Wine Skirts And The Stars


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Date: August 17, 2010
Location: The Bar, EW
Synopsis: A busy night at the bar finds banter among a barkeep, a bluerider and two candidates. There is talk of the stars, dragon behaviors, wearing skirts, and of course, wine.
Rating: PG
Logger: Jaya

It's evening at the Bar and the place has a fair little crowd. There's one card game going on at one of the tables while the rest are occupied by various dragonriders and weyrfolks just coming by for a drink or two before moving on. Suli is working the tables as is usual, talking amongst the patrons with mugs in her hands while Jaya mans the long counter. The barkeep has just passed over a couple of filled mugs to a waiting patron at the counter, easy in banter with him as he moves away and frees the stool infront of her.

It is evening, and Lenia strides into Jaya's, dirty, thirsty, and rather wind-tousled. She plops herself down in one of the seats, and grins over brightly at Jaya. "Hey. Jaya, I'll guess?" It's a silly comment, and she wipes her forehead with the back of her hand. "Got any good red? I'm thirsty."

Finding Lenia before her once she turns around, Jaya sends her one of her signature lopsided smiles and a firm nod in greeting as the other settles. "You're that rider that made Leron a candidate, right?" Her name doesn't seem to come forth from her, but the memory does. A glass gets set right infront of Lenia now, her darks eyes briefly taking in state before answering with, "Red? Good red wine or chilled spiced apple juice. Playin' it safe tonite, shuga, or ya lookin' for something with a kick?"

"Oh, yeah, right. " Lenia had temporarily forgotten about that. "I'm Lenia. Orralth's 'mate." She considers for a moment. "Kick me." Not literally, of course, but the meaning is clear. "He is certainly an interesting fellow, is Leron." She leans back a bit in her seat, and splays out, intent on relaxing for a bit. "Orry's digging yet. He wouldn't do much today until they moved this rock, but didn't want to do it himself, for fear of breaking it. " She rolls her eyes, loveably annoyed at him. "So, he gets to dig as the sky darkens to make up for it." Instead of playing rest spot for Lenia while she sky-watches. "Where you from, then?"

"Lenia," Jaya's repeating the name, putting it to memory as she bends for the right decanter. "Right, I remember now. Your blue still digging, huh? Is that normal?" She's frowning a little at that, alluding to the fact that she really didn't know much about dragons and their behaviors. The comment on Leron gets a small snort as she pours the woman some wine, shaking her head. "Weyr might be safer keeping him -off- of a dragon, darlin'," she drawls low on the candidate, straightening up and passing the drink over to her. "But what do I know?" To Lenia's question, there's a slight pause, the scarred-face younger woman taking a moment to collect up the empty mugs being passed over by her barmaid. "Where I'm from as far as where the weyrwoman picked me up, or where I'm from as far as the place I was born?" she asks then, a little playful in its deliverance.

Lenia snorts, and lifts her glass in a salute, before taking a drink. "I'll drink to that. Either. Me, I was raised in a tiny cothold just east of Peyton Hold, and then stolen away by the Starsmiths." She grins widely. Jaya's comments on Leron get a guffaw. "Safer, maybe. Now, better? Who knows." She shrugs, and ponders for a moment, taking another long sip of her red. "Mmm, this is good stuff." She's not afraid to say so. "It's not normal for most dragons, but yeah, it's pretty common for Orry. He came out of his shell examining bits of his and his clutchmates' shells, and then started digging for more in the sand before he noticed me. " It makes her laugh thinking about her Impression.

At the mention of the cothold, "I'm a Bitran girl," Jaya supplies the information with a little smirk, taking up a washing rag to start in on cleaning the desposited mugs. "Born and raised. Dicori trader. A starsmith, huh?" She changes through topics faster than she snatches up drink payments, it seems. "Tell me about that. Never met one before." One mug gets cleaned and set aside, and the barkeep's leveling a look on the account of the stablehand candidate. "Guess we'll see," is all she'll say to that, her amusement bare in either case. "It's good stock," she looks pleased at the compliment of the wine, nodding. "Hoping to get more in soon. As for that dragon of yours…." there's a low chuckle, seeming to find the information interesting on the blue as she cleans. "So the little buggers got personality right out of the shell, eh? Who'd have thought?" She certainly didn't. "How long you been a rider, then?" she asks, looking the other woman over with veiled curiosity.

"Bittran, eh?" Lenia is mildly amused by this. Then, she mentions the traders. "Did you ever get over to that side of the continent, or did you all stay in that area? I know we had traders come, but I don't know if it was your bunch, or the Weyrwoman's brownrider's family that came through. Peyton's beholden to Fort, and we'd often go up to catch the trains when they went through." To Peyton, that is, not all the way to the 'big hold'. When Jaya asks about starsmiths, she grins more widely, and her face brightens. "Well, obviously, we watch the sky. Most all of us are pretty devoted to the new tech, since it really helps our studies. You know, big far-viewers … well, we call them telescopes … and all. I mean, you see so many fascinating things in the sky. For instance, did you know that right where the Dawn Sisters used to be, there was a tiny nebula? But if you see it under magnification, you'll really appreciate it. The colors are simply astounding! And when you realize that each color is a totally different gas, and that they've been there for millions upon millions of years, …." She pauses, realizing she's running her mouth. "Sorry. I just get so excited." She also gets excited about Orry. "I've belonged to Orralth for a little over three turns, actually. Just out of Weyrlinghood. And yeah, they come out thinking about the stranges things. You haven't heard anything until you've heard the conversations — or just parts of conversations — between tiny dragons discussing their places in the universe. I don't think the Harpers ever think about things in quite the way that dragons might. But every one is unique. And that's so amazing." She pauses, having talked herself dry, and takes another long drink.

Jaya frowns a bit at the question regarding the Dicoris, speculating. "Think we've always been in Bitra, the way my father used to tell it," she answers with a half-shrug. "Guess the family never saw any reason to go further - other than Nerat." Beat. "What clan does the Weyrwoman's brownrider belongs to?" The barkeep seems to have open a can of worms asking about the starsmith, and she's blinking a few times at the overload of information. Pausing her wiping of a mug, "I didn't know that," she admits, addressing the piece of news on the tiny nebula. "You only need this…telescope, to see it? And…" Whoa. Whoa. "Ooookay, that might be too much for me, shuga," she actually admits, a hand lifting to stave off any more words about gases and Dawn Sisters. "Stuff sounds interesting though. You think -I- could see this nebula stuff sometime? Not that I don't trust your words, just, I like to see things myself, see." Another glass gets set aside and replaced. "Ran into a few here seeming to crave that dragon discussion in their heads, and all that," she relates on the next topic, snorting a little. Making a face, "Seems all too….invasive, to me." Studying Lenia now, "You don't mind having them….you know, go through your thoughts like that? From the way I hear it…"

"Oh, no. It's something you have to get used to, for sure, but it's just your dragon. A single mind connected to yours, and it's …" Here, her eyes go a bit misty. "The other thing they come out of that shell with is devotion to their rider. When they pick their partner, for the most part, the first thing you feel is this rush of love… like… " Blunt woman to blunt woman. "Like having the most explosive sexual experience combined with the most potent wine. That overwhelming." It's not for everyone, but the dragons seem to know. "So, Orry is in my head, yes, but it's this presence of love and reassurance." She shrugs. "Ah, must've been his family, then. I think they're that bunch that has the thing about cutlery." The Klananpan family. "Yeah, we get a bit interested. I think AIVAS had a word for us. It didn't make any sense out of the context, but there was this word — geek — the definition the databanks had seemed to fit us to a tee." She plays with her glass with her free hand, running a finger around the lip in an idle gesture. "Like we focus so much on our one area, that Thread could fall right outside the door, and we'd never notice." She snorts. "It's true, though."

Jaya is watching Lenia's face, or her eyes really - seeming fascinated. "The most explosive sexual experience, combined with potent wine," she's repeating that slowly, almost in disbelief, before laughter erupts from the barkeep. "Oh-ho! That overwhelming, huh? Think that's the first time I've ever heard it described like -that-!" Blunt, she gets. Blunt makes sense. "But, it all changes you, right? Knew someone back in Bitra that ended up a rider. She really wasn't much the same after that." As for trading families, Jaya's forming an 'oh' with her mouth, her eyes going somewhere beyond Lenia briefly as she susses out a name. "Cutlery. Klananpan, right. Think we might have dealt with them at one point. Not sure though," and she shrugs casually. "I didn't stick around a lot of the time, so." There's a guarded slant to her husky alto here, but she's already picking up another train of topic. "So. 'Geek.' An AIVAS word, eh? Sounds like you all were just focused on your work, is all. Determined. Nothing wrong with that." She finishes washing the last glass and she puts it away with an audible click.

"Yeah, it changes you." Lenia will admit that much. "You learn to live for your dragon, so if he's a prick… pardon the language, then you end up chasing around after him, trying to corral him. If he's a sweet dragon, then, you don't have as many problems." She snorts, and tilts her head in a gesture of admittance. "Of course, they're dealing with the same thing. Trying to keep you in line and get you ready to fight thread. That's probably what changes you the most, though." She gets a faraway look in her eyes, one that seems to hint at the carnage she's seen in the air. "Thread is like… I don't know what it's like. It's hard to describe. But you see people you know and have come to really appreciate die just like…" She snaps her fingers. "That." Her face tenses in a hard expression. "It's rough." She nods. "Yeah, that one. Klananpan. They're interesting." She snickers. "I like the way you say that. It makes starsmiths sound so skilled. Instead of just unable to pay attention to anything else while we've got our eyes looking through this little viewer. And you know… I could, when the grounding's done, take you to Landing and you could see all sorts of stuff. You could even meet Master Donal. He's the Masterstarsmith, and he's brilliant! I mean, if there's something odd going on in the sky, and he's on watch, he notices it right away. " She pauses again to pull the last drop from her glass, and holds it out for more.

"A dragon that's a prick." Jaya seems to like to latch onto the more crass of the conversation, shaking her head at it as she goes to slap the washing rag over one shoulder. "I'd love to meet the rider with -that- particular quirk in his dragon." But then there's the fighting Thread-thing and the scarred-faced woman sobers up a bit at the woman's words. "Lost anyone close like that?" she asks with some hesitance, regarding the bluerider now for her answer. - "Might be an interesting trip," she lightens up at the mention of a trip down to Landing, sending Lenia a lopsided grin as she picks up the wine decanter and pours her some more. "Been there only the once. Think I need to get out more - once the grounding lifts. How -is- all of that going, by the way?" Brow lifts, and the decanter and put away once Lenia's glass is refilled. "The Weyrwomen doing alright with everything?"

"Yeah." Lenia snorts again. "I don't know if anyone's dragon is specifically like that, but yeah. There are all kinds of dragons." And she understands latching onto the more colorful parts of her tales. "I've lost a couple, yeah." Fellow friends to Thread. Jaya is standing behind the bar talking to Lenia, who's sprawled out indolently in a chair near the bar, but not quite up to it. They're discussing all sorts of things. Starsmiths, Landing, Impressing, Trading… you name it. Sex and booze in there somewhere, too. "Thanks." She takes the refilled red wine, and takes another long drink. "I Impressed right over there, " Headnod toward Southern Weyr, "At Southern. They didn't know what to do with a woman on a blue." She snickers. "Imagine if Orry'd been brown." But Lenia doesn't have much of the leadership stuff that the browns tend to look for when they pick a lady rider. "It's going pretty well, as far as I know. Word on the ground is that both golds are very skittish, and closing ranks fast. Which makes sense. I mean, who in their right mind bothers a brooding queen?" Stupidity defined, right there. "Weyrwoman Randi found something down in the caves, but apparently, it didn't tell her much, except that there was probably more than one person involved." She shudders, and drinks more wine.

"Well, there are certainly all kinds of men, so that would make sense," Jaya notes on dragons, seeming to equate men to them. She's actually respectfully silent on the bluerider losing some friends to Thread, incling her head to that in the silence as Suli approaches her with a couple of drink orders. "Does it really make that much of a difference? Which dragon you end up on?" the barkeep asks, Lenia's words on the subject seeming to bring out the curiosity from her this night. "I dunno much about all this-" and she waves a free hand around before going back to setting up drink orders "-but someone was asking me earlier, and I'm wonderin'." Talk of brooding queens and their Weyrwomen gets a nod from the barkeep, "Good," she says firmly on things going well with the investigation. "Let me know if I can help, there. Heard about what Randi found." There's no shudder, but the woman is frowning.

Rocio has a way of entering and leaving, anymore, without evoking much notice. She is such a fixture in the Weyr, visible and out every night, everywhere, that she has become nigh well invisible. Should anyone wonder, really, who nightly traverses nearly every corridor, nearly every cavern, nearly every path across starlit bowl, and into the stables and healers… That'd be Rocio. So it is that she also hears much, but often in tantalizing snatches. This night, as has become Rocio's wont, Jaya's bar is one of her first stops after the feeding and packing of glows into baskets. She arrives, laden with a full basket of fresh glows, and only a few spent ones counting the stops she'd already made.

"I don't know, really." Lenia's comments are singularly unhelpful in this instance. "I mean, there's no way to empirically check how someone would do with two different colors of dragons. They are how they hatch out to be, and if you could somehow scientifically change their hide colors, their personalities would sitll be the same, and there are no records of anyone ever riding more than one dragon…" She's running her mouth again, it seems. "I'll let her know." She accepts the sentiments with a nod and a small smile. "Maybe Orralth can pass the news on." And probably do it much more diplomatically than Lenia can. She notices Rocio coming in, and frowns, watching her do her work. "Is that how they stay lit?" She never noticed. Wow. She stands up, setting her glass down, and moves over to watch the woman do her thing. "Do you reuse them?" She looks over the rim of the basket. "How do you keep them so bright? What are they? Animal, vegetable, or mineral?" She's intrigued.

Despite the fact that Rocio could come and go down corridors without being noticed, Jaya picks up on her arrival fairly quickly. Giving the candidate a rare, genuine smile, she nods her greeting if the other sees it before she returns to Lenia. "So….it's like a personality match?" It's quite possible that this is simply going over the Bitran's head, both brows lifting at her. "Huh. Strange." She blinks a few times. With the order of drinks set up, she's passing them over to a waiting Suli while Lenia moves away towards Rocio.

The woman's eyes, over her veiled nose, flick over to Lenia, and squint somewhat in the half of a smile that could be deceptive, in the absence of curve of her lips. "You don't know, Rider?" Quiet alto, amused, asks, "The stuff that glows, is fungi. It's stuck to the glass. Lots of little tiny fungus, coating the glass. They eat shit. So when they fade, about near morning, we replace the spent orbs with the new ones, which we have dipped in shit, then suspended, to let most of the shit drip off. We don't use -super- fresh glows, because of the odor. It's a trade-off," Rocio lifts and drops a shoulder, "Between how bad they smell and how bright they light. Glowmasters from Pern over have done legion experiments, trying to find something that the fungi like as much as shit… And have yet to find it. In fact, there's recipies, carefully-guarded secrets, of what sorts of slurries need be made, and how much of a component is from predator crap or prey, or dragon or wherry or whatever. And of course, there's slightly different strains of fungus, as well. It's… A considered art, in its way." Then, "I'm just learning, still. You were speaking of the perpetrator who… The crime on the Sands? There is news?" A nod over to Jaya, with that same slightly-squint-eyed look to the bar owner. "Wine this evening, Jaya?"

Rocio stands near one of the entrance glows, paused in the act of changing it. Lenia has come over to speak with her, and according to Rocio's head-set, she's also spoken to the barkeep, Jaya. Suli, the waitress, rides herd on the customers in the joint.

"That's just fascinating. And a really effective use of the midden, too." Lenia is not one to be turned off by the conversation about shit. "Well, of course they glow more brightly with the excrement on them. It's only logical." She still looks at the glows. She's used them all her life, but has never thought about why they work. "Do you like the job? I mean, I know you're a candidate now and all, but do you like changing those out? I think that figuring out the recipies would be interesting. Tweaking them. What else do you add besides excrement? Which works better: human or animal?" She is a scientist to the core, and though her fief is the sky, almost everything else interests her too. "Yeah." She's finally commenting to Jaya again. "I mean, that's why I ended up riding a guy dragon. I'm kind of…" She looks for a polite way of saying it. "I don't wear skirts unless someone in authority makes me." She shrugs.

"There's nothing wrong with wearing a skirt," says Neythan as he pokes his nose into the bar and smiles to all and sundry. "Hi there," he says to Rocio near the door, his face lighting up with affection when he spots someone familiar the first time in. "Working?" he queries, then nods to the other ladies present.

Once the orders go out and Suli moves away from the counter, Jaya inclines her head towards Rocio about the wine. "Besides the glows, how are things going for you this evening, Rocio?" she asks, setting a glass next to Lenia's and pouring the heady red liquid into it. With a lady already infront of her and laying her order of wine in, the barkeep misses much of the talk of glows and excrement, but when Lenia addresses her, she's busy pouring for the patron. "You're kind of…ah," and she nods to that, seeming to understand. "I don't wear skirts all the time, either. Not very useful when you're lifting all the time. But, that makes sense. I wonder how you have to be to ride a brown one…" It's musing as best, the glass passing over to the female patron as she passes over a mark. Neythan's arrival gets the barkeep's attention then, nodding once to him should be catches it while she works.

"I don't mind. I'm not minding children. And I appreciate that. I'm left to my own devices. But," Rocio concedes, "I do miss not socializing with the other Candidates. I am awake when they are asleep, and visa-versa. So I only see them in the twilight of evening, when they are weary, or after dawn, when I am going to bed. Private, but lonely, work. "In terms of the solution, we have found that when we can get it, dragon and tunnelsnake, and wher works best, but there needs to be an amount of herdbeast in there, to make the solution… Tolerable. And we have found that milk is better to thin it, than water, which makes the whole thing /very/ foul." There's a reason that the glowtending area is far downwind of the rest of the Weyr. Upon hearing Neythan's voice, Rocio turns quickly and sends him a squint-eyed expression, "Neythan. Of course… It's after dark." Jaya gets an extension of the squint-eyed expression, "Going well. My assistants both actually showed up for work, and early, so I didn't have as much to do this evening."

"Wow. Dragon dung is pretty hard to come by, unless you have dragons willing to … commit to the cause, or little weyrlings." Lenia is fully aware that dragons usu ally evacuate their bowels between. "If you want Orry's help, he might be able to …" She pauses, asking the blue. "He might be able to help, especially while we're in lockdown. I mean, nobody going between means …" More poop to go around. "Yeah. Starwatching can be lonely too. Especially if you're the journeyman in a weyr or something. Sitting on the starstones watching the sky while everybody else is running around getting ready for bed." She's been there. "But at the Hall, it's nice, because we're all up at night, peering through the 'scopes." She grins again. Jaya's musings are noted, but she doesn't know the exact process either, so she makes no comment, only storing the thought up for more consideration later. "Oh, nothing wrong with the clothing as is, candidate…" Lenia hasn't run into Neythan a whole lot yet, but she gives a sardonic smirk as she eyes his clothing. "But I was making a point about the kind of women who choose to wear them on a daily basis, versus… well… me." She snickers, and moves back over to her seat, taking a draught of the wine.

"If you need a hand sometime," Neythan offers politely, "You've only to ask." The bluerider gets herself a mildly cocky grin for her statement earlier about skirts. "As for dragon poo," he continues, "I'm sure there'll be plenty of /that/ around once the clutches hatch, eh?" And when Lenia explains a bit about her clothing choice, he shrugs. "It will be to the horror of many ladies in the Weyr if I actually Impress and have to start wearing trousers like the rest of you dragonriders," he says with a perfectly straight face. "Because there's no way I'm wearing this while riding. I know better." His innocent expression can only last so long. "Sooooo, are we allowed to partake?" he queries of the lovely barkeep.

"Hence the wine?" Jaya concluded to Rocio for her words of an easy work day, moving the filled glass of wine in her direction for her to take. "Good to hear though. Didn't realize you had assistants." She seems to be filing this piece of information away for whatever reason, nodding to it. When Lenia returns for her drink, the scarred faced woman regards with open interest as she listens in on the conversations. The continued talk of excrement does seem to have the most comical expression planted on her at it, choosing only to eavasdrop as barkeeps tend to do for now. When Neythan approaches, she eyes that skirt. "You can partake in whatever you desire," she drawls that, one corner of her mouth lifting in bare amusement. "What will it be? I have a peach blend with no kick, and I've got the ones that do. Your choice."

"Thank you. I'll have one of my assistants contact you, Rider… Ah.. Forgive me. Orry is a nickname for….?" Rocio's gaze widens as a quick emphasis to the question, before she asks, "Starsmith, before you Impressed?" Neythan gets a quick chuckle, and a slight shake of her head, before Rocio murmurs to him, "Easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission. Or. More fun." She nods toward Jaya in explanation to those words, "I've been trying to make a glass of wine here a habit, each night, Neythan. If the answer to your question ruins that…" Rocio mock-threatens, "Then I will certainly ask you for help, sir." Jaya gets Rocio's full attention and a half-bow, with a hand silting out in a gracious emphasis that would rival Isilna's trained grace. "Ma'am, you speaketh my language." Rocio will move forward to take the glass, the single glass she affords herself an evening, and draws it under her veil before she'll have a sip. Then it's offered over to Neythan. "Thank you, Jaya. And yes, I have assistants. If I do Impress…"

"Right. I'm Lenia, and my blue is Orralth." Lenia grins, and nods her greeting to Rocio, in the manner of a proper introduction. "Well, we can have the drudges take it to you somewhere. Right now, he'd been giving it to some farmcrafter guy, but there are several dragons doing that, so it shouldn't make too much of a difference." She shrugs, and sprawls out again in her seat. "When I was a candidate, they didn't frown on single drinks, but if you got drunk, you got your ass handed to you." She snickers. "Yeah. I was just about to walk the tables when I got Searched." Neythan's comments about riding in his 'skirt' get a loud, raucous laugh. "Haha! I'm sure it would get awfully cold between! You could do like the Weyrwomen do, and wear it under your leathers, though, when you're heading somewhere specific." She snorts.

"I'm all for the kick, dear lady," Neythan advises Jaya with a grin. "Just because I wear a kilt, doesn't mean I can't hold my rotgut. Although," he continues mournfully, "If I keep drinking too much beer, I'll have a gut to match, but not yet." He perks up at the mention of smithing, although not his particular specialty. "I would never do anything to impede in your boozing, dear Rocio," he says solemnly. "I'd probably help it from time to time, but never get in the way of it." And when she offers him a sip from her glass, he smiles, but still fishes for a mark to pay the barkeep, since two drinking from one glass would lessen her profits. He grins cheekily toward the bluerider, but nods to Rocio's words about 'if'. "We'll see when we see. It's good to have a plan either way, hmm?" he asks in a lower tone of voice, meant for her ears only.

Jaya sends a lopsided grin Rocio's way for her words. "A glass of wine a day will keep you calm and cool always," she says the rehearsed-sounding words in a sing-song fashion. Watching the glass go under her veil, "If you Impress," she takes up that sentence, "then they'll take over. Makes sense." The barkeep then starts at Lenia's raucous laughter, causing her to look from candiate to rider and back again. And the skirt. "I just bet you are, shuga," she drawls to Neythan on that kick, reaching to take up that mark and replace it with a mug. She bends to get the ale and pours it in, smirking at the banter play between the three before giving the mug on over to him.

"My thanks to you, Lenia, and blue Orralth." Rocio turns to the rider for another formal half bow, before she'll raise her glass in silent toast to the named pair, and slip it again under her veil, for a sip. "I trust you do not regret your decision to leave your Craft for a different calling?" That question is enunciated, particularly, perhaps for more than her own edification. But Rocio rounds to Neythan and steps up close to him, tilting her head to catch his words. Her return, "We shall see, indeed." But what might be a flirt, could very well simply be an affirmation. Rocio, despite the cloth with which she hides so much of herself, seems comfortable in the parry-and-dance banter of the moment, and her gaze shines mahogany browns and quick-silver blacks. "Calm and cool always. Oh, Jaya, where were you when I was younger, and more foolish?" She will, then, wink.

There is another snicker from the seated rider, and Lenia watches the other three closely, somehow tuning Jaya out for the moment. She gives another laugh, not quite as loudly this time, and shakes her head. "Crazy." It's just a mild commentary on life right now, and merits another drink from her glass, apparently. She quirks an eyebrow at Rocio when the woman asks her the question. "I miss it sometimes. Especially when I watch a comet or meteor go by and wonder what it looks like on the bigger scopes, if they've found anything else new about some of the closer bodies, or whatever, but otherwise, no, I haven't really ever looked back. It's like …" For the second time tonight, she's having to search for metaphors for her impression and life as a rider. "Well, it's good. Some things are hard, but I think the highest ranked Lords and Ladies have more problems than many drudges, for all their fancy positions." There is another mild shrug, and she glances over at Neythan. "You wouldn't go back to whichever path you came from, I mean, if you didn't Impress? That's a bit surprising, really." She knows a lot of people stay on as candidates, but, "I would have gone straight back to the Hall, I think, if Orry handn't picked me."

"You could always just ask whatsisface, the Masterstarsmith," Neythan remarks to Lenia. "Life's not so busy that you can't just go and ask him… when the grounding is lifted, of course," he hastily adds, clearing his throat and filling his mouth with a cup and booze to get the taste of foot out of it. He seems quite otherwise contented to have Rocio nearby, good fine alcohol handy, and he offers his cup to Rocio, since she gave him a sip of her wine. "Oh, I'd go back to being a smith in a heartbeat," he says fervently. "I wish they'd let me still ply my craft now while I'm a candidate, so I don't get rusty at it. Or I could always bug the harpers, but it's been awhile since they were knocking on my door."

With Suli briefly returning back with empty mugs and another round to go, Jaya is for the most part, keeping observant - everyone present, but the three before her especially. She's grinning at the banter play, shaking her head at it as one more round of ale from her is quickly passed over to her barmaid. At Rocio's question and wink, there's low husky chuckling and a pull of the washrag from her shoulder before answering. "I was causing more foolish trouble than you could shake a stick at, Rocio." She snorts at her own words, putting washrag to mug as she returns to listening to the exchange between Neythan and Lenia with veiled interest as she works.

"You can always watch the skies… Perhaps they will let you look through the scopes, for old-times' sake." Rocio murmurs to Lenia. But she nods to the bluerider's other words, agreeing heartily, "The Lords and Ladies… Have a life I do not wish to lead." Somber ambiance to her words, briefly, before she cuts her regard to Neythan, and Rocio reaches to touch his hand, lightly, in a tactile decline of the offer. "Still too much work. One glass, and I'm merry enough. You -should- sing more." Her regard lingers on the man for a moment after the words, before she'll take another long draw of her wine, and then take it with her, for the duration of her glow-changing, at this local. "Ah Jaya. Regrets, if only you could have left your foolishness to save me from my folly. But alas." She dips her head to the woman, before adding, "But you are more bold than I. I will use you as an example. And thank you, as always, for your hospitality." Not enough glows here, unfortunately, to allow Rocio too much of an excuse to remain.

"Oh, I've already decided to go down there and bug Master Donal. Gonna take Jaya over there, and show her that little nebula that sits where the Dawn Sisters used to be." Lenia blinks. "That's weird. Usually they let some of the crafters do their crafty stuff. But maybe because there aren't as many and it's such a small Weyr yet." That's as close as she'll come to disagreeing with the policy thus far. "No. You, causing trouble? Get out." It's a tease to the barkeep, and she gives the other woman a wink. "Oh, I know I could go spend all the time I wanted to there. But it's very limited, especially with the training, and the digging and the …" She lets her voice trail off, making a rotational gesture with her hand, meaning, 'all that other stuff.' She frowns. "Off to light the rest of the world, then, um…" She only knows Jaya's name.

"Digging?" Neythan queries suddenly. "Oh! It's your blue that's been helping us out. Please thank him for me," he says rather gratefully and then embarrasses himself with a huge yawn. "I should probably go collapse in my bunk. And stare at the little present someone left me." He smiles at Rocio for some reason. "I'll walk with you for part of the way," he offers. "Depending on what your route dictates…" And offering his arm gallantly as any gentleman should, no less. "Good night, ladies!" he says to the barkeep, her assistant, and the lovely bluerider he's just met.

Jaya considers Rocio's words for her in silence, causing her to pin a speculative gaze on the candidate that's borderline guarded. Perhaps somethng said seemed to have resonated with the barkeep for the frown and furrowed brows that appears, aimed at no one in particular. When she returns her gaze to Rocio, it's one of serious intent despite the raucous laughter that could be heard at one corner of the bar. "Perhaps it should have been the other way around," she drawls evenly with a brief incline of her head to the candidate. She could have said more on the matter, but Lenia's tease and wink has her covering up that guardedness with a smile full of mischief and bravado. "Trouble and I are good friends," she quips to the bluerider, returning that wink with ease and acting as if her guarded behavior hadn't just happened. Then, back to Rocio with the same ease, "Come by anytime, any hour, shuga," she drawls to her with earnest, setting the cleaned mugs aside. "Us hard-lived girls gotta stick together." She's nodding her farewells to both Neythan and Rocio then, the barkeep moving onto down the counter to assist other patrons.

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