What Shrieks In The Night


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Date: 8/23/10
Location: EW: Weyrling Barracks
Synopsis: Some of the candidates have difficulties getting to and staying asleep.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ahnika

Eastern Weyr: Weyrling Barracks

Set back into the northeast corner of the Upper Bowl, this cavern is huge. With a doorway wide enough to admit a very large brown or a small gold, it balloons out into an almost round room. Along the walls are couches carved out of the rock, some bigger and some smaller. Next to those couches are small, utilitarian cots. In the center are rows and rows and rows of similar cots, only a wide aisle seperating them from the couch-cots. Space is at a premium here, for both Candidates and Weyrlings must share space until another barracks can be dug.

It's just after midnight, after a long day of grueling chores, and all of the candidates not on glow duty have settled in for a welcomed sleep. Or at least some have. The Snoring Seven, as they're (un)affectionately called, have amanged to synch up, amplifying the snores to a ridiculous level. One of the snorers is Nenienne.

The Late sound, of snoring keeps it seems some away. The squaking and turning of cots and people who're asleep. She exhales. Vanielle sits up staring at the cieling.

Unusual for her, Ahnika is in bed and asleep already. Either her extra-curricular activities have finally started to catch up with the young woman, or she’s simply cutting back on them in a bid to be a little anti-social until her face finishes healing. The bruising on her right side looks much better now, though, merely that vague yellowing that comes at the end of the healing process. The cut is barely visible, as well. But there is one scar that will always last with her, the emotional one, made evident by the young woman’s distressed look while she sleeps, tossing and turning in her nightmare for a brief time, before suddenly starting up into a sitting position with a shriek, perspiration across her face making the little wisps of hair that have come out from her braid stick to the side of her face. Her breaths come in urgent, shallow gasps as she works to calm herself down from her nightmare.

Nenienne's snores have dropped out of synch with the others, becoming louder and louder until suddenly they stop. When they do, Neni suddenly sits straight up, wide-awake. As she's murmuring "I hate when this happens," Ahnika screams. Neni is up in a heartbeat, heading over to the direction of the scream. While several other candidates gripe and call over insults, Neni asks quietly, barely heard over the din, "What happened? Are you all right?"

Vanielle looks up at the sound of shreik. "Are you ok!" she gets up and leaves her bed, rather quietly. She'd been awake… it seems. She looks over at Ahnika in the darkness.

Ahnika draws her knees up to her chest under the covers and wraps her arms around them, starting to calm down. She nods, looking apologetic to those who are griping, and then smiles sheepishly to Nenienne as she comes over and then to Vanielle as she does next. “Right. Fine, fine. Just … just a stupid nightmare.” A pause, “Sorry for waking you.”

Vanielle shakes her her head. "Not a problem." she says quickly making her way towards the voice. "Someone who's sppooked, like that.." She moves closer. "You wanrt to talk about it?"

Nenienne sits on a nearby empty cot, drawing her knees to her chin, and agrees with Vanielle, saying "I've discovered that if I keep bad dreams to myself, I keep having them and they get even worse. Let's nip this one in the bud."

Vanielle nods. "Yeah. if you talk about them sometimes it clears things up."

Ahnika straightens with Vanielle’s words, interpreting as she means the incident itself and not the nightmare. The redhead frowns, wondering who had let that particular feline out of the bag, looking at the crumpled sheets around her from all the tossing and turning. Neni’s words draw a little sigh and Ahni rubs her head before rubbing the back of her neck, “I … had some information … in my dream. It was about the unhatched dragons being killed. I don’t know what it was,” she sighs and pushes some of the fine hairs from off her face and wipes her face on the sleeve of her nightshift, “I just knew I had to get to the weyrwomen and tell them. But I was being chased,” she wrinkles her nose, “by these … dead people.” And she shudders, “They were all faceless and carved up so bad you couldn’t tell who they were. They were trying to stop me from telling the weyrwomen what I knew.” She takes a moment to draw a steadying breath.

Nenienne ohs softly. "That's horrible — I don't blame you for screaming. I wonder, though… maybe you've heard something but not pieced it together yet, and you're doing so in your dreams."

Vanielle shivers. "Sounds like one horrible nightmare. Yeah I don't blame you either. It could be that its just eating you- like its eating all of us. I wanna know why someone would kill babies-anything… I mean dragons.. especially that's not sick… its like murbering a baby— I mean… it is.."

Considering the words from the other two candidates there offering her comfort, Ahnika draws strength from it, finding some resolve to put the terrible images away and think about things in a more practical, logical way. “You both have good points,” Ahni says, tilting her head to rest her ‘good’ cheek on her knees as she contemplates further. “There’s been some missing laundry,” she finally allows, “I’ve been asked to look into it, see if it’s related somehow.” Actually, she’s just been asked to look into it. Ahni is the one who made the jump to assume it was to see if it was related. You can thank Max for that. “But none of the missing articles or people who were missing them seem related to each other. No common thread. I keep feeling like I’m missing something that is staring me right in the face.”

Vanielle nods. "Maybe its not a threat we know about. Like how you can unravel fabric from the inside, is seem is missing and the thread is pulled from inside the seam… maybe its a thread we can't see…"

Nenienne hehs. "So if you could just make your dreams leave off the parts with the walking dead, you might find the answer. I wish dreams were a little more… controllable." She pauses, then asks curiously, "Were ou running away from something when you fell?"

Ahnika nods a little to Vanielle’s words, “Maybe,” seeming lost in thought for a time. When Neni speaks, Ahni shudders a little involuntarily again and sighs, “Yeah, the walking dead …” she breathes again, “Not … pleasant.” And nodding at the sentiment that she wishes dreams could be more controllable. To the question, Ahni’s eyes cut to her, but then soften and she frowns a little, nodding cryptically, “Yeah … I was. Well, I was trying to. Run.”

Nenienne's already quiet voice is even more hushed when she says, "You're holding back on something. What really happened?" So much for subtlety.

Frowning and sighing with Neni’s soft reminder that Ahni has about as much deceptive ability as a … dragon, really. Ahnika rubs her eyes a little and mutters, and despite Max’s words that she doesn’t have anything to be ashamed of and doesn’t have anything to blame herself for, she looks the part. “It’s all so embarrassing. I just … I just want to forget it. I want to move on.” Suddenly she’s gushing, but in a hushed voice, “I don’t want anyone to know. I don’t even want him brought to justice. I don’t want to describe him for a sketch, let alone look at him again. I just want to forget about him and get on with my life. I just want it all to be over with and buried and everyone seems keen on … getting him.” She shudders again, and this time wraps her arms around her knees and closes her eyes and lowers her head to bury her face against her knees gently. She doesn’t weep, but her shoulders sag, and muffled by her knees, her voice says, “I just don’t get why we can’t just alert the nearby cotholds so he isn’t likely to do it again and wash our hands of him.” Now, in all that, Ahni never actually said what the man did to her, leaving those conclusions drawn where they may. She sighs against her knees. “It’s all so horribly embarrassing.” And then lifts her face to regard Vanielle and Neni, “Please, please please don’t say anything to anyone else. The weyrwomen know, and I’d just as soon leave it there if I can. It’s bad enough I have to ask around for someone to sketch him.” She frowns at her knees.

Nenienne ohs softly. "That's terrible; I'm so sorry." Again she takes a while to contemplate, then she adds, "Though I think it is a good idea to find him — bullies like that rarely stop with one beating. He'd probably hurt someone else, and if we can stop him it will definitely do good for Eastern's image."

Nodding slowly, Ahnika sighs once more, “Right,” though she seems not completely convinced that he couldn’t be stopped some other way, some way that didn’t involve her having to ask people to sketch him and Max leaving to hunt him down. “Good for Eastern’s image,” she repeats softly, not bitterly, then adds, “I guess I am being selfish.” And she looks even more embarrassed and ashamed and worse for that admission. “I’m sorry.” She slides out of the bed and gets her wrapper from the foot of it and puts it on, “I think I’m going to go and see if the nightcook wouldn’t mind me heating up some milk. Maybe it will help me sleep. Do you want anything?”

Vanielle listens to the others talk a moment.

Nenienne says, "No, but thank you. And don't apologize; it's good that you didn't keep that all inside. No wonder you were having nightmares."

Nodding, Ahnika smiles softly, starting to leave, “Okay. Thanks. Thanks for listening, and,” she pauses, looking between the two candidates, “You won’t say anything will you? Please?”

Vanielle says, "My lips are sealed."

Nenienne shakes her head. "I won't." She seems to be finished, but then she adds on, "I promise."

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