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Also NPCs Vothol (the obnoxious one), Warin (the cautious one, now a PC) and some other male candidates from Crom.

Date: August 08, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern
Synopsis: Chores are being done in the LC when a couple of male candidates start hasseling the women as they take a rest break.
Rating: G
Logger: Uveline

Day 24, Month 08, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Living Cavern

The main Living Cavern at Eastern Weyr is a near replica of the "Lower Bowl" in shape. It is circular, with ceilings sloping up into a gentle cone shape. There are a few stalactites hanging from the ceiling, from which the Weyr's few firelizards may perch. Between these, there are a few inverted "hills", showing exactly how quickly the workmen finished this job. It lends an eerie quietness to the place, as the features cut the sound more effectively. The glowbaskets on the walls highlight the tables of all shapes and sizes around the room. The Head Table appears to be more traditional in place and kind, but the rest of the tables are variable. The east side of the room boasts larger rectangle tables suitable for whole groups of riders, while the middle holds smaller circular tables more appropriate for a family with children. The west side of the room has small square tables which often double as gaming tables on lazy days and most evenings.

Near the Head table, off to the East side, the double doors of the kitchen swing open. Near those doors, two long rectanglular tables are set up for food and drink service. On the eastern and western sides of the room, the stairs lead up to parallel hallways which connect to the rest of the Weyr. A third, smaller set of stairs at the southernmost end of the cavern leads to the Weyr Entrance.

A rare clear morning has come, and today sees Uveline working in the living caverns, much to her frustration - the sun is finally out, and she's stuck here. The only mud to be seen is what people have tracked in, and she's presently working with a stiff brush to get the drier parts swept up. The morning rush of eating has passed, and it isn't quite lunchtime, so the caverns are relative quiet. Several crafters work in one corner on projects and a group of children and their candidate-nanny are making some kind of toys out of twigs and leaves at another table. The warmth of the morning can be felt, and sunlight can be seen at the stairway up to the Weyr Entrance.

Nenienne is another one of those stuck inside, and she's taking care of the tables with the in-between meal food. At the moment she's refilling the klah pot, and looking awfully tempted to sample it… for the good of the Weyr, of course.

Zhia keeps her head down as she moves back and forth from the kitchens to the tables and have again. She pauses near Uveline, chewing on the inside of her lower lip for a moment before she speaks. "We have a few rags in the kitchens that we were gonna burn but you might be able to use them for stuffing or something." she offers before taking the platter of rolls over to a group of wingriders with a cheery "Here you are." given to them before she retreats with an empty klah pot in hand. "Here's another empty pot if you have a chance to refill it please. I've got to go get another stew pot for out here."

Uveline starts when Zhia speaks to her - she had gotten rather focused on a particularly stubborn piced of dried mud, and didn't see the girl approach. "What?" she asks, blinking after Zhia as she moves on. "Rags?" Shrugging, Uveline turns back to her scrubbing, though she pays more attention to her surroundings now. In fact, she rearranges herself so she can scrub and listen to the others as she works.

Nenienne nods and says gravely "Thank you." She begins refilling it from the urn, then takes the pot around, offering warm-ups to those in the room. A few of the children clamor for some as well, but at a heaqd-shake from their poor caretaker, along with "Please, no" mouthed over the children's heads, Neni moves on. She returns a few seconds later with a juice pitcher and plastic glasses for the children.

Zhia nods quickly with a thankful smile to Nenienne before disappearing into the kitchens again only to return with the pot that's set on the tables before she scurries over to Uvvy, "Sorry I meant I have a better brush for you. I got distracted." the slightly larger brush with a wider handle is offered over. "I meant to tell the nannies I had more rags for them." a blush stains her cheeks as she ducks her head. "Sometimes my words come out when they shouldn't and confusion reigns."

Uveline watches Zhia's return and ahs with comprehension as the better brush is offered. "Okay, thanks, that will make this a lot easier. As for confusing words, it happens. I've certainly mis-spoken on several occasions." Uveline smiles to Zhia before turning back to tackle the spot. "I should be done here shortly, so let me know if there is anything else I should do."

Nenienne finishes fussing with the food tables and drink service and then disappears into the kitchens, returning a few minutes later with some rags which aren't about to be turfed out. She begins wiping down tables, frowning at one where everyone appears to have gotten up and left their dishes, some still half-full. Neni carries them over to the dish bins and places them there, then resumes table cleaning.

Zhia smiles and with a nod resumes to clearing and filling the tables. "It's a pity isn't it? All that wasted food." This comes as she comes along side the other candidate, "Makes me want to grab the person by the ear and say Didn't your mother ever tell you to take only what you can eat?" A yell of her name from the kitchens sends Zhia that way again only to return with a platter of sweetbreads which she offers to both girls first before setting the rest on the table.

Uveline listens to Zhia's comments to Nenienne, glancing over to see what caused them and frowning. "That's such a shame. We have so many problems, we don't need people wasting food," she agrees as she finishes clearing up the patch of dried mud. Sweeping the last bits into her dustpan, she rises and heads toward the kitchens. "Is any of that headed for the compost, Neni? I'll take it with me if it is. We might as well make use of what we can." The offer of sweetbreads is deferred, as Uveline shows her dirty hands.

Nenienne nods to Zhia in silent agreement, her usual frown becoming an even more disapproving scowl. At Uveline's question her expression goes back to normal and she says "Yes, please." When offered the sweetbread her face lights up and she takes a frosted spice roll, pours herself some klah, and takes a quick break.

Zhia smiles at both before cleaning her own hands on her apron. "Don't know about you both but I could sure use this." motioning towards the sweets and the klah. "I have to say that's the big perk to working in the kitchens, ya often get food while it's stilll fresh and hot."

Uveline nods and moves over to the bin, sorting out the fruits, vegetables and breads from the remains and placing them in a second, otherwise empty bin. To this she adds her panful of dirt, and then she vanishes into the kitchens. She doesn't return for several minutes, but when she finally reappears she is no longer holding either brush or pan and looks well-scrubbed.

Brunch is clearly on Ciara's mind right now, as the young woman enters the room and makes a beeline for the closest table of food. After inspecting everything on offer with great interest, she selects some bread slices and slathers a generous helping of preserve on them, then picks up a tall glass of fruit juice as she makes her way towards the seating areas. The two fellow candidates and unfamiliar face fo Zhia draw Ci in, and she very nearly seats herself with Nenienne before remembering her manners. "Anyone in this chair or can I claim it?" An easy smile is offered up with the question.

Nenienne says, "It's up for grabs, but I'm only here for a short break, then it's back to cleaning." Just then, several people enter the caverns and head for the table Neni had just cleaned, and look around in confusion. "Who took our food?" one asks accusingly, glaring around the cavern. Neni shrinks down a bit, sighs, then stands up, saying, "I did. The table was empty so I thought you'd left."

Zhia frowns about, "Oops." comes out as a small giggle as she watches the group re-enter. "I wonder if that'll teach them a lesson about leaving before they finish." she whispers to Nen. "There's still fresh sweet breads left if you want to join us." she calls out to Uvvy before smiling over at Ciara. "The food needed to be cleared away to keep…bugs and little ones from getting into it. Y'all know that ya just can't leave tables and food like that." she admonishes the returning group that's looking for their food. "Should've finished before ya left like everyone else."

Uveline nods to the other candidates, smiling to Zhia in thanks as she points out the sweetbreads. She's keeping out of the 'where's my food' question - she's gone all non-confrontational after the to-do with Ahnika and Neythan in the lake the other day. "Hi, Ciara," she says as she passes her, moving toward the food tables and getting some sweetbread and klah. She listens to the conversation going on, glancing over surreptiously as she pours her mug of klah.

Ciara has arrived just in time for the fun to begin, apparently. She looks between the re-entering group and Nenienne, before Zhia gets a look as the young woman admonishes the people. The candidate's smile has slipped a bit in light of what seems to be a somewhat serious situation, but she does lean towards Nenienne, whispering, "you tell 'em. She's backing you up." No matter that she basically hasn't got a clue what the heck's happened, she'll stick her nose in regardless.

The young man who spoke first tosses back to Zhia, "And what makes you think you have a say, *drudge*?" Another of his companions shushes him, muttering "Remember, you're a candidate now. She ranks us." Still another says to Nenienne "I had a bowl of stew, bread, and a redfruit." The others tack on their inventories, much like restaurant patrons giving orders to a waiter. Nenienne heads over to the food table and begins working on getting their food.

Zhia stiffens instantly, her chin rising "I might be a drudge but without me your food wouldn't get out here to be put in your belly." she jabs a finger the mans way. "So unless you want to put in long hours in the kitchens and out here be nice." To the order she waves a hand towards the serving area. "There's food over there and your limbs aren't broke," she points out before lifting her own mug of klah to her lips for a hearty drink.

Uveline shakes her head at the attitude the group presents. When Neni comes over to the serving tables she murmurs, "You are not at fault - they walked off without letting anyone know they weren't done. Don't go making them fresh plates - they can tend to themselves. You already apologized!" Uveline glances toward the group, beginning to scowl as she notices the white knot on the boy's shoulder. "You have no place telling others what to do, boy, and most certainly should not be disrespecting the Weyr staff. Watch your mouth and your manners, or I'll walk you right over to the Weyrwoman and you'll find yourself in a world of trouble."

"Neni, don't-" but Ci is too late, for Nenienne's already gone off to get the men their food! So Ci'll round on them instead, despite the fact she's sat down and probably not very imposing. She'll back up Zhia! And Uveline too, apparently, for the ex-harper's jumped in now, as well. "Nobody ever teach you manners? Weyrwoman Randi wouldn't be having you talking to people like that. You should respect the people who get your food ready!" She adds, with a hint of warning in those words, and a good glare aimed at the young man who was so rude to Zhia. Satisfied that she's done her bit, she takes a great chomp out of her slice of bread, ruining her tough look by getting preserve all over her mouth.

Nenienne stops, looking somewhat confused, when the other three unanimously tell her to. To cover the confusion she grabs one of the washrags and begins where she left off washing the tables, while the grumbling men get up and get their own food. The first one looks as if he's going to say something, but the cautious one warns him off with a hiss.

Zhia glowers darkly at the men over the rim of her mug. "Such rudeness." is muttered. Turning she looks over at Ciara, then Uvvy. "I'm Zhia, kitchen worker." she states with a small smile, "It sounds much better then drudge." she adds as she reaches for a sweetbread off her plate. "Glad we all stood together to face that, hate dealing with people like that on my own."

Uveline is still muttering to herself as she joins Ciara and Zhia at the table. "How does anyone grow up with that kind of attitude?" she asks as she settles herself, shaking her head in irritation. "You'd think he would have been taught to show respect. Between him and Jaret, this candidate group has more rudeness and sullen behavior than I've seen in Turns!"

"Nice to meet you, Zhia!" Ci is over-compensating with the happy, now, after "dealing with" the men. "Me too…." she does murmur at the girl's last though, before nodding at Uveline, brandishing her piece of half-eaten bread with fervour. "Bad parents! That's who I blame." She takes a smaller bite of bread now, chewing it down before asking, "Jaret? Don't think I've spoken to him, knowingly."

Nenienne finishes wiping down the rest of the tables and joins the other three, but only after getting herself some more klah. "Probably some minor Holder's son or something. Definitely not anyone who was ever an apprentice!"

Zhia listens and nods, "I've heard they've had some trouble in the ranks of the barracks." she notes. "SHouldn't be to much longer right? The eggs have to be getting hard enough soon?" she asks both questions back to back.

Uveline wiggles a hand at Zhia's question, in a 'sort of' guesture. "Rauzath's clutch is getting close, but it isn't /that/ close. We haven't even been able to touch her eggs, since it's been so wet. She keeps them buried in the sands so they don't get cool from the damp. Kaseth's clutch is, I think, three weeks behind Rauzath's? Maybe it's only two. I don't rightly remember anymore." Her piece said, Uveline turns her attention back to her treat, picking at the sweetroll and sipping her klah.

Ciara shrugs at Zhia's first question. "I'm trying to keep out of any trouble. Nothing to do with me." That's as far as she's going on that matter. Then she's shrugging - again - when it comes to the eggs. "Dunno…how long does it take them to go from being laid to hatching?" She looks at the other candidates for that particular answer, before nodding at Uveline's answer. "Something like that. Them getting cool sounds…bad." Bit of an understatement.

Nenienne shakes her head. "The biggest problem I've heard of are the snorers, and since I'm one of them, I'm not one to talk." She listens to the others answering the egg questions, then adds, "I don't know much about incubation times for dragon eggs."

Zhia looks down into her mug, "Snorers? Poke um to make um turn over?" she offers quietly. "Used to do that to a cousin." A few more nods of understanding, "I didn't realize both clutches were already there."

Uveline nods slowly. "Kaseth's clutch was laid all quiet-like, and she's had several bronzes helping her guard them. Very protective, apparently, so I think Randi didn't want to make a big announcement so people would leave Kaseth alone. And nobody really knows what Rauzath's eggs look like, just that they are there. I wonder if it's normal - I've never seen a brooding gold before coming here. I do know that the eggs getting too cool would kill the dragons, but I've no idea how cool is too cool." Nenienne's comment about the snoring elicits a blink from Uveline. "Really? I never noticed the snoring. It's amazing what you learn to sleep through at the Harper Hall, I suppose."

"Glad I'm not the only one not in the loop about eggs," Ci grins over at Neni, cheering up a bit from her funk. Being ignorant to this sort of stuff is no fun. She nods at Zhia, then. "Oh yeah, both golds've clutched." But Uveline is explaining, so Ciara quiets, taking the moment to finish her brunch and start sipping her juice, watching the others thoughtfully, drinking in the social atmosphere. "Kill them? Shards." The expletive is harsh on her lips, and is followed up by a firm biting down on her lower lip, as if she didn't intend to say it. She does latch onto the snoring line of conversation. "Or when you share a room with half your family," she grins, giving Nenienne a reassuring look.

Nenienne manages a small smile at Ciara's grin. "My family used to say they were afraid my snores would shake down the cothold," she confides, her tone amused. Then she makes a face. "Zen said he wanted to hold someone's nose closed while they snored, and when I mentioned that my family had tried it and there was a very real danger of the snorer not breathing if that happened, said he had a way to wake them up right after. I just hope he doesn't try it."

Zhia looks around at the candidates, "Wow. Almost sounds like a fun time had by some?" her sweetbread is nibbled on and studied. "I've been around dragons n such for a while, used to live at Fort Weyr before here but I've never stood before." she shrugs. "I do like watching the hatchings and cheering on those who impress."

Uveline wrinkles her own nose at Neni's words, shaking her head. "You'd think for someone his age he'd not pull such stunts. Plugging up noses, indeed. Maybe he should plug his ears, instead." As she finishes her klah she rises. "Anyone else have something they want taken to the dish bin?" she asks, guesturing with her empty mug in the appropriate direction.

Ciara grins back at Nenienne's little amused snippet, before pulling a face at the stuff about Zen. "Urgh. Sounds dangerous…he better not try it." She sounds rather threatening with that statement. She looks impressed by Zhia's background. "Ooh, you've been to a hatching? You're so lucky. I've never even been to a Weyr before I came here!" Uveline's offer does not go unnoticed, and Ci looks down at her empty plate, well and truly cleaned by a hungry candidate. "Urr…just this, if you're sure you don't mind?" Her juice glass is still half full, and clutched in one hand.

Nenienne playfully and exaggeratedly protects her mug from anyone who might want to take it. Although the smile has long-since vanished, her voice is cheerful as she says "Thank you, but no."
At the other table the men have started getting up, and although the cautious one is gathering his bowl, mug, and utensils, the first one sneers and says "Just leave it. She cleared them when they were still in use; she can clear them now that we're actually done."

Zhia eyes the parting group, "What…What…Grrrr I really dislike males like that." she waves her near empty mug towards the other table. "Yeah, watched from the galleries. Lots of noise and some confusion." she offers with a shrug of her shoulders. "I grew up at Fort hold, but well I was a horrid kid and got packed off to Fort Weyr with some family, then ended up coming here with my aunt."

Ciara rolls her eyes at the attitude of the leaving man, but with nobody else stepping in to do anything, she's not going to speak up. Rather, she stands up, draining the remaining juice in one long gulp. Pretty gross, some might say. "If that's what it's like from the stands…." she says as to Zhia's description of a hatching. But then she's ready to leave, plate and glass left for Uveline, seeing as the candidate did offer. "Better get back to chores, me. Hopefully I'll see you around again, Zhia. And…well, obviously I'll be seeing you guys again." Neni and Uveline get a grin, before Ci heads out.

Uveline nods to Ciara, taking the plate and moving toward the dish bins. As the boys prepare to leave, and the troublemaker speaks, Uveline stops in her tracks. "/No/," she says flatly, turning to him sharply and straightening, though her height doesn't make her any more challenging. "It is the responsiblity of /every/ resident to clear their own plate. Nenienne cleaned the table off because it appeared someone had been too lazy to do so themselves. She made a mistake, because you lot didn't bother to tell anyone you would be back. So clean up your own plates." Her irritation at the snarky behavior of the candidate is clear in her tone and on her face as the once-journeywoman glares at him, daring him to ignore her. She nods briefly to Ciara as the girl leaves, but keeps most of her attention on the boy.

It's beginning to be a trend - the one is about to speak, and the more cautious one stops him. In this case, the more cautious one finishes bringing his dishes to the bin, and the others follow him.
Even though the men clean up after themselves dishwise, Neni gets up to wipe off their table, and to wipe off any tables vacated since the break began.

Zhia sighs and downs the last of her klah. "I suppose we should clean up before the next wave of people comes in for something to eat." Shoulders sag as she drags her feet towards the bin where the dirty dishes are. "Some people just don't know how lucky they are around here."

Uveline waits until the men have cleared their table off and departed before she deposits her dishes into the bin. She then sighs and leans against the wall, shaking her head again. "I just don't understand people like that. What's the point of acting like that? It doesn't get you anything!" Frustrated, Uvvy joins Nenienne and Zhia at cleaning again, grabbing a clean cloth and polishing the nicer glasses used for wine.

Nenienne heads over to the klah urns to check them, and after doing so strides purposefully to the kitchens with one of them. She's not walking quite so fast when she returns with the full one to replace the empty.

Zhia shuffles about, helping to clear and clean tables, setting seats back in place before popping into the kitchens only to return with a fresh plate of breadrolls. "They figure that candidates and drudges are the lowest of the low and here to do their bidding and kiss their….boots because they are better then us."

Uveline quirks a brow at Zhia, pointing out, "He /was/ a candidate. Sounds like he missed the part of being Searched that means he does the work of a drudge until he either Impresses or chooses to not be a candidate anymore. Either way, if he keeps this up, he'll either be on latrine duty with Jaret until the eggs hatch, or will find himself booted from candidacy, or even the Weyr."

Nenienne whews as she sets the urn in place and says to no one in articular "I'm always afraid I'll drop these things." Once the klah is refilled she looks around for something to do, and begins mopping the floor where Uveline had cleared the caked-on mud.

Zhia seems about to say something more to the candidates with the way her mouth drops open some but instead growls and clamps her lips shut as she hollered at from the kitchen. "I'll be back," she offers as she darts off.

Uveline starts to step forward to help Neni with the urn, but she makes it safely into place before Uveline has a chance to offer. Settling back at her glass-cleaning she says, "I can understand that. The large ones are heavy, and awkward, with all the weight on one wrist unless you hold them in both arms. I much prefer the smaller ones that they use at the Hall. But then, the Hall doesn't have as many people as any of the Weyrs do, with so much less support staff needed." As Zhia departs she gets a wave with the rag from the candidate.

Nenienne hmmmms. "I never really paid attention to the urns at the Hall, probably because I never had to carry them." She gives Zhia a sympathetic look and waves to the kitchen worker. "I wonder how long until the next rush for food."

Uveline shrugs, explaining, "Apprentices at the Harper Hall help with chores, much like candidates do here. Not all the same things, of course, and there are drudges for things like the latrines, but they clean up after meals and help set out dinner." She glances toward the stairwell, where the light filtering down has dimmed as the sun has moved higher. "Probably soon. Which means I should be done about now, I suppose."

Nenienne nods. "Apprentices help out at the Smith Hall, but more in line with cleaning the forges and such. I think they're properly afraid to let us anywhere near the kitchens." As other candidates filter in, not looking like they're there for the food, Neni says, "I think you're correct. And I have some pictures to draw for commissions after the hatchings."

Uveline tilts her head at Neni, asking teasingly, "What, so smiths cannot cook at all? How do you avoid starving?" But then she asks a real question. "Commissions? Of jewelry, right? So you're setting things in order in case you don't Impress?" Her voice rings with approval for this choice of action.

Nenienne says, "Smiths are very good at cooking… metal. Not so much anything edible." Although not smiling, her voice is playful. She nods at Uveline's question, adding, "It's funny. I had no commissions before I was searched, and now that I have been I have two. And the possibility of a third, from another candidate of all people."

"That's good to hear," Uveline says with a grin, finishing polishing the glass in her hands and folding the cloth neatly at the side of the table. "I hope they turn out well. I'm going to head to the baths and get cleaned up before eating some lunch. Do you want to come, or do you need to head straight to your drawing?"

Nenienne looks torn. "The baths do sound nice, but I've not exactly worked up a sweat like I do with some of the other chores."

Uveline nods as she heads toward the stairway. "You can always bathe just to relax," she offers, pausing at the threshold of the stairs. "But if you have things to do, I understand. If I see you there, I see you there. Otherwise, I'll see you later in the barracks, I'm sure." With that, Uveline heads off to the baths.

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