Will They Hurt You


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Date: June 27, 2011
Location: Landing - Cove
Synopsis: Gaelene tells Nuri about shipfish…wait Doll-fins
Rating: G
Logger: Nuri

The soil gets softer and sandier as one wanders closer to the cove to the north of Landing proper, eventually simply turning into low dunes of patches of long grass that is often whipped about by the wind coming off the water. A cart path leads away from the road through the low dunes and to the beach proper where the water laps in an easy, gentle rhythm on most days when there are no storms. The beach of the cove winds in a wide curve, allowing both swimmers and those seeking to fish from one of the piers able to enjoy both at the same time without crowding one another. The main pier stretches from one of the taller and more substantial dunes all the way out into the deeper waters of the cove while a few shorter piers branch off on either side to allow for small boats to moor.

It's just after classes have ended for the day, and a few hours before dinner will be served. It is free time or chore time, depending upon a person's standing, and for the children of Landing, this means chore time. They are out with their minders, picking up debris from the storm. The beach is mostly cleaned now, but there is still some stuff left. Gaelene, who is unapprenticed, is doing what she has been almost every waking moment since the dolphin bell was discovered — wading out in the water with the pod who answered the bell. Specifically, she has a knife which she is using to pry off parasites on the skin of a very patient older pod member.

Having heard about the dolphin bell but not having had the chance to actually come down and see it in action yet Nuri is finally making her way carefully down to the water's edge. The apprentice is normally found holed up with the printer press setting whatever the journeymen have placed in onto the paper provided by the other new guildhall. Looking a little ink stained the young woman stifles a yawn that threatens and then catching site of the young person out among the shipfish her eyes go wide and she quickly asks, "Are you alright?"

Gaelene finishes prying off the last bloodfish before turning and waving. She is smiling like crazy and calls out cheerfully, "Yes, I'm fine. Just doing something for the doll-fins." Apparently this was the last afflicted shipfish, because none other come up to take his place, and Gaelene wades out of the water, dries off the blade, sheathes it, and sets it carefully on the bell, which has been covered in some sort of cloth.

Nuri lets out her held in breath and smiles back at the younger girl, "Doll-fins." She tests the word out on her lips and heads closer to look at the creatures, "What were you doing?" She asks eyeing the blade with a hint of worry coloring her features as she absentmindedly brushes hair back from her eyes.

Gaelene says, "I was removing bloofish. They're like leeches, but for doll-fins. I guess having them is more annoying then what I have to do to remove them." Several of the dolphins are now jumping, doing backflips, and tail-walking, all whistling a word which sounds like "fish". Gaelene laughs and calls out, "You'll need to see the Seacrafters for those — they lent me the ones from two days ago." Turning back to the apprentice she says conversationally, "I'm Gael, by the way."

"Nuri." She replies back quickly, eyes still trailing along the doll-fins with curiosity now. "Did they just actually talk? I mean I heard about it but they are shipfish, why did they never talk before." Nuri's analytical brain starts whirling as she observes the creatures and then turns back to Gael, "Sorry I'm just fascinated." She mutters and a blush colors her cheeks.

Gaelene shrugs. "I'm not sure — they asked where we had gone, but Landing's been reestablished for a while. I think when they talked to Seacrafters most of them thought it was the ale talking… or too much sun. Or maybe they needed to hear the bell. I'm still learning to figure out what they say; they pronounce a lot of things strangely."

Nuri moves to sit on the pier so he can be out deep enough to watch the shipfish closely but not be in the water. Feet dangling over the side Nuri bites her lip in thought, "Well no one knows how long it's been since they talked to anything but ship…I mean doll-fins I guess." She shrugs and smiles at Gael, "They that friendly with everyone or just you?"

Gaelene nods. "You should have seen them playing with the youngsters. They seem to be very… energetic, but they really do treat people like we're fragile. I suppose we might be, compared to them. They love playing, though. Would you like to meet some of them?"

Nuri continues to nibble her lip and a furrow of her brow shows the young woman thinking over this possibility, "Well I guess if you say they won't harm me." She finally says and a hint of a smile touches her lips as she stands up.

Gaelene shakes her head. "Promise they won't." She begins wading out again, and soon she is surrounded by the sqeeing mammals. "Dare?" she asks, and one of the younger dolphins answers "Here, Gael!" She smiles and says, "This is Nuri." Not only Dare but several of the dolphins begin whistling something very close to "Nuri", some of the more exciteable ones doing flips and tail-walks.

A sound that might almost be a giggle comes from Nuri but the normally serious girl covers her mouth quickly and the resulting smile. "They just said my name I think." She says quietly as if not to scare the creatures off as she rolls up her pant legs to wade into the water after removing her boots.

Gaelene nods happily, once again grinning crazily. "They did. And don't worry about giggling — they sort of make you smile. See, they always are." She points to Dare's beak, and he does have the trademark dolphin smile. Gael pats the water in front of her and Dare comes right over. "You can pet them if you like. Their skin is soft, not at all like scales on fish."

Nuri looks over the dolphin with a wary smile before reaching out her hand slowly to touch the critters. "Oh it is." She says happily and seems a little less afraid of them. Out of no where a blue dragon can be seen in the sky and Nuri starts with a, "Oh bother I completely forgot. I'm sorry I've got to run. I promised my mother dinner tonight." She says with a sigh and starts back towards the beach, "Do you think they'd mind if I come back another time?" She asks the young girl.

Gaelene shakes her head. "They love company. Enjoy dinner!" She goes back to chatting with Dare.

Nuri smiles as she pulls on her boots mid run leaving the laces untied and heading in the general direction of her father's blue. "Thanks." She calls back to Gaelene before disappearing out of the cove.

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