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Date: 2010.11.30
Location: EW - West Hallway South
Synopsis: Indira happens upon Kaskan (although no names are exchanged) and the two fall into a game of wordplay.
Rating: PG13 - for adult innuendo
Logger: Indira

Kaskan stops short and falters as one foot is suddenly yanked back from forward motion. A windmill dance of arms ensues as he barely catches his balance, body twisting like a wind-tossed whipperwill. But catch it he does, panther-like grace rescuing him just in time to slam a palm against a nearby wall and stop the dizzying motion. Instantly running a hand through wayward raven locks and giving the top of his head a scrub he mutters in a thickened rumble, "Whoa."

It being after the dinner hour and the Headwoman essentially ‘off duty’, she’s rounding a corner, an armful of books when Kaskan does his odd arm-flapping-body-spinning-slam-against-the-wall dance. Halting, amusement playing openly across her features, Indira shifts her weight to one hip, “It’s usually better to have an actual dance partner if you’re going to practice for the next Gather.”

Kaskan looks up out of the corner of his eye, light blue regard full of chagrin at having a witness to his little demonstration. Pointedly setting his feet apart so the drooping lace that tripped him up is not a concern, he sweeps that raised arm into a wide arc, brings it back to his waist, and with a slight bow gives the impression that was his intention all along. As his gaze rises again it sweeps the woman with an appreciative glance until at last meeting her dark regard with an amused light in his own. "Are you volunteering?" he asks, lips curved and tone full of smug mischief.

Shifting the books to rest upon that out thrust hip, sloe eyes flow an openly appraising look over the younger man, taking note of the smug mischief coming off of him. Low laughter then flows for the bow executed, lips curving around a smirk as Indira counters with, “Are you offering?”

Dark brows quirk at the counter, expertly lobbed back into his court. "I may," Kaskan smiles, flashing a show of white teeth, "If you don't mind two left feet." The fact doesn't escape him that it'd take a brave woman to accept such an offer after that display of his walking skills.

Teeth catch at her lower lip in what could be read as a coy display but in actual fact, is simply Indira holding back yet more laughter that threatens. Shifting out of that stance she’d taken up, the Headwoman takes a step in closer, putting his feet under what appears to be deep scrutiny. Head tilted to one side, sloe eyes flow slowly upward until they fix to the blue of his, a soft tsking sound spilling out, “Perhaps you’ve just never had…the right sort of…guidance, hmm?” Managing to make that sound all kinds of everything except about dancing abilities.

Kaskan is /all/ over innuendo and feels the double-layered meaning of her words like a vibration in the space left between them. Wriggling his toes within the muddied cover of his boots he rocks on his heels and returns the blantant scrutiny with one of his own. Dark lashes hood his eyes as they drop and slowly rise with a few pointed stops along the way. He manages to maintain a straight-faced countenance but like windows to his soul those blue irises give him away, bright with humor as much as the hint of crinkled laughter feathers from the corner of his eyes. "Might you be an expert in the… right sort of guidance then?" he muses.

Perhaps that was just the type of answer she’d been expecting to draw from Kaskan, for Indira leaves off trying to withhold her mirth and lets it free in a rich flow sound. That amusement still sparking in the dark depths of her eyes as she leans her upper body eeever so slightly toward the younger man and intones, in seductively teasing tone, “Haven’t had any complaints yet, darlin’.” Northern accent slipping through. Straightening once again, a dark blonde brow lifts as if interested response to the manner in which he puts her under study, “However, something tells me…you’re no beginner, hmm? Maybe you just need…a little more practice?” Oh she’s terrible!

At her final scrutiny and assessment he draws a breath through his teeth and tilts his chin, a dubious hesitation feined across his expression as if he's witholding some vital but fascinating nugget of information. Then he inclines his head a second time, shifting over-long bangs over half the scandalous gleam in his eyes. "One can never have too much practice when it comes to the right sort of things."

And so the verbal dance continues, curiosity, or is that interest lighting dark eyes along with a deepening curve across Indira's lips of a decidedly feral nature. In a tone so as to suggest she's given such a proposition its due consideration, "You make a good point, Dancer." Yes, she's decided to dub Kaskan thus. Sly the cast to the woman's features now, perhaps trying to see what sort of blunt honesty she can draw from him, "I wonder though what it is that one such as yourself," a rather delicious looking morsel, "would deem…the right sort of thing, hmm?" tone dropping to purr across those last words.

"Ah! Well," he starts, assuming a thoughtful fiendish pose. "That would take a bit more deliberation, I think, than would be proper in the middle of a hallway." His gaze drops briefly to the books in her arms, then he smiles. "If you weren't otherwise engaged maybe we could discuss it over a mug of klah or two?"

Suppressed laughter is evident in the slight tremble of shoulders and chest for that pose Kaskan strikes. And then Indira’s putting out the semblance of a sad pout, dark gaze sweeping first left, then right of where they’re currently standing. “No sense of adventure,” she puts out through a little moue of disappointment to his deeming the hallway inappropriate for…dance lessons. Soon afterward that smirk returns and she’s stepping right up into his personal space to breath in a faintly jasmine scented cloud, “Klah…is boring.” Leaving it open for him to interpret whatever he wants to into that statement for soon the tousled blonde is stepping away again and setting the younger man with a sly grin and a wink and is sashaying away back in the direction she’d been heading before, with an open swaying of hips.

Kaskan grunts a laugh at her pouted reply, his offer having been more serious than shaded with ulterior motives. Although not one to turn down a legitimate offer from a pretty woman, he pretty much knows she's teasing in this case. Never hurts to cultivate any friendship in a new place though. Never know when the contact might come in handy. His knowing smirk returns with the lure of that flowery scent, vibrant blue gaze smoldering as he watches that distinctive sway. Too late he realizes he didn't catch her name and mutters a curse under his breath. Drawing a deep, rolling chuckle he lifts a hand to sift through his hair in distracted habit, muttering as he continues on his way, "Guidance… oh yah."

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