Wild Card


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Date: Oct. 19, 2010
Location: Fields outside of Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Jinnet makes it to Lorayit and Suli after the great escape (Getting In, Getting Out) from the stables. His fate is sealed.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Lorayit

Jinnet was free, and it was a good feeling. Despite all the bruises, a jaw that felt broken, jacked up legs and an arm that's pretty much done for unless he got healer attention, the runner thief ran until he couldn't anymore and just hobbled the rest of the way out of the Weyr. He wasn't sure where to go right now, but he knew where he was not going - back there in that hellish Weyr where he had spent the last month or so strapped to a chair and tortured like an animal. At least in his mind, he was.

He didn't know where Passan could be, so he chose the most logical place where he could find his boss: out on the farming fields. It was possible that Lorayit would be out there at this very late hour, so he forewent stopping to rest and urged himself onward. Waine could still be after him still, and those dragons…well, that was a scare. Part of him was worried about Ahnika (or Pheenie, as was the name she told him), but he wasn't in a position to help her out. He had to help himself first.

It took him a while to reach the fields, and once he did his legs practically wanted to collapse. He limped himself towards the area where he suspected Lo to be - where the farmer usually spent his nights when out of the Weyr. Jinnet nearly collapsed with relief at finding the familiar form laying on his chosen rock, but he wasn't alone. Suli, the Telgari barmaid working with Jaya, was there beside him. The two didn't seem to be talking - just lounging up, eyes on the starry sky and looking oblivious to the world around them. Jinnet approached cautiously so as not to startle, though it was highly likely that they would pick up on his much less-than-stealthy approach towards them.

"Jinnet?" Lorayit reacted first, sitting up straight to take a good look at him. Suli did likewise then, and the two waited until the big man was close enough to question further. "How did—?"

"Thank Pheenie for that," Jinnet had cut him off, waving his hand as if to dismiss any further questions on the matter. Panting heavily from all the exertion (the man wasn't exactly 50 percent in good health at the time of the breakout), Jinnet relates to them what went down at the stables between him and Pheenie. He described Waine, the dragons that had bursted their heads through the door, and his 'heroic' escape against all the odds he faced in that short moment. The way he told it, you would have thought he was Indiana Jones-type good guy that had managed to bust through a sinister lair full of bad guys. Yeah, he embellished a bit. "…and then that green dragon was inches from my backside before I swung and got away. Ha! That Waine was very lucky I took pity on him and didn' toss him towards that overgrown lizard in my stead!" he concluded doubling over a bit with hands on his knees.

Lorayit and Suli exchanged dubious looks - the two was fairly sure that wasn't how the story went, especially considering Jinnet's current physical state. "Who's this Pheenie?" Lorayit asked about instead, frowning. He didn't know a 'Pheenie', so the fact that one would go and rescue one of his men drew more suspicion than if she had just gone in and cut his throat. Was she one of Vaput's?

Suli was similar in expression with Lo, but she was looking Jinnet over with it and with narrowed eyes. "And did you make sure you weren't followed?" she tacked the question on, not bothering to hide the coldness in her voice.

Jinnet's face appeared a little crestfallen when it was obvious the two weren't really interested in his escape escapade like he was hoping. He blinked, thinking before choosing to answer Suli first. "No one followed," he said with certainty, nodding. "Them two dragons brayin' like they were - they got all the attention. "And, anyway…..Pheenie was the one that broke me out," he reiterates as he turned his beady-eyed gaze on Lo. He was trying heard not to think of the sharp pain in his legs as he stood there, but it was starting to prove too distracting. "Uh…red hair, real pretty girl. A little kooky, but ya know that never bothered me…uhhh, right," he cleared his throat as he got off the point, catching the exasperated look rolling off of the old barmaid. "Said she worked for Timekis, or, at least the man she was with does," he finished, twitching his shoulders a bit as if to shrug.

"Timekis?" Suli was the first to respond, her frown growing more concerned as she shot a glance the farmer's way. "What the fuck would Mek want with freein' one of Vaput's men?" she directed this mainly to a silent Lo, her mind working furiously. That was most peculiar to her. Timekis was one of Vaput's numerous rivals. He wouldn't go out of his way to free one of his men unless there was some kind of hidden motive. Even more disturbing was the fact that there was someone in the Weyr, working for Timekis, period.

"It's not unheard of for all of them to have contacts in all parts of Pern," Lo seemed to pick up Suli's trail of thought, his blue eyes boring into Jinnet without really seeing him. 'Them' - the crime bosses and renegades. When his eyes came back in focus on the thief, he leaned forward and asked, "Did this Pheenie say anything else about why she was here?"

"Said she wanted to help," Jinnet answered that without hesitation. "Said she would see about capturing Dicori and sending her back to Bitra. Said she wanted in."

Suli hissed. "Sounds to me like Mek sent her down here to see if she could find wild card he could use againt Vaput," she sent this to Lo, lips pressed together austerely. "This would be his M.O. Dicori would be a good asset to him."

"Or," Lorayit interjected, "she could be used as a good bargaining chip." If the Bollian renegade was involved in this now, things were about to get very complicated. The gardener always did wonder why Dicori chose to stay a fugitive rather than run towards one of Vaputero's rivals - with the wealth of information she had on the whole gang, she was valuable to them all. He had let the silence reign over what he put forth, watching Suli frowning heavily and Jinnet looking very much like he was going to pass out. Well, if Timekis was here (or his people, rather), then he will deal with them later. So long as they didn't get in the way of his mission - and this 'Pheenie' person looked very much like she could be someone to watch - he could care less what else they did at Eastern.

"One other thing," Jinnet interrupted their thoughts, taking another step forward. Eyes going about the area, "I sort of told her to go seek out Passan, or the farmers if she couldn't find him," he noted gruffly. "Figured it was better than giving your name, Lo. I figured ya would know where Passan was, too…?" he left that open-ended, having a hard time keeping the hopeful note from his tone.

Lo didn't look at him, his gaze falling on Suli, instead, but he addressed the thief all the same. "I'll be sending you to Passan," he answered, putting the plan he and Passan talked about months ago into effect. When his gaze turned to Jinnet then, it was hard. "But first," he added coolly, "I need to know what else they got from you." Because someone captured - someone like him - could not be captured for as long as he was and not have said anything.

Jinnet blanched at that look and quickly laid down everything he told Max, Jaya and Waine. "Kept yer names outta it," he added as compensation when he finished, looking from Lo to Suli and back with wide eyes. "They'd be stupid to go up against Vaputero. I reckon they might try, with Dicori with them, but still…"

Something said displeased Suli. "Jaya told me nothing about her speaking with you," she noted, and the tone taken at Jinnet seemed to put the blame on him since he was there. "I suppose we should thank you."

Lorayit kept his opinions to himself on the matter, regarding Jinnet through narrowed eyes and heavy silence. While Jinnet did save his and Suli's asses, putting Max and this cronies on Vaput wasn't any better. If this ever reached the big Bitran, he was purely fucked.

Jinnet rightly took Lo's silence for something wrong. He focused his attention on his boss now, "Let me live, boss," he started to plead, thinking that his life was now on the line. Again. "They ain't got nothing else! The mission is still on! I got names, faces! I'll show you any of them!" He's running through his value, seeing that none of his words seemed to be getthing through to the gardener. "Just…don't kill me!"

Suli and Lorayit exchanged looks again, and this time Lo turned and sent his thief a disarming smile. In a reassuring manner, "It's going to be alright," he said, leaning back more comfortably on an arm. "Who said anything about me killing you?" It's highly possible that Jinnet wouldn't catch that slight emphasis on the pronoun, the blonde man keeping his tone both even and soothing. One wouldn't pay attention to any influctuations in such an even state. In all truth and honesty, Jinnet didn't have any bargaining chip Lo could use. He knew about Bajaya, Max and Waine. Pheenie was certainly was new one, but if the woman was serious about switching sides, then he was certain she was bound to turn up again. Determined people always did. He'll alert the farmers on his paylist to expect a woman with the physical description Jinnet gave him in the morning before he was off again, finishing up the mission Vaput had him on outside the Weyr. As to Passan…well, Passan knew what he had to do. If this Pheenie should turn up there by any chance, then the gardener had trust in the man feel her out and see if the woman was serious. He was in no position to turn new allies away.

Jinnet looked reassured and thought nothing of the implications in Lorayit's words. He did his job, after all, and quite admirably - according to he himself. As far as he was concerned, Lo had no reason to get rid of him. His thoughts turned to Pheenie/Ahnika and hopefully seeing her again after this night. He hoped he hadn't harmed her too much when she got in the way of his attack on Waine - he was going to apologize profusely to her as soon as he saw her. Maybe with flowers or whatever else women liked. Things were going to be alright if Lo said so. Nodding gratefully towards them, "Aye, I'll go find a place to rest up at then. See Passan in a couple of days."

"Make that tomorrow," Lorayit tossed the thief's way with a small scrap of hide being taken out of his pocket. With a produced writing stylus, he scribbles something down and then held it out for Jinnet to claim. "Passan will send you back to Southern, and from there I'll need you to send Daye and her brother back here to Eastern. There's healers there, should your condition worsens." Blue eyes took in much of what he could see in bruises, then he added, "Passan should have a runner for you, if that helps." He signaled that he was done with the meeting, turning towards a watching Suli and effectively removing Jinnet from his line of sight. As far as Lorayit was concerned, Jinnet was already dead.

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