Wing Sprains And Exercises


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Date: 13 November 2010
Location: Eastern Bowl
Synopsis: W'red and Tavaith gave a lesson on wing sprain and how to treat them, and gave the weyrlings exercises to help strengthen their wings in preparation for flight.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: W'red

The Weyrlingmaster has completed his morning ritual of training and waits patiently in the upper eastern bowl for the Weyrlings to assemble, Tavaith has settled in behind the brownrider, the large dragon’s multifaceted eyes open and whirling slowly very attentive, as he always is for lessons, ready to assist with the young dragonets in case something is said that confuses them or needs some clarification, he knows the lesson as well as the Weyrlingmaster himself, as W’red has a habit of going over and over the lessons the night before to ensure he has left nothing out and Tav sits and goes through it all with him. The brown has gotten used to being the riders assistant memory over the past few turns and it is now a habit that comes as naturally as hunting. In the Weyrlingmaster hand is a long pointing stick and a shorter one too, the reason for these will soon become evident to all the Weyrlings and dragonets as they gather for the lesson, in front of him is a fairly large box.

L'ron and Balkrith are neither hurrying, nor lagging, putting them somewhere in the middle of the weyrlings starting to assemble before Weyrlingmaster and brown. The blue weyrling's interest drawn by the sticks, his dragonet's? The fairly large box of course. His head swinging slightly in his bonded's direction, he sends silent mental communication « There must be turnips in there. As reward. You must concentrate and do well today, L'ron. » For he of course, having decided for himself what must be in the box, will of course be doing his utmost to earn said assumed reward.

Ciara is there with Suosith, the gold prancing ahead of her rider now that she's been gently sent in the right direction. « Hello Tavaith! » She greets the weyrlingmaster's brown happily, a trill in her musical voice. While her dragon shows off with a dancing walk to the other weyrlings, Ciara stands near to L'ron, looking over at the blue weyrling with a little smile. Finally Suosith comes to join her partner, and Ci puts a hand on the dragon's shoulder to try and calm her down and make her concentrate.

W’red’s booming voice carries easily across the bowl, “Come Weyrlings we do not have all day,” just as he says this Tavaith adds in his five marks worth, his melodic mind voice floating across to all the dragonets, much in contrast to W’red’s booming gruff sounding voice, « young ones, assemble, today we learn more of being dragons, this is always exciting isn’t it. » Once again the brown rider speaks, loud it may be but his orders are clear, “form up in ranks as follows,” a brief pause as he takes a long breath as if considering his next carefully, “all the greens in front, one long row from here to there,” the here and there are pointed to with the shorter of the two pointing sticks. “ensure you are at least one dragon length apart, as you will need the space.” Watching as the first Weyrlings start to form up, dust and the noise of the dragonets moving around and Weyrlings whispering to each other fill the area in front of him. “Next the blues also in a row behind the greens, from where the greens start to where they finish, a dragon length apart, behind them the browns then the bronzes and finally the gold’s can fill in where there are gaps.” Tavaith watches with as much interest as the brownrider, waiting patiently for the Weyrlings and their dragonets to form up as instructed.

"Hi," the greeting sent quietly to Ciara with a warm smile attached when she comes to stand next to him, and then L'ron's attention goes to the Weyrlingmaster. Balkrith, possibly for the first time in a long time has his attention zoned in to the instructions being given out, a soft clanging of pots accompanying his reply to Tavaith « We here. » Spoken almost in the sense of a 'Ta daaa!' Waiting until the greens have settled themselves, the blue pair move themselves into position with the dragonet insisting on plonking himself right in the middle of the line so that he's not likely to miss a thing going on up ahead. The power of the turnip indeed!

"Hey," Ci replies, before W'red's commands get her attention and she fixes her gaze on him. Those two sticks of his get a bemused look, before she gives Suosith a strong pat. "C'mon Suosith…hey look, there's a gap." The girl barely has time to finish her sentence before the gold has pranced off. « Hello Narsalath! I wonder what Tavaith's rider has in mind for us today. I'm rather excited! » She does, at least, stand to attention next to the brown, facing W'red. Ci joins her a moment later, looking a little puzzled now about what exactly is going to be asked of them.

W’red steps up onto the box to have a better view of the goings on, pointing with the stick and correcting the Weyrlings where they are forming incorrectly, “A’kon, how long is a dragon length? I never said a firelizard length, move your green over –a dragonlength-, V’tol, that is a brown not a blue, move into the brown row, -I know- you are short but that is why I brought a box so all can see me and hear the lesson, Tavaith will help with the dragonets, we need a lot of space today.” Tavaith bumps the Weyrlingmaster gently with his head pointing out something that caught his attention. “Weyrlings, stop! Look at –your dragon- check what color it is, okay now form up as instructed, greens in front, then blues, browns, bronzes and the golds may wait on the side and fill in the spaces once all are formed up.” A grin creases the brownriders face, “Belira, your dragon is blue, that means the second row, do I need to send you to the healers to have your eyes checked or your ears?”

The Weyrlingmaster is -standing- on the box? Balkrith turns the draconic equivalent of a perplexed look over to L'ron. A crooked smile sent in return as the blue weyrling placates with a quietly spoken, "Perhaps he's just guarding them, Bal." Not having the heart to shatter his bonded's illusions just yet. Especially not when he's so entirely focussed due to assuming there to be turnip'y reward at lesson's end. Belira is given an amused though sympathetic look when she's guided by W'red to the correct position and a snicker can be heard from a brownriding weyrling who turns to cast a look over his shoulder at V'tol and offer in smirking tones to any that might hear a rather crass comment to do with the lad suffering from short man syndrome, or something to that effect.

Once all the dragonets and their respective riders have eventually managed to get in the right formation with the right colors in the right rows the golds fill in the areas where there are spaces for them, mostly on the ends of rows of the smaller dragons. It seems all is now in the order required and so W’red starts the lesson, “Good morning Weyrlings, dragonets, I have seen some of you this morning but not all so hopefully you all had a good nights rest and all your tasks are completed. There will be a full inspection of the barracks after the lesson, and the expected punishment for those that fail the inspection.” Now that the bad news is out of the way W’red continues, “today’s lesson,” a pause as he peers to the back row and the bronze dragons and riders, “Can you hear me alright at the back?” Not waiting for the confirmation from the Weyrlings back there he raises his voice a little to make sure all can hear, “As I was saying, the lesson today covers wing sprain and the ways in which to –avoid- it totally but as well we will cover very briefly what to do if it does happen and how to support the wing until a dragon healer can be called to assist and take over the initial care of your dragon.” W’red turns to Tavaith and with a nod indicates the next move, Tavaith rises upon his hind legs as if about to launch into flight and unfurls his wings out to their full width.

Uh oh. The look L'ron darts to Balkrith says it all when W'red mentions barracks inspections. It seems someone has yet again, forgotten to make their bed before dashing out for morning exercises. One or two bronze weyrlings pass sardonic comment to not being able to hear properly. However, it may be hard to determine exactly which two it was sounding off simply for the sake of doing so. With the rather large Tavaith unfurling his wings in impressive display, Balkrith's attention is even further captured and he gives his own a testing little flick of wingtips and then does a much smaller, and of course, bluer, impersonation of the ginormous brown's action as he too unfurls his wings. Even puffing his little chest out a ways.

With Tavaith standing behind the brown rider wings fully unfurled, W’red turns his attention back to the class, “Okay, now you will see why you all had to be spread out,” pause, “L’ron, Balkrith, wait for instructions, anyway each of you ask your dragonets to do the same as Tavaith, unfurl their wings fully.” Again the noise level increases as all the riders ask their dragonets to do as asked and as seems to be the norm whispering amongst themselves, from where the brownrider is standing on his box this is an impressive sight, although the dragonets are not fully grown it is a sight that warms the heart, Tavaith rumbles behind W’red in approval. Taking the long pointing stick in his right hand the brownrider points towards Tavaith’s rippling chest where the wing joins the body, “As you can see on a fully grown dragon, these muscles,” the pointing stick showing the muscles that stretch out from the middle of the chest and hold the wings out in their unfurled position, “are where the wings strength comes from, and if you look at your dragonets you can see clearly they are not nearly as developed as they need to be to allow flight.” W’red pauses as the Weyrlings all have a chance to inspect the muscles on their respective dragonets.

Balkrith should probably look chastised for having jumped the gun. And usually he would, but today is not that day. If anything, he lifts his little head, pointing his muzzle up toward the sky a little, looking about as statuesque as the little guy is ever going to get. L'ron, he however does look somewhat rebuked, sending a frown to his blue, "You could have waited you know." The blue utters a soft snort, « -I- shall be turnip winner! » That all he has to say on the subject. Brown eyes roll expressively and then fit back onto where W'red is pointing out the relevant musculature. Turning toward Balkrith, a hand lifts and strokes out across the chest muscles indicated, proving to be as told, not yet developed well enough to support the blue's body weight. His hand goes up, and if given leave to do so, the blue weyrling asks, pitching his voice to carry over the hum of noise as other weyrlings compare their dragonets against one another, "How old will they be when they become strong enough, sir?"

Suosith is more than happy to extend her wings, ever the performer. She at least doesn't clip Ci's head in doing so, though the weyrling does move a little to avoid being hit. "Hmm…." Ci squints at the area W'red indicates, then traces the appropriate area on Suosith's nearest wing with her fingers. She glances over at L'ron when she hears his voice asking a question.

W’red looks out across the group trying to see who posed the question, seeing the raised hand of young L’ron, he answers the question, “this will become clearer to you and the other Weyrlings before the end of this lesson, age is only somewhat relevant as you will find out.” The brownrider continues, “if your dragonets attempted flight now they would definitely develop a wing sprain, this will be caused by the wing moving further back than it should and stretching the muscles beyond what the muscle can do, this Weyrlings will inhibit your dragons flight for an extended period of time as the muscle heals, which it will in –most- cases.” The Weyrlingmaster pauses to allow this information to sink in, “if this happens and your dragon develops a wing sprain, this is what you must do immediately, firstly the dragonet or for that matter a fully grown dragon, will be in immense pain and will start whining and complaining to you and any other dragon in the vicinity, which is understandable, so unfortunately it’s not something you can hide from me or anyone else.” Again W’red nods to Tavaith, who furls up his one wing, “no matter how much it hurts the wing must be furled back against the body, the dragon needs to crouch a little and you need to stand next to the wing and support it so that the weight of it is lifted from the muscle that has been overstretched.”

Brows furrow lightly together as W'red explains, L'ron taking the information in and filing it away then sending Balkrith a warning look not to try anything stupid. As Tavaith furls his one wing, so does the little blue, seeming to enjoy this game of 'Monkey see, monkey do', whether he's actually been told to do so yet. "Balkrith!" his bonded hisses out as the dragonet starts to pretend injury, sagging and drooping the furled wing while sending through the plaintive whining of a dog in his mental voice as he acts it up, « It huuurts, L'ron. Heeelp meee! » Brown eyes narrow onto the blue, "Oh for Faranth's sake!" and he steps up next to the 'injured' wing, setting his shoulder just under it for Balkrith to rest it on, having no idea if he's even doing it the right way and fully realizing he's likely to get bellowed at. But hey, whining dragon in the head here, people!

Ciara watches Tavaith's demonstration curiously. Suosith, however, is much more interested in Balkrith's little demonstration of his own. « Look at Balkrith, Ciara! He looks just like Tavaith, isn't that marvellous? » Ci looks over obligingly, and hides a smile behind her hand at the sight of L'ron's exasperation at the blue. Oh boy. "I don't think he was supposed to do that quite so soon," she says quietly to her gold, who flicks the ends of her wings, which are still held open. Eyes still bright with the smile, Ci looks back at W'red, mentally crossing fingers that L'ron isn't going to get more of a telling-off.

Giving a demonstration the brownrider steps off his box and moves under Tavaith’s wing and lifts it a little just taking the weight of it, then returns to his box and steps back up. “Now you get your dragon to,” W’red sees the little blue again just doing what he wants before instructed to do so, this time however he ignores it, Taviath however does not, « Balkrith! » the browns melodious mind voice, with the sounds of softly beating drums in the background, « You need to wait to be told what to do, you do not want to injure yourself before you have a chance to follow instructions you must be more patient young one. » W’red’s voice continues however, “do the same and take the weight being careful not to lift too much as that will hurt as well, you just need to take the weight off the muscle, your dragonet will be able to tell you when the muscle relaxes.” He watches carefully as the Weyrlings hopefully do as told not anymore not any less. “Once you have done this you will have to remain like that until the healers can get to your dragon and strap the wing in place, and then it will be weeks of applying numbweed to a very cranky dragon.” The brownrider smiles the first part is enough to keep most riders from allowing their dragons to sprain the wing muscles, the second is just painful to all concerned. “Okay get your dragonets to furl their wings we don’t want to start with a sprain before we even get started.”

L'ron, upon hearing the exchange between Weyrlingmaster's brown and his blue, palms a hand over his face and sighs and then cringes when Balkrith returns with the following. With the sense of soothing mud baths for aching wings lifting up into his tone, « I apologize, great one. You simply offer such excellent example, that it is hard for one in awe, such as myself, to withhold from wanting to follow suit. » Ego stroking much? Maybe. Or perhaps the usually humble little blue simply does hold that much admiration for the much bigger and far wiser brown. The blue weyrling, still standing where he'd taken up position of human crutch for his blue's wing, wears a thoughtful expression and yet again, his hand goes up and he asks a question when given the go ahead, "Would the numbweed go on before or after the oiling? Or is it a special mixture for dragons with oil already in it, sir?" A sort of two-in-one solution for injured dragons. While he awaits an answer he takes a step away from Balkrith as the blue tucks both wings comfortably in against his body.

The raised hand once again seen by the brownrider, he listens to the question, pauses to think about it, “I would presume it to be some sort of mixture L’ron, the dragon healers will supply the numbweed and as they deal with these types of injuries all the time, I’m sure they have it covered, I’ve never seen a dragon with wing sprain suffering from hide cracking.” From the vantage point of his box W’red makes this really strong statement in a slightly more raised voice, trying to drive the point home, ”As we have previously covered in classes the wing of a dragon is fragile but is also where any dragons strength lies, a flightless dragon is no better than a watch wher, and none of you want your dragon to become a watch wher.” Waiting for the murmuring to stop W’red looks over the dragonets before him, “now comes the part that will ensure your dragon stands the best chance of not developing wing strain ever, this must be added to your morning exercise routine the dragonets no longer need to do as much walking as before, their haunches have developed nicely and now the need for strengthening their wings and wing muscles is your priority. Stretching exercises for wings are as follows, one, they must stretch their wings out as they have done now, two, this must be repeated ten times, three, a brief break in which you as Weyrlings can do pushups or something as valuable, then repeat the stretching ten times, you must do this at least five times every morning, on the fifth stretch the dragonet must twist it’s wings as if it were flying, this will start to stretch the muscles required for changing direction, taking updrafts etc.” Tavaith unfurls his wing and with both fully outstretched gives a brief demonstration. “Continue with these exercises for a seven day then increase the repetitions by three every sevenday.”

Nodding as he takes the information in, L'ron seems satisfied with the answer and then he goes quiet listening as the new exercise regime for both weyrlings and dragons is laid out. Balkrith of course…yet again…does the copycat thing when Tavaith demonstrates. And rather than have his bonded annoyed with him this time, the blue weyrling wears a wide grin. Probably because the little dude will finally have something other than turnips to go on about, something that…seems to have rather fully captured his attention for the time being. Expected turnip rewards or not. « I shall do all the exercises as given. » he states quite determinedly to both L'ron and Tavaith, « For stronger wings, will mean I can carry more turnips into battle. » He just had to go and work turnips into it, didn't he? Well…it was good while it lasted, right?

The weyrlingmaster pauses to give the weyrlings time to take it in and for those taking notes to scribble it all down. Tavaith rumbles, with cymbals clanging quietly and in a tune, « Do all the exercises and yes you can carry turnips into battle for all that they will be worth. » W’red’s voice carries easily across the bowl as the Weyrlings seem to now be listening intently, flying is always one of the first obstacles for all Weyrlings, they seem to believe that needs to be conquered sooner rather than later, “You will see a remarkable change in the chest of your dragons as these muscles develop and strengthen, I will also be watching carefully as only when I’m satisfied that enough strength has been gained will I allow the dragonets to start gliding, some may be doing so before others, it depends entirely on you and your desire to train.”

Balkrith appears pleased as punch with Tavaith's return, not quite getting the slightly disparaging remark tossed in there, his little chest puffing out, and one can imagine he might strut about a little if it didn't mean him breaking formation. As it is he's set with a sharp warning look from L'ron, who then sets his attention back to W'red, a smile forming for the small challenge thrown out there on which dragons will be allowed to start gliding first. And while he might not be the most competitive of souls, he is rather motivated by the idea. Stepping closer to the blue and bumping his shoulder lightly against the dragonet he intones quietly, "C'mon Bal, we can do this. Double turnips if you pull your weight." And while his method of bribery goes a long way to putting the blue on the same competitive page, it also reminds the little dude of why he'd been trying so hard to begin with. Tentative tendrils of dust reach out toward Tavaith, his neck stretching eeeever so slightly forward at the same time, « Do we get our turnips now, great one? » Because he did good, yes?

W’red grins as the challenge set for the riders and dragonets seems to have a lot of whispering going on, ”So we have covered what to do if your dragon over exerts itself and sprains its wing and how to strengthen their wings to prevent this happening.” W’red looks the Weyrlings over but does not however wait for confirmation of his statement, “wing sprains happen even in older dragons, this is generally during threadfall when the fighting wings are being stretched to cover vast areas and the dragons do not get enough rest or due to their riders being lazy and not enforcing the training regimes you are currently being taught.” A brief pause, “once you graduate this doesn’t stop, you will always have to train and keep yourself and your dragon in peak physical condition.” The brownrider glances back at Tavaith who furls his wings in and turns slightly to show the class the thread burn scars, W’red points to them with the long pointing stick, “even experienced and strong dragons get caught out by thread, you do not get to choose, it happens, and you learn to live with the consequences. However you need to do everything you can to ensure your dragon is fit and strong, and look for signs of weakening or tiredness, learn to look for it now and it will be easy when you hardly have time to think to know your dragon needs to rest or is tiring.” Tavaith sends a soothing sound of an orchestra playing a quiet melody, « Young one there are no turnips here, I will however see if some can be arranged for the next lesson. » Seeing as a dragons memory is very short Tavaith is hoping this will be forgotten by the next lesson as he cannot see himself asking W’red to bring turnips to a training lesson. W’red on the other hand is also thinking that at this time he is not going to bring up the issue of mating flights as this is probably the biggest cause of wing strain when the dragons and riders are driven by lust and don’t even consider consequences. It will come up when the time is right, “Any questions?”

Standing at ease, hands clasped loosely behind his back, L'ron listens attentively. Only once Tavaith turns and the scars of Threadscore are pointed out does he, and quite a few others, turn worried glances to their lifemates. Yeah, having that kind of living reminder pulls the true reason for their being there in the first place, very close to home. Balkrith however? He's far less concerned about being scored, for his, is a Cunning Plan. Strong wings however? That's an important part of said Cunning Plan, and so one can bet that he'll be exercising at every opportunity, being careful not to strain his very important turnip carrying wings. He is however, snapped from his silent musing by Tavaith's orchestral mindvoice tapping into his own more subservient one. Disappointment rising up on soap suds, « There were no turnips in the box yours guards so fiercely? » the soapy bubbles pop and diminish at talk of there being some arranged for the next lesson, « It shall be greatly anticipated. Thank you, great one! » Let's just hope his memory serves him well in forgetting this for he will truly be one really sad little blue when indeed, no fruit (or tuber root) is borne. The blue weyrling has already done his fair share of question asking and as such remains silent, waiting to see what others may or may not put forward in query to W'red.

The brownrider waits patiently for any questions but none seem to be forthcoming, which in itself is a success, as he must have been clear enough in the instruction. "Well Weyrlings if there are no questions then, class dismissed"………Now for that inspection…….Tavaith gives to the blue dragonet before they depart, « No youmg one the box contained nothing but air, we shall see if turnips can be arranged though. »

Inspection? Cue the 'Oh crap' moment for L'ron, who once again…will be facing the consequences of an unmade cot due to having woken late (again) for morning exercises and simply dashed off. The rest of the class can count themselves lucky that he at least remembered to get properly dressed. And so, with a resigned sigh he turns and follows on the Weyrlingmaster's heels with Balkrith striking up a line of conversation with Tavaith that will more than likely have the brown tuning out around the third or fourth time that the word 'turnip' gets used.

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