Worries And Comfort


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Date: 23rd June 2011
Location: Ciara and Suosith's weyr
Synopsis: Ciara's caught up on work, so she and L'ron can have a nice evening together. L'ron shares some worries.
Rating: PG
Logger: Ciara

Simple is the best way to describe this weyr. There's little in the way of furniture, and no decoration. All it has is the basics: single bed, wardrobe for clothes, and a table and chair for work. Pegs hammed into the wall provide a place to hang a dragon's harness and other such equipment, and glowlamps are hung about the place to provide suitable light. The dragon's couch is large, and situated just behind an outcrop of rock to protect it from any gusts coming in from the bowl.
Her table is already accumulating quite a volume of papers, despite her being so fresh out of weyrlinghood.

A cool evening finds Ciara retreating to her and L'ron's weyr before the grey clouds hanging ominously above the Weyr make good their threat of rain. Suosith trills a greeting, a sound that one would think impossible to be produced by a dragon, and Ci grins as she scratches at a spot on the gold's nearest leg in affectionate return before she's crossed the ledge and into the weyr proper. "I'm hooooome!" Somebody's happy!

Balkrith is strangely absent from the ledge he shares with Suosith this evening which might suggest that his rider may also not be present given the silence that envelops the inner weyr. Silence that is broken by what sounds suspiciously like a soft snore. That is until Ciara calls out and then there's a THUMP that sounds rather a lot like someone falling off of something.

For a moment, Ci pauses, waiting for a response. When one doesn't immediately come she frowns a little, glancing back at the ledge and its lack of Balkrith, before facing front again in order to proceed deeper into the weyr. Then there's the sound of a thump, and she stops again, smiling just a tiny bit. "Everything okay in there?" She doesn't really want to go any further for fear of embarrassing him if he's done something silly - let him get himself together first.

Truth be told, L'ron had fallen asleep with the chair he was slumped on rocked back on its legs. A precarious position to be sure. Now of course, scrambled back up to his socked feet, his boots discarded somewhere near the entrance and hair sticking up every which way he stares groggily at the toppled over chair as if he's not too sure quite how he landed up on his rear.

There's a quick clearing of throat and then the bluerider, rubbing a hand over his head closes the distance with a sheepish grin in place. "We need to do something about those chairs, they're dangerous." Yes, because they just up and attack a person without warning. Mmhm. Of course, he'll also then try to scoop Ciara up in a hug and try stealing a kiss too if she allows. "Someone's in a good mood." It's a tease for he's yet to see his weyrmate lose her temper.

Ciara has to put a hand over her mouth to stop the giggles. He could have been hurt, it's not a laughing matter! But, of course, L'ron's reaction to the whole thing is enough to make it all funny rather than worrying. Besides, he just seems to bounce whenever he falls into trouble. "I could nail them to the floor?" Ci offers teasingly, before she's swept into the hug and leaning into the kiss happily. "Mmmhm. For once I have no hidework. None. Nada!" She sounds like she can't quite believe it.

L'ron is indeed made of sterner stuff than to hurt himself by falling off a chair which considering how accident prone he can be, is just as well. A laugh rumbles in his chest when Ciara suggests nailing the chairs to the floor, "Nah, what fun would that be?" Because falling off chairs is fun? It is if you're L'ron it seems. "Yeah? No hidework? What did you do, hmm? Pay someone off to do it for you?" He's teasing of course as with arms still about Ciara he walks them backward toward a couch that wasn't there before. "A whole night off…" mischief lights brown eyes, "the possibilities are endless." As to how they could spend it.

Ciara smirks at his reaction to her suggestion, before she's beaming at the lack of hidework. There's a shake of her head, though, at his teasing suggestion, her grin getting cheekier. "Nooo. I did all the hard work, y'see? Sat down and got it all done." Their approach to the couch catches her by surprise as she feels the furniture bump against the back of her calves. "Mmhmm…I reckon we deserve it, hm?" She might just lean up for another kiss, too.

"You work too hard," L'ron gives quietly as he searches Ciara's face, though there's no mistaking the pride in his voice for the way in which she's stepped up to the plate and shouldered the responsibilities that have been put on her. The couch while in decent enough condition isn't new by any means but is one of those comfortably overstuffed affairs that has been recently re-upholstered in believe it or not, pink! "What do you think?" the bluerider asks as he gently turns Ciara around in his arms when she bumps up against it. Any kisses that she's offering are of course hers for the taking, L'ron's mouth curving against hers in a grin for what it is they deserve, "What did you have in mind?" Deliberately acting dumb despite the suggestive drop in tone when he speaks.

"I have to." Ciara's response is a murmur more than anything else, but she looks up to meet his eyes, her own showing her strength of thought on the topic. She lets herself be turned round, and her eyes widen, lips curving into a broad smile at the very pink sight before her. "Oh my…very nice." It's a shade she approves of - and Suosith does too, given that there have been no complaints about it from the gold since its installation. Ci leans back against L'ron, craning her head back to give him a cheeky smile, even if her face is a little pink at his playing dumb. She's one to dance around it, too. "Mmm, I think you know…." And she turns in his arms to face him again, going for another kiss. She can't help herself. That, and it means she doesn't have to say what's on her mind, because that would just be…naughty.

Let's face it, pink is not exactly L'ron's colour but its Ciara's besides he wasn't about to ruffle Suosith up the wrong way by bringing any other colour into their weyr. With her approval given a warm smile makes its appearance and he hugs her closer against his chest when she leans back against him, "I thought you could do with somewhere a little more comfortable than a hard chair to work on all those hides." And of course, he gets to try and distract her away from boring hidework and toward much more interesting pursuits such as beingnaughty. "Hmm, that's a tough one, " the bluerider feigns a look of deep contemplation, "were you thinking of maybe playing…cards?" However, despite the teasing and playfulness there's a slight shadow that drifts in and out of his eyes.

Ciara's next 'mm' is appreciative. "Thank you. I don't think the work is over for me in the long run…I'll be glad for a comfy place to work." And then she's smirking and blushing all at once. Cards! Cards! "Oh, you know what I mean," and she gives L'ron a playful thump here, though she senses something not quite right about him, some sixth sense of hers for emotions. "You okay?" Her voice is softer now, losing its teasing edge.

L'ron sets Ciara with a grin and then pretends to flinch away from the thump, a hand lifting to brush a finger across a blushing cheek. "My beautiful, redfruit," he intones with quiet affection, head dropping and lips seeking out her own with heated intent, body shifting to take her down to the couch with him, of a mind to give the new couch a thorough initiation. To her soft query there is a not very convincing, "I'm fine, love," murmured and then he's completely and utterly distracted with soft curves and skin, and the heady intoxication that is his beloved.

One very pleasing distraction later, Ci is curled up on the couch with L'ron, relishing in the feel of his warm skin and the soft fabric of the sofa against her skin. "Mmm." She's not quite ready for words yet, but she's getting there. Another moment and then she can speak, in the voice of one who's very much content. "Yes…I think this couch will do very well." A cheeky light is in her eyes as she looks over at her weyrmate with a little smirk.

Breathing still somewhat sketchy, there comes a low and entirely satisfied rumble of amusement from L'ron in response to Ciara's comment, a lazy grin greeting that cheeky light that glints in her eyes. "Now that's how you do hidework," he remarks brushing lips against her neck as strong arms tighten briefly about her. The bluerider then drops silent, savouring the intimacy of holding her in his arms. And then his baritone breaks through the quiet of the weyr, "I met with a friend of Jaya's a couple of sevens back." A statement made seemingly out of nowhere.

Ciara lets her head rest against his chest and her eyes close, satisfied and amused by his comment all in one happy moment. The silence lasts only until L'ron breaks it, at which point Ci's eyes open again, some confusion in their light brown depths as she shifts so that she can look at the blue rider better. "Oh?" The single syllable her subtle nudge for him to go on.

Eyes of a similar hue hold to Ciara's as she looks up at him, worry lurking in their depths as L'ron's hand takes to an idle meander up and down her spine. "Yeah," and then he shifts a little, the couch not made for his longer frame. "He's a sort of messenger or something from up north," judging by the few times he's seen Ralik delivering messages to Jaya when he'd dropped by the bar during weyrlinghood. "I…wrote to my family a good few months back, telling them where I was, about you and…" the bluerider explains in a low tone, "well there's still been no word back from them." And he's now starting to grow more than a little concerned.

The light in Ciara's eyes almost immediately shifts from pleased and content to worried, seeming to darken even in the lights of the weyr. "Do they usually write back to you quickly?" She asks softly, turning over so she can look at L'ron properly, the serious nature that the conversation is taking making her change her whole body language.

In silence L'ron watches worry chase contentment from her eyes faint wariness lifting up into his own when he misreads her changing position as to possibly meaning that she intends moving away, for right now he needs that close contact. And so it is that there comes a puff of exhaled breath when it becomes evident that Ciara wasn't going anywhere just yet. "I uhhh…haven't written to them since I left home," he states awkwardly his gaze dropping from her face as a light frown of discomfort pushes into place for the admission.

Ciara brings her hand up to brush L'ron's jaw, her gaze darting over his face as she reads his expression. There's no judgement at all when he makes his awkward admission, the gold rider simply allowing herself to nod slightly in acceptance. What's done is done. "Can you get some time off drills and go to visit them?" She hazards sounding as if she thinks that's not the right suggestion at all.

That gesture of tenderness has the effect of drawing a fleeting smile into place with L'ron turning to press a kiss to her palm and then lips twist about an unhappy line and he gives a small shake of head. "Jaya said this Ralik fellow would be able to find out what's going on before I head up there. Ci…I don't," the frown returns briefly and his voice is barely audible in the quiet of the weyr, "I don't want to just turn up there if I'm no longer welcome, you know? I can deal with it if they don't want to see me but…I need to know that they're okay."

Ciara mirrors L'ron's expression whether she means to or not, though her concern is perhaps placed differently to L'ron's. "Why do you think you'd not be welcome? Because you left…?" She's not in the loop here. Suosith shifts from her restful doze on her ledge, turning her head to peer past the curtain that gives the weyr privacy and see what's going on inside.

Brown eyes uncharacteristically painted with a solemn light lift to Ciara's, "Because I left over two turns ago and didn't write before now," quite aware that he'd failed on that level. L'ron's voice firms though it carries a troubled edge as his gaze tracks to where Suosith peers passed the curtain, "I don't know, Ci. I just got a bad feeling I guess. It could be nothing. Maybe my letter never got to them, yeah?" Trying for optimism there. Balkrith has still not returned to the ledge though his rider doesn't seem too perturbed by his absence.

Again there's no judgement, just sympathy for the rider's difficult situation. Ci's hand has moved to L'ron's chest now, resting there to keep as much body contact as possible, trying to be a comforting presence. "That could be it - maybe a runner got attacked, or the letter got lost?" She's happy to suggest any number of potential situations so long as they bring some optimism. "How long is it going to take for Ralik to get back to you?"

Comforting her presence is indeed for turning onto his side a little more, L'ron fits Ciara with an appreciative smile when she goes on to suggest a few other options as to what might have happened to his letter. "Or" picking up on that thread of optimism that's begun to take root, "they decided not to write back but come and visit in person." By the time he's finished speaking there's a spark of hope in his eyes and both is expression and body have lost some of the tension they'd been holding. As to when it is he's likely to hear back from Ralik a shoulder moves against the goldrider in the idea of a shrug, "He said he'd be back in a few sevens or so. He works for some guy called Serevan up in the north." The name of course means nothing to L'ron.

Ciara smiles just a little as L'ron adds his own optimistic situation to the pool of ideas. "Maybe." She seems satisfied that he's looking on the bright side - maybe not completely satisfied, as there's still some tension left in her frame, but happier than she was. Her eyes are lightening, expression more hopeful as L'ron explains about Ralik. Likewise, she has no idea who Serevan is; but then, she doesn't really know who Ralik is, either. "We'll see what he says, hm?" And she rests her head on his chest now, listening to the beat of his heart a moment. "I'm sure everything will be okay."

It's amazing the kind of harper tale one can make oneself believe if they try hard enough isn't it? Which might explain why even although L'ron picks up on that residual tension in Ciara's body, he doesn't question it. Instead he chooses to push darker thoughts and concerns aside in lieu of enjoying the rare evening off that she has. Beneath Ciara muscles twitch and shift as he moves his arms to envelop her in them and then he dips his head to where she has hers resting against his chest to murmur against her ear, "Thank you." For listening and not judging and for being who she is.

The hand on L'ron's chest shifts now, so that Ciara's arm is across him, squeezing tight to bring them closer together, her contribution to his enveloping hug. She doesn't know what to say to his thanks, so hopefully the increase in pressure around him and the head snuggled in tighter against his chest will say more than words could.

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