further information on surgical techniques that may help save their senior queen.
Originating PCs:

  • Though he transferred from Ista, V'kale Impressed at High Reaches

Igen Weyr

Colors: On a golden yellow field, black Sand Dunes
Leader(s): Dellian, rider of gold Kerriath, and M'rgen, rider of bronze Iorath
Overall Political Viewpoint: Traditional
Coverage Area: Igen Hold, Telgar South (Southern Telgar) Hold, Bayhead Hold, Plains Hold, High Ground Hold, High Plateau Hold, Keroon River Hold, Curved Hill Hold, Bayhead Hold, Fork Hold, Waterhole (Last) Hold, Beastcraft Hall
Technology: Igen utterly refuses any new technology to help modernize, so they've had the same methods and gear that they've had since the Weyr was founded, and proud of it.
Originating PCs:

  • Randi, former Igen weyrwoman
  • Ch'rii, weyrbrat-turned-brownrider
  • Maura, bluerider searched from Katz Field Hold
  • N'zi, bronzerider searched from Igen Hold
  • P'sec, weyrbrat-turned-bronzerider

Ista Weyr

Colors: On a bright orange field, a Smoking Mountain in black
Leader(s): Greyzina, rider of gold Olirth, and T'nell, rider of bronze Zereneth
Overall Political Viewpoint: Neutral
Coverage Area: Ista (Sea) Hold, Keroon Hold, Nerat Hold, Sea Cliff Hold, Red Sands Hold, Rocky Hold, Gar Hold, Big Bay (Igen Sea) Hold, Katz Field, High Palisades Hold, Farmcraft, Tannercraft
Technology: Ista Weyr has only a few odds and ends of Ancient-style technology lying about, mostly stuff used to help with the cooking and cleanup.
Notes: Hot, tropical and very much like an island nation, Ista's far too laid-back to pay much attention to the squabbles of the rest of Pern, although they do their duty and speak up at Conclave as necessary.
Originating PCs:

  • Meiglen, former Ista weyrwoman
  • V'kale was at Ista between the 'Reaches and Eastern

Southern Weyr

Colors: Bend Sinister in a light green and emerald-green, separated in black
Leader(s): Cosima, rider of gold Feyrineth and Ch'tel, rider of bronze Querth
Overall Political Viewpoint: Progressive
Coverage Area: Southern Hold, Central Hold, Big Lagoon Hold, Great Bay Hold
Technology: Being a newer Weyr, Southern has embraced change like a good friend. Once the majority of the exiled Oldtimers died out, Southern's new leadership focused on dealing with the Hold and the politics of Pern quite well, following Benden's lead and openly advocating whatever upgrade they could get their hands on. It's almost been a race to see whether Benden or Southern will get the latest smithcraft tinkertoy first.
Notes: Non-traditional in its layout, Southern Weyr is a series of sandy wallows spread under the jungle's canopy on the edge of the water. There are no soothing stone all around to protect from Thread, only a few buildings erected to help keep the rain off and to ensure that the kitchen staff's stores don't go wandering.

Telgar Weyr

Colors: On a white field, a Field of Grain in black
Leader(s): Ianti, rider of gold Meryth, and Kh'nar, rider of bronze Berrenth
Overall Political Viewpoint: Neutral
Coverage Area: Crom Hold, Telgar Hold, Hold Balan, Campbell's Field, Greenfields, Smithcraft, Minecraft
Technology: While Telgar maintains strict neutrality on the whole political thing, it compromises on technology in the form of small battery-powered handlights to help people get through the dark tunnels without glows. Everything else is a traditional Weyr in all other respects.
Originating PCs:

  • Alara, former Telgar weyrwoman
  • Ari, greenrider searched from the Smithcraft
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