Wishful Thinking


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Date: Sept. 8, 2010
Location: The Bar, Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Jaya confronts her barmaid on the so-called runner she owns in the stables. Suli effectively weasels out of it. Takes place right after The Case Of The Invisible Runner.
Rating: PG-13
Logger: Jaya

When Jaya returns from the stables, she finds Suli already there in the bar gearing the place up for business. Her eyes linger guardedly on the older woman, moving quickly towards the counter she finds as solace once the barmaid notices her arrival.

"Where did you go?" Suli, of course, notes that Jaya is off her routine this day. The bar owner is usually up and about the bar by the time the Telgari gets there, so finding the bar bare of her raised her concern somewhat.

Jaya sets her hides down on the counter, eyeing the woman over her question. She wants to lie, but instinct tells her that now isn't the time. "I was in the beast cavern, actually," she gives the barmaid with forced non-chalance, stealing a glance in her direction to gauge her response.

Well, that was something new. Suli had to work hard to keep her shoulders from stiffening as she continued sweeping the floor by a table. Her eyes on her activity, "Really," she gives forth, her tone going completely flat. "Why there this morning?"

Hands come to lay flat on the counter. "I wanted to get a present for you," Jaya answers blithely, regarding Suli closely. "For the runner you purchased? I figured Max could help with putting something together… for all the help you've been to me." Her tone stays carefully neutral.

Suli remains sweeping the same spot, her mind working furiously. Frowning heavily, "No need for a present," she carefully plays the innocent in her short response, not revealing anything as she keeps her gaze on the floor.

That was enough. Jaya rolls her eyes and leans forward to pin Suli with a hard, cold look. "Dammit, Suli!" she snaps, brows drawing together. "I /know/ you never bought a runner, alright? How long did you think you can go with that?"

Straightening up slowly, Suli merely stares the bar owner down. What /could/ be said to that? Propping the broom against the table carefully, "There's no runner," she firmly confirms, her hard eyes on the bar owner now. "I've met someone. Didn't want to jinx it, so I've been vigilant in keeping it a secret. Even from you." Eyes blaze as she dares the younger woman to question this explanation, her posture stone-stiff.

Jaya didn't initialy know what to say to this. It could very well be true… "Thought we shared everything around here," she decides to say, watching Suli closely from where she stood. "Not like you to be so secretive about /that/."

"Like I said," and Suli lets off some of the intensity of her gaze. "Not sure if it's going to go anywhere, but, with him being a trader…" she affects a sigh, somber at best. "He left recently, anyway," she adds this quietly, letting her head drop and her jaw tighten. "Thought he'd stay longer for me, but….clearly that wasn't to be. Wishful thinking." Eyes lifting to meet Jaya's, "Now you see why I had to cover? Didn't think it worth knowing. I appreciate the gesture, though," she changes tactics, letting a slow smile grace her pockmarked face. "Buying something for my runner. Been thinking of /really/ buying a runner someday."

Suli has given Jaya no other reason to believe the woman is lying, and the added dramatics has its effects on her. She visibly relaxes, letting off the close study of the barmaid in favor of returning her smile with some hesitance. "Keep things honest between us, alright?" Jaya levels at her, keeping the steel edge of her tongue from her tone. "Even something like this. Max already doesn't like you, and this only seemed to have him suggesting things about you."

"Feeling's mutual," Suli quips dryly through stiff lips on the beast manager, firmly returning to her cleaning. "Bastard's no good. Seen enough of -his- kind. You and him chummy now?" and she pierces Jaya with a look.

Lips thin, "I wouldn't call it chummy, shuga," Jaya tosses back blithely, letting the matter of the runner fade from the conversation. She'll let it slide, but she won't forget - Max's words on the woman already firmly planted in her mind whether she wanted them there or not. "You really should try to get along with him, though," she notes, sending a curious glance her way. "Not for my sake. Yours. He and his do run the security around here…"

Suli snorts on the advice given, not stopping her work. "Think I'm afraid of some snot-nosed upstart and his cronies?" she grunts back at the bar owner, stealing a hard glare in her direction. "He's welcome to come at me. Don't like him. Never will. Got anything else to say on the matter?" Her mood was tanking faster than a diving green dragon, and she didn't want to continue this discussion.

Jaya could easily read the towering woman's moods, so it's no surprise that she closes her mouth and keeps her words to herself. Not that she would have had the time to — already the morning's patrons started filing into the bar, effectively cutting off any and all conversations between the usually taciturn bar owner and her currently taciturn barmaid.

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