Position Master Healer
Former titles Master Healer (Ista Hold), Journeyman Healer, Apprentice Healer, Hold Brat
Sex Male
Age 41
Place of Birth Sea Cliff Hold
Family mother Xandrimi, father Kantesyne, sister Remisyne, brother Kander; wife Nahia, daughter Nadrimi, son Synan, son Karden, daughter Xinnai
Faction Neutral
Portrayed By Nat Young, famous surfer
Journal Xantes


Xantes is a tall and rangy man, whose features have been beaten into submission over the years by the sun and wind. His blond hair is both sun-bleached and beginning to whiten; his face is frequently consumed by the wrinkles of his laugh lines, hiding away his blue eyes. His strong and centered nose is matched only by the strength of his chin, which the uncharitable might even call "over-large".

Today, he is clothed head-to-toe in extremely faded used-to-be-black: an extremely soft tunic stretches down over his wrists, unadorned but for the simplest of ties at his throat, falling to mid-hip over equally simple trousers that lack any distinguishing characteristics except that they, too, are old, and faded, and worn to the point of softest comfort. (Perhaps, soon, the knees will start to go.) His trousers end mid-ankle, showing off the simple leather sandals that completely fail to hide how big Xantes' feet are. He is, of course, wearing his wedding ring, which is a simple band of plain gold.

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