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Date: 2010.09.26
Location: EW - Max's Office
Synopsis: Zen drops by for the first time since impressing, but what he has to say does little to impress. However, it goes a long ways to further deepening Max’s respect for the man.
Rating: PG13 - Language and adult innuendo
Logger: Max

Afternoon, after lunch, after meals are finished and dragons are sleeping. And luckily some minor free time for the weyrlings, usually for their own eating or bathing before continuing their days. This is what brings Zen out to the Beast Caverns, or, what allows him to seek the Beast Master. Ahnika is what brings him here, of course. He wastes no time in approaching the office, knocking soundly on the door before stepping in. "Max." Oh! Hello there. "I need to talk to you about something. Don't punch me in the face."

With a new tithe of herdbeast having just come in and the herd needing to be split into those doomed for the feeding pens and those meant for the table, Max has had little time to clean up other than to wash his hands and face before slouching at his desk to wolf down the plate of food delivered from the living caverns. As such he has a mouthful when Zen makes his appearance, the idea of a grin forming for the bronze weyrling that he hasn’t seen since he impressed and he hastily chews. The swallow is slow however for those last few words and a brow goes up, “Depends, you gonna try taking my lunch?” a grin showing up as he stands.

"No. I'm not taking your lunch. I already ate." When Tuorth ate… Ew. The man closes the door behind him and moves to settle in the opposite seat of the desk, and then there's a pointed movement to where he slides the chair away. "I'm just going to say it, because there's no real point in avoiding it." Green eyes consider the other man, entirely truthful and entirely open for the man that he trusts with all his secrets. "I was talking with Ahni, we started talking about flights and how I was going to keep him out of Alara's. It led to us talking about hers and she asked me to chase in hers, if E'ro's dragon was chasing. And, I swore I wouldn't do it unless you were fine with it. Cause… Shit. That's a weird question coming from a friend's girl." So much so that it even has him a little out of sorts.

When Zen closes the door and settles himself into the chair, Max turns to head back to his own chair and the rest of his lunch. And then the reason for the bronze weyrling being there in the first place gets given voice along with a name he’d sooner not hear coupled with Ahnika’s, and the beast manager goes suddenly still, hands at this sides curling and uncurling into fists as he tries very hard to rein that white flash of temper that’s just streaked through him. He’s not entirely successful however for next thing he’s turning and lunging at the chair Zen occupies in a bid to try tip both it and his friend over, although it might look to the other man like the lunge is being made at him directly. Growling out low, “You fucking dragonriders are all the same! Always just one ball hair away from the next lay!” Yeeeah, he’s not thinking to logically right now.

M'zen remains perfectly still, unmoving as the other lunges. Perhaps not the best choice, but there he stays. His hands only lifting if the other's come to try and hurt him in some way. "Right, Max. I'm trying to get laid right now. When I can harm my dragon." Green eyes remain focused on the other, though sarcasm is heavy as he slowly comes to push from his seat, if the other doesn't have him trapped in it. "I'll go. I'll take that as a no and tell her no deal." Which also means she'll be stuck with random strangers, though the chance is still there even with him present.

Having planted a hand to each of the rests of the chair, knuckles whitened, Max’s eyes bore into Zen’s, his jaw working tightly as the bronze weyrling speaks. With a rough sound of disgust, he straightens back up and turns away from the man as he makes to rise to his feet. Shoulders betray the rapid rise and fall of his chest as he tries to school back the anger, his words delivered woodenly, “What the fuck did you think I’d say, Zen? Do a little happy dance, clap you on the back and go ‘By all means, fuck my girl, hope you have a good time?’.” Despite the crude language, it would seem he does still have some rationale at play. At least he’s not having a go at mashing the man’s face in. And then he turns and sets an incredulous look onto his friend having missed the reference the first time around, “Wait. She asked you to ask me for my permission?” A flash of what looks suspiciously to be hurt blazing in and out of his expression.

"All this, mostly." The man confesses, which is why he doesn't seem so surprised and thus asking not to get punched in the face. "From what I heard, you hardly remember a thing. Or, that is what some have mentioned." He keeps a straight face before shrugging, "I wasn't asking for a lay, Max. But if you're prefer E'ro, or a random person… By all means, I'll keep out like I had meant to." With the chair being released, he remains in that seat before shaking his head. "No. She asked me to do it and I said I wasn't touching it until I asked you first. She told me to be ready to duck, and that's why I asked you not to punch me in the face." Not to mention the outcry that would begin, from Tuorth. "My first response was telling her I was keeping Tuorth out and she asked. And… Shit, if it happened without you knowing, I would feel like I betrayed you."

Expression set into a grim line, Max returns to his own chair and slumps down into it and having entirely lost his appetite, pushes the half eaten plate of food away from himself. Being Weyrbred he's well aware of how flights go and all the implications and consequences thereof, which likely speaks to his current frustration and careful avoidance thus far of the rather touchy subject. Zen knows just how to appeal to the beast manager apparently, for hands that had swept over his face suddenly plant to the desk top before him and he growls out low, "You keep that bastard away from her!" The likely bad reaction his young bronze would have had is likely the only reason why Max hadn't decked the weyrling, that and…well, even he is reluctant to hit a friend. Lips fold around an unhappy line and he simply nods to what the other says of the green weyrling, "She said that…" a self derisive sound spills out as he leaves that pretty little picture painted by Ahnika in a letter alone. A heavy sigh exhales and the dark head tilts back against the chair, eyes staring up unseeing at the ceiling, "It's out of my hands." In other words, he's well aware there's little he can do about any of it. Quietly spoken still staring upward, "Thanks." Either for bringing it to his attention, or for Zen trying in some way to do what he could in the future for Ahnika.

M'zen remains in silence, watching the beast master with a rather set expression. "I'm trying." Because even he knows how much the man hates that bronzerider. Even as a Weyrling, Zen is still looking out for the greenrider. And even with the shit he's stirred, he'll probably still watch after her. Even if she might not be too fond of him after. But, he's Max's friend first and foremost, so even women won't keep him from helping his friend. Bros before hos and all that. "Sorry." And silence returns before he pushes to his feet and moves to clap his friend upon his shoulder. "Sorry. You could always try and Impress." Though this is offered jokingly before the thanks is given a very slight nod. "Sorry I can't do more."

Shoulders shift awkwardly in a 'what can you do?' type gesture for the apology made by Zen. Max doesn't move away from the clap to shoulder, if anything, it's appreciated and the idea of a dry smile tries to make an appearance and ends in a snort, "Not exactly the dragonrider type," he sends with a hint of apology his friend's way for what might be seen as an unintentional slur on him. Bending, he goes for that desk drawer of his and that ever present bottle of booze forgetting that the weyrling isn't allowed such luxuries of fortitude right now. As he uncorks the bottle a sound that doesn't quite make it out as a chuckle arrives, "You had the balls to come to me about it. S'all a man can ask, aye?" And now, he probably plans on getting totally and utterly, motherless.

M'zen gives a squeeze to the other before pulling back, "shit, Max. That's what I figured. I figured I would do it just to… Do something and then there's Tuorth. For a sevenday I couldn't believe this was real, thought I fell into some fucked up dream." He doesn't seem to mind if the other makes to drink, "yeah. Glad I even got a pair, a wuss woulda ran…" And done more than that, too. He nods to his friend, making to leave the man to himself and his drink.

Max sends a long and steady look up to Zen for that squeeze to his shoulder and then states, "Glad to have ya at my back, Zen." Which is guy speak for 'love you, bro'. The weyrling's words on his own impression has the effect of finally drawing a rough chuckle from the beast manager, "Which is why I've always said, no." Sothe man has indeed been searched before? "Rather you than me, mate," although the idea of impressing isn't seeming all that bad round about now. With that he takes a long pull on the whiskey bottle and comes away hissing and wiping at the tears the burn pulls from him, "You ain't no wuss, Zen." As his friend stands to leave he tilts the bottle in the direction of the door, "Do me a favor would ya? Tell Waine I done come down with a fever or something and get him to take over for the day, aye?" Yup, he's closing shop for the day and trusting Zen to keep this particular course of action from Ahnika.

"And you." Zen returns, which finally allows that grin to settle on his lips properly instead of remaining blank faced at the face of the other's anger. No longer the bearer of bad news. "It's not that bad. Once you get used to the whole thing." He chuckles, tilting a look to the other. "Think about it, Max. We could do so much with you on a dragon, too…" And he leaves that idea to stew, or to be planted, either way. It goes untouched again. "I don't plan on ever being a wuss. And if I am, kick my ass." Get him back into shape and all that. With a nod, he starts out of the office. "Got it. Will have no one disturb ya." And off he goes, only to tell Waine that Max is ill and not to bug him. Or if anyone goes in that shouldn't, he'd be back… Even if he can't follow up on the coming back part right away.

Dubious the look Zen is sent for finding himself on a dragon, “Don’t hold your breath,” Max states tipping the bottle to his lips again. Blinking against another burning mouthful, he sets a smirk over to the weyrling, “You can count on it.” This to kicking his ass if he ever starts to become a wuss. A lifts in vague farewell, the beast manager’s eyes already starting to show hint of pupils dilating in response to what he’s currently throwing down his throat. “Next time come to visit and not to fuck with my head,” he gives wryly as the other leaves. One can be sure that he will quite literally, spend the rest of the day, drowning his sorrows and then pay for it with the mother of all hangovers the next day.

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