You Can T Break The Broken


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Date: 2010.10.10
Location: EW - Max's Stall
Synopsis: Max is confronted by Indira about information received in a report from one of her informants. It doesn't go well. (Reports written by Jaya's player.)
Rating: PG18 - Language
Logger: Max


The bar's been pretty busy these nights, and I'm noticing a lot more crafters in town. There's a group of woodcrafters that's been hitting the card tables nights in a row now. Don't talk much until there's enough drink in them, and a few of them are looking for work here.

There's still some talk about a bar fight that happened before I got there. One of the ones involved has frequented the bar lately and pays considerable attention towards Jaya. His name's Kaskan, and I learned he's a guard from South Boll. I think Jaya has something against guards, for the minute he mentioned what he did, she didn't look too good. I usually see such looks from those looking to hide from guards, and the man didn't elaborate further. I figure Jaya's not a saint, so…

Been talking to the barmaid that's been working with Jaya all this time - Suli. She's very helpful and is willing to talk about anything, for the most part. She clams up some when I ask her about Shijan's purpose for being there, even though I know he's your own, but I find it interesting her response. She does mention that Jaya needs the protection, and it took awhile before she told me that Jaya has some trouble out of Nabol. Some man in connection with Bitra, but she wouldn't give a name. I'll keep working on her.

Other notables paying attention to the bar owner…there's that Weyr gardener. I got his name - Lorayit. He spends -a lot- of time here. Thought it odd at first. Maybe he likes the drinks and cards too much, but I notice he only really comes for Jaya. I even tried to offer him a drink and he refused. Real friendly man, but his constant presence at the bar is interesting.

A tanner came by as well, and he seems to be involved with your son. He came on the pretense of making boots for her, but from what I saw, he was really there to exchange information with her. He talked a lot about some healer and someone luring her outside the Weyr. He's looking to get handwritings from each of us, Jaya tells me. Trying to find out who wrote that note. Peculiar. He did mention a name..Vaptro? I wonder if this name is the one Suli didn't want to tell me that's in Nabol…

Other than a few drunk dragonriders hitting on me any chance they get, this is what I got for now. I'll question Suli again, and maybe chat up this Lorayit. He sounds well-traveled for a gardener. I know he mentioned he's from Southern though.

That is all.


Been keeping to Jaya's side as ordered. She hangs alot with the barmaid, Suli. A peculiar woman. Doesn't like the new additions. Think she might be a problem in the future. Hoping not with Jaya being attached to her.

Jaya had a talk with the runner thief. Max had let her, and the thief revealed some pointed information. This thief admits to this Vaputero looking for her, and they all have found her here. Gave a few threats. Jaya and your son are looking to hash out risky plans involving them going to Bitra and getting someone on the inside of the operation. Jaya's looking to kill Vaputero, but I think Max is looking to involve himself in that somehow. Looks like a tanner, Bowen, is involved with knowing about the thief, too. He's come by the bar recently to measure boots, and she had ran into him looking for Max before that. Not sure how he's involved, yet.

Another person of interest is a guard named Kaskan. There's a connection with him and Bowen mentioned above, but I believe they were involved in a fight. Dubious man. Jaya's been questioning him and so far, he reveals that he's a guard from South Boll, looking after a young charge of the Lord Holder there. There seems to be a connection between Jaya and Kaskan on a more intimate level as well. Brief, looks like. He seems skilled for a guard. Jaya seems to suspect him. Someone to watch.

She almost revealed some details about her past and trouble to a weyrling by the name of Rio. She didn't, but I can tell that this Rio knows a lot more about Jaya than what's being on display. Rio is also a peculiar person of interest. It seems the barkeep surrounds herself with strange persons. Makes it a little harder to do my job, but I will be efficient.

Another one is the gardener that is a regular at the bar, Lorayit. Doesn't seem threatening, but I notice there's an exchange of looks between him and Suli. Very slight, and no one else notices, but it seems the two might know each other - which isn't that suspicious since he's a regular at the bar. I note it since Suli hardly pays most of the patrons here any attention, usually. They have never exchanged words other than passing of drinks and pleasantries. The gardener tends to has special attention for Jaya alone, anyway.

Not too often, a man comes in around the same time after the bar closes with a small package in hand. He seems familiar with the bar for he never hesitates, going straight to the counter and passes Jaya the package in exchange for marks. The two talk little and low in my presence, and when questioned, Jaya only tells me that he comes on bar business. I highly doubt that. He's not too tall, graying short hair and always wears clothes in various brown tones. This man isn't too pleased to find me there, as well. He's easy to miss if you're not trained, and he never spends longer than 10 minutes in the bar. Like I said, Jaya keeps herself around strange people.

Not that this is anything important to what's been said above, but since she is our business…your bar owner has a bad drinking problem. Got some bad dreams, too. She dismisses me some time after she retires for the night, but I've taken to sticking around without her knowing for a few hours more. Just to make sure she at least makes it to the backroom safe.

Indira stared down at the two pieces of paper on the desk before her, one written in a distinctly feminine hand, the other that of a male’s both her informants from Jaya’s bar. Lips pressed into a thin line as she took up the reports and stood to her feet.

Moments later, the door to her office banged shut. Doran standing guard outside flinched a little and sent a curious look after the Headwoman whose boot heels clipped out a strident pace down the corridor.

Max had spent the passed two days since Ahnika had stormed out on him, either locked in his office (ostensibly busy with paperwork) emerging only to hand out duties and deal with problems that arose, or gone for long hours at a time from the Weyr on Starflight. Those working under the brooding beast manager had the good sense to keep clear of a temper that was at best, frayed at the edges. Concerned, Waine had tried once or twice to coerce the young man into talking and gotten a boot thrown at him the first time, followed by a string of expletives, and the door shut firmly in his face, the second time. He too was now keeping his distance.

Having just returned from the laundry after picking up the heavy overcoats he’d sent down for washing, Max moved over to where a carrysack lay on his mattress and nearly jumped out of his skin when the stall door suddenly slammed open. Eyes narrowed slightly when his mother, without announcement or greeting strode into the stall and threw two sheets of paper onto his desk.

“What the fuck are you thinking!?” Indira demanded, hands setting to her hips, a hard look pinning to her son and then sliding onto the items of heavy winter clothing he was holding. “Are you out of your fucking mind!? And why am I only hearing about it now? From Shijan no less!”

“Good evening to you too, mother dear,” Max’s return came cool and indifferent to the obvious ire coming off of the headwoman as he dropped the coats to his mattress and sauntered over. Lifting up first one and then the other piece of paper, dark eyes scanned over the reports and uttering a snort he dropped them back down to his desk again, a defiant look lifting to the Headwoman, “Shoulda guessed your pet would come running to you the first opportunity he got.”

A dark blonde brow lifted high, “My ‘pet’ may well have just saved your hide,” Indira shot back as she gathered up the reports. “You know better than this, Lomaxin.” Lifting Shijan’s report and waving it about before setting it and Hayli’s to a pocket of her close fitting trousers. “There’s a bloody good reason we discuss everything first. Why I need to know everything that’s going on before I decide what’s to be done about it,” dark eyes flicking over to the overcoats dumped on the mattress in pointed manner.

Dark eyes narrowed slightly, “And while you’re so busy talking everything to death, time is wasted and someone else dies.” A grim expression settling into place as Max folded his arms over his chest and planted his feet hip width apart in a display of recalcitrance, “I’m not a complete idiot. I’m taking Yaron with me.” Tone taking on an edge as this was starting to sound too much like the verbal lambasting he’d gotten recently from a certain weyrling.

“Really,” flatly spoken from Indira as she took a step closer to the beast manager, “you’re not a complete idiot…” echoing his words back to him in sardonic tone. And then with a sudden intake of breath, as if having reached a decision, “You’re not going. Not until I’ve had a chance to properly think this through.” Summarily dismissing whatever his plan might have been.

Long moments of silence ensued as he tried in vain to keep his temper under control. Eventually, he lost the battle and a derisive, “Yes Ma, no Ma, three bags full Ma,” was intoned before anger leaked out over pretences and he set a hard look onto the headwoman, “Tell you what. Why don’t you just cut my dick off and you and Ahnika can play toss with it. Winner gets to keep the beast manager tied to their sides and out of danger like a good little boy. Perhaps you could even have him embroider pretty flowers along the edge of your skirts, hmm?”

Irritation bristled about Indira and a hand started to lift on a course likely meant to slap him across the face for his outright show of crude disrespect. Its path however, stilled at his next sardonically spoken words and she actually blinked before outrage threw up its head, “What the fuck is your problem!?”

Max let out a snort, having caught that slight movement of the headwoman’s hand, “Go on, slap the wayward son into submission,” outright challenge set to his tone. Willing her to do it and in some manner of self loathing, needing her to do it. And then he threw back his head to let the sickly ring of hollow laughter out, “You’re asking me? You mean…I actually get a say here?” coldly sardonic for his next words, “Apparently, I am the problem. So when you two have decided what it is that I am allowed to do, or say, or feel, you be sure to let me know, aye? Because I’m about fucking done trying to figure out what you lot want from me.”

With that he grabbed up the half bottle of whiskey standing on his desk and without another word, brushed roughly passed Indira and left.

The headwoman’s mouth opened and closed a few times as she stepped out of the stall and stared after her son stalking down the beast aisle in high ire. Her sloe eyed gaze caught movement off to one side and she swung her head in Waine’s direction, a blonde brow lifting in silent query.

The bulky stablehand’s shoulders lifted and fell in a helpless shrug uttering simply, “Wimmen trouble.”

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