Portrayed By Ray Stevenson
Position Journeyman Computerer
Former title(s) Apprentice Computerer (Landing), Apprentice Miner (Crom Hold), Holder (Crom Hold)
Sex Male
Age 30
Place of Birth Crom Hold
Family Father: Kanan; Mother: Julette; Brothers: 4; Sisters: 3
Faction Progressive

Character History

Originating from Crom Hold, Xantin is the first-born child of the journeyman miner Kanan and his wife Julette. A very traditional man, Kanan made sure that he was the one supporting his family by working in the mines, while Julette was a housewife, and a happy one at that. Her job was to take care of their little cothold and children – for Kanan was also a big believer in large families, and a procession of siblings followed Xantin’s birth. The head of the household was not exactly misogynistic in the worst of ways, but he certainly believed that women had a place on Pern, and that place was as homemakers.

Xantin and his four brothers were inevitably brought up to hold that view, too. Kanan was a good father, if set in his ways, and they enjoyed the usual Hold upbringing. They attended regular lessons at Crom Hold proper, being situated close to the building, and were taught manners, with the occasional use of a swift hand from Kanan to keep his boys in line. The three sisters had their basic lessons with the harpers, but once they had finished those, helped Julette to keep the cothold running smoothly. The boys, meanwhile, were expected to join crafts, and Kanan made a concerted effort to push them towards the minecraft. He did not believe that AIVAS was a benefit to Pern, and wanted his children to believe the same. The safest way to stop them developing any silly thoughts? Get them into a good, traditional craft who weren’t hanging onto the damn machine’s every words.

And so Xantin apprenticed to the craft at the age of twelve, just like his father wanted. It’s always hard to question your parents, especially a strong-minded man such as Kanan, and he wanted to avoid trouble. The lad was strong, growing bigger and broader every day, and more than suited to the craft. But beneath the brawn was a brain too, and as he progressed through his teenage Turns, Xantin began to wonder just what was wrong about AIVAS. After a number of demonstrations of AIVAS-derived items at the Minecraft Hall, fifteen-Turn-old Xantin’s mind was made up. He wanted to go to Landing and learn one of the new crafts, and be part of the people helping AIVAS to improve life on Pern. He left without his father’s permission, slipping away one night and travelling until he found a group of holdless folk who were heading south to try and join those founding Eastern Weyr. It was a long journey, the longest he’d ever made, and Xantin left them at Landing, while they had a great distance left to travel.

At Landing, Xantin was able to examine his choices. It was the great computers that called him, however, and he apprenticed as a computersmith. His initial training was focused on getting him up to speed with the basics, and he thoroughly enjoyed every minute. With an active mind begging to be taught new things, Xan was a natural with the software. He moved on to hardware, and his gentle physical nature went a long way in helping him to work on the delicate innards of the computers. As a late starter, it was only fair that he became a journeyman later than those who had apprenticed at twelve or thirteen, but at twenty Xan earned his journeyman’s knot. Now a strapping young man, his physique was also of use to the computersmiths due to the threat of traditionalists. Xan was not afraid to use his strength to stop anyone harming his precious computers, and he had to be warned on several occasions by his superiors to be more careful of how much force he used against their efforts.

The Turns passed, and the young man found an interest in women as well as computers. For Turns he was content with tinkering with AIVAS’s wonderful machines, and enjoying the company of beautiful ladies. Then, at twenty-three, he fell head over heels in love. Istia was a journeyman printer, and the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. He pursued her love for a Turn with no luck. Then she was gone, and after some urgent inquiries, Xan discovered that she had requested to be posted to the secondary installation at Lemos – with her fiancé, Merick. Heartbroken, Xan buried himself in his work, some nights not even sleeping. This continued for some months, before Mastercomputersmith Kiordalin took Xantin aside and gave him a talking to. As much as his work was good, he had to snap out of it. He was a promising young journeyman with a good future, and it was disheartening to see him in such a state. If he was going to let a woman affect him this badly, the craft would have to let him go so that he could sort himself out.

That warning shook some sense into Xan, and since then he has been recovering, and is now much more like his normal self. Though he still thinks of Istia occasionally, he has mostly moved on.


Istia (NPC)
Xantin's former love, who never returned his feelings and married someone else. She is a Journeyman Printer at Lemos Hold, and is married to Merick.

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