Work And Gossip Meet


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Date: July 25, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lower Bowl Center
Synopsis: A newly-arrived Lexi shares some gossip with Neni and Uveline while the candidates take a break from smoothing the bowl floor.
Rating: G
Logger: Uveline

Day 28, Month 07, Turn 01, AIVAS Reckoning, First Long Pass

Eastern Weyr: Lower Bowl Center

The center of the lower and larger bowl of the Weyr is often a hive of activity during most days. To the north, the rockfaces start squeezing together to form the bottleneck between the two bowls. To the east is the sprawling complex set aside for the queens and a ground weyr for visitors. To the southeast lie the open-air hatching grounds, although outcroppings in the bowl's floor force many to divert in that direction via the southern or eastern portions of the bowl proper. To the south is a gently rounded rockface, dotted with weyrs to support many of the Weyr's dragons and their riders. To the west, no matter how rainy or windy the weather, the faint acrid whiff of medicines can almost always be smelt, for the infirmary's entrance can be found there.

Wandering around the bowl with a pack over her shoulder, Lexi is taking it all in and looks rather a little lost. She is watching the activity going on around her, and seems to be just kind of meandering.

Looking still somewhat bewildered from her very recent change in status, Uveline is taking a rest break after a morning spent working with the miners to continue smoothing the bowl floor. Sweat-streaked and dusty, the newly-knotted candidate mops her brow with her sleeve, squinting a the sun to estimate the time. "Shards, this is hard work," she mutters to herself, her rich voice choked with dust.

Spying Uveline, Lexi strides over to her, her pack hiked up on her back a bit. "Hello there. I'm new here, and a little lost." She tosses her straight black hair over her shoulder and extends a friendly hand to the other girl. "I'm Lexi by the way."

Uveline blinks sweat from her eyes as Lexi approaches her and wipes her face again before responding to the girl. "Everyone gets lost here," she assures her, managing a smile. "Especially when new. I'm Uveline. Pleased to meet you." She looks from Lexi's hand to her own dirty ones, offering them out palm-up to silently explain why she doesn't shake it. "Where did you need to get to?"

Nenienne has been assigned to the same task as Uveline, and is standing up quite often and rubbing her back. To Uveline she says "I think they're giving us these just to remind us how easy we had as journeymen. When were you searched, and by whom?" She glances over toward Lexi and listens, not saying anything.

Lexi smiles at the two candidates and takes back her hand, not offended. "Well, I was trying to find the dorms in the Lower caverns and ended up out here for some reason." She shrugs her shoulders to show that she isn't in too much of as hurry to get to her destination. Looking at Nenienne, she smiles warmly. "So what do people get up to for fun around here?"

Uveline nods to Nenienne, wincing as that brisk motion twinges the tense muscles in her neck. "I wouldn't doubt it. Especially if the Weyrleader was responsible for picking the chores." A little resentment there, maybe? Nah. "He threw me a knot yesterday, when I was holding lessons, and told me to stop teaching and start learning," she adds with a sigh. To Lexi she ahs and nods, more slowly this time. "That's easy to do. Head to the east end of the bowl, and there will be a hall there that heads back into the caverns," she says, pointing the right direction.

Nenienne is frowning, but her tone of voice is neutral, perhaps even friendly, and not angry at all. "I'm Neni. For fun we usually listen to her," she indicates Uveline, "Singing."

Lexi looks the way that Uveline pointed and puts it into memory. "Thanks." then at Nenienne's comment, she smiles at the two. "So you're a Harper then?" she asks of Uveline. "I guess listening to singing is alright, but where are all the boys at? I've been here since this morning and the only people I've met are girls." She quickly adds when a blush colors her cheeks, "They've all been nice girls though. Well, I couldn't really tell with that girl who knocked herself out on a table."

Uveline blushes slightly as Neni indicates her, since that's no longer her job. "And Kestian playing," she says firmly, not letting her mentor be forgotten. "I'm a Harper normally, but right now, I'm a candidate, so I can't claim my rank. Anyhow, fun for me is swimming in the river, since the lake is still not done. Boys… well, there are plenty of them, but people are pretty busy here right now. We still have a lot of work - wait, what? Someone knocked herself out on a table?"

Nenienne is about to say something, then pauses and intones, slowly, "Girl who knocked herself out on the table?"

Lexi nods furiously, "I had literally just gotten off a dragon and headed into the living cavern in time to see this red-haired girl have some sort of fit and whacked herself unconscious on the table she was sitting at. The word around the Cavern was that she was a Candidate and found herself in the family way." She uses her hands to indicate a state of pregnancy over her stomach. "She was hauled off to the Healers." shrugging, she looks around again, seeing maybe if any of those ellusive boy-creatures may be hiding somewhere nearby.

Uveline slowly shakes her head, wincing at Lexi's explanation. "Red haired candidate? Sounds like Ahnika. Shards, I hope she's alright. She and I might not see eye to eye, but I'd rather she not be unwell," Uveline says softly. She frowns at Lexi then, asking, "Did she say she was pregnant, or was that just the rumour going around?"

Lexi is still looking around, and is called back to attention when she is obviously asked a question. "She said she is not, and she seemed visibly upset that people were saying so. Rumour runs rampant in a Weyr though, the poor girl, I didn't even get her name." Now to change the subject, "So are there eggs on the Sands here already?" she asks.

Nenienne continues frowning. "I wonder if not why she hit herself on the table then. Maybe a mind-Healer might need to have a look at her." She shakes her head at the question. "No eggs yet, but people are already being asked to stand… and searched."

Uveline sighs, shaking her head again. "Gossip can be an awful thing. If it's not true, her reputation is in tatters, and it will take a while for her to recover from it. If it is true, she's got a lot to deal with, and gossip isn't going to help her at all," she says, voice full of disapproval for the situation. "Eggs? Uhm, actually, I think there are. I don't know for sure, but there's been a lot of activity in the lower hatching grounds, just over there, and I haven't seen Rauzath out and about as much. But I haven't dared go in to look and see if there actually /are/ eggs yet, or if she's just in there, making the sands just the way she wants them to be."

Lexi nods her head slowly, "Well she seems to be taken care of now anyway." Her eyes wander a bit more around, and nods to the two candidates. "So are you two excited? Any secret childhood daydreams of being a rider?" Why yes Lexi does like to pry.

Nenienne half-heartedly pads the ground some more, then says, her voice pitched like one trying to tell a joke, "Right now I feel like a whole wing of dragons just walked over my back, after digging the lake for the past two days and now this." She half-smiles, before adding "I don't think I ever thought much about dragons when I was a child. They were something very far away mentioned in Harper ballads. I knew I had a duty to them, but I never saw any."

Uveline shrugs at Lexi's question, then continues rolling her shoulders to keep them loose - if she stiffens up, getting back to work will be a nightmare. "I've only been at it for this one day, but I've already found that there is great deal more work involved than I quite expected. And this after having spoken with another candidate about it several days ago. But no, I never really had any dreams about being a rider. I was always too busy to think about it, and working on becoming a good Harper. That's the family craft, after all."

Lexi raises her brow a little at the two of them, "Oh, I guess growing up in a Weyr like I did, it's more of a tangible dream." She rocks a bit back and forth on her feet and then asks, "So what is your job out here anyway?"

Nenienne pauses to stretch, rub her back, and yawn. "Smoothing out the bowl. Eastern hasn't had turns of dragons time out of mind to do so." Despite her words and her expression, her voice holds no acrimony or condescension.

Uveline guestures to the work they have been doing, and which several other people are still doing - most of them smiths and miners, by thier knots. "Smoothing the bowl floor out is critical, so that dragons can take off and land, and so that the delivery of tithes is possible without circling around everything," she explains further. "The Weyr wasn't meant to be inhabited this soon, so there is a lot of work necessary to get it up to par with the others."

Lexi smiles and nods, looking around at the people still working. "Well all this dirty work will most certainly going to give me plenty of work to do. I'm a laundress." she says in ways of explanation. "Not as glamorous as a craft of course, but its what I know." She shrugs.

Nenienne nods, then says "You may find candidates helping you out with that, too. I know I would love to be doing laundry right about now, despite the learning curve."

Uveline snorts. "There is nothing wrong with having a job that isn't a craft. And believe me, there is precious little glamour in the learning part of a craft, and only certain doings are glamorous. At that, most are handled by masters," she says firmly. And then she echoes Neni, "I wouldn't object to doing laundry now, if only so I would be clean."

Lexi grins at the two girls and nods, "It's clean that's for sure. But in this heat, you'll get plenty sweaty over the cleaning vats." She wipes the back of her hand over her forehead. "Are you guys almost done? I could use a bath and have no idea which way I'm going." She looks eager to continue talking to the two girls, but the glisten of sweat is creating visible wet spots on her tunic.

Nenienne glances over toward the Smith supervising, who gives her a withering look. "It looks like it's not time for a break yet," she says, apologetically.

Uveline shakes her head, demurring, "I've still work to do here, much as I'd love to take a bath and be done. But I can give you directions." She closes her eyes then, thinking about the Weyr layout. "From here… go to the tunnel I mentioned earlier, the one east of here, and get downstairs. Head to the northern end of the hallway, and you'll enter the lower caverns on your left. From there, go straight across the cavern and you'll be in the west hall. The next doorway is the baths. The laundry is at the south end of the west hall. You'll pass it when you go down the stairs into the caverns," she says slowly.

Lexi smiles at the two of them and nods, "Well thanks again, and I hope to catch you two around again soon." She gives them a little wave as she heads in the direction that Uveline showed her.

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