"You're weird and I shouldn't talk to weird men."


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Date: Dec 15, 2010
Location: Road to Eastern Weyr
Synopsis: Paerin comes across Kaskan sleeping under a bush. A deal is struck.
Rating: PG
Logger: Kaskan

Thick wisps of ebony fall in half-hazard lengths to shadow rugged features, over-long layers typically in disarray as they feather pale blue eyes, flare about his ears and tickle the nape of his neck. Full lips precede a square-ish jaw, which often bears a dusky shadow of its own. Scars from too many fights mar what would be a handsome visage, most notably one that splices across his left brow stopping just short of his eye. A slight hitch ends his left ear in an oddly curved shape, though it's usually hidden beneath his hair. Darkly intense, his bearing is defensive and watchful, wiry muscles having filled out to create a solid, sturdy frame. Not overly tall, he is a grounded, immovable rock - just as thickly guarded on the inside as he is thickly muscled on the outside - a deceptive impression that suits him well for the panther quick grace that's displayed when he's on the move. —19 turns

Paerin is at a decent height for a girl her age, not too tall but not too short. She is generally shorter than most men. Her hair is long and a little curly when not combed and brushed constantly. In the summer seasons her hair tends to a lighter color while in the winter it strays to the darker shades. Generally, though, her hair is a dirty-blonde as it hangs well to her mid-back. Her eyes are a bright blue, chilled and icy in appearance but bright. Her figure is slim, flimsy and not strong at all. There are hardly any muscles for her to speak of.

She wears a fine dress, modest around the neck as it does not dip in at all to reveal any skin. Around the waist is where it cuts in to a well fitting dress and then begins to taper off around her hips, flowing freely as it hangs. It is made from the finest fabric and is a rich shade of maroon. Upon her feet are fine fitting boots, clean and new and comfortable to wear. —16 turns

[ Road to Eastern Weyr ]

Here, the road slopes upwards at a rather steep angle towards the south, lifting towards the landmark peak that is Eastern Weyr. The roadside vegetation thins here, with rocky scrub replacing the softer ferns and grasses of the lower altitudes. To the north, the bridge across Paradise River can just be seen over the jungle treeline; a man-made link between two halves of wilderness.

An odd, perhaps even frightening sight awaits the observant traveler who venture out along the road from Eastern Weyr today. Depending on their constitution the advent of a leg sticking out from under a bush just a stone's throw from the edge of the road could be disturbing. Then again, it could just make them curious. For those that fall under the latter catagory the bright morning sun will reveal the body of a young man rolled under the bush who appears to be alive thanks to the soft sound of light snoring.

Morning work? What work? Paerin has, surprisingly, managed to sneak out of work for the first time since beginning work. But, she's certainly not grumbling, nope. She's actually kicked off her boots and is walking along the road with barefeet, getting them quite dirty. Her path does bring her along to the bush where the foot is seen. First instinct is to scream, a breath is drawn to do so but is released in a hiss. "No screaming…" Is muttered to herself. "Unless he's dead…" Then she must put her socks and boots on, then scream and run back to the Weyr. Therefore, she moves in closer curiosity overriding girlish instinct that's been driven into her head. The snoring is heard and she lets out a sigh of relief. Then, a foot is lifted to prod him in the side.

"Whu?.. Who?…RO??" is the intelligently snorted response to footed nudge. Kaskan rolls to his side and just enough out of the bush's shade that sunlight falls across his cracked eyelids. Hissing sharply he throws an arm across his brow and peers out from beneath it.

"Who're you?" is asked in gruff tone. His shirt and trousers appear to be finely made though ill kept, dirt and wrinkles evidence of his having slept overnight in the wild. Raven layers are in complete disarray, sprinkled with bits of leaf and grass, and a definite shadow of stubble darkens his jaw.
Long distance to Hermes: Kaskan winks. Indeed! Once they realize that he'll no doubt wanna know how Max deals with it!

Paerin pulls her foot back, hopping back a few steps and glaring down at the man. "Why would I tell someone who was sleeping in a bush? Freak." Though she closes her mouth quickly after, taking her bottom lip into her mouth and saying nothing more than that.

Kaskan blinks and seems to consider that a moment before a scowl curls upon his lips. Now that she mentions it there is a particularly annoying round object (aka: rock) that has been digging into his hip since he was so rudely awoken. With a deeply gutteral groan he pushes himself up to a sitting position, batting aside the bush angrily, and runs fingers through his hair scrubbing at the back of his neck for a long moment. The angle of his half-lidded view brings the young woman's feet into view and being in a sour mood himself he responds to her insulting tone with a question best suited to a more domestic setting, "Don't you have shoes?"

Paerin returns the scowl, briefly before she schools her expression and stares at him with a rather blank look. "Why are you sleeping on the ground? That's very unseemly." She scolds before looking down at her feet and lifting her boots from behind her back. "Of course I have shoes."

"Well who goes around bare foot this early in the morning poking their nose under bushes anyway?" Kaskan counters grouchily when she produces the boots. He isn't about to lay his personal woes out for this strange girl, though he realizes the situation is going to require some sort of explanation. Not that he's going to provide one right away. First he'll have to find out who she is. Light blue regard drops once, observing, before returning to her face with obvious suspicion. Owlishly, he repeats his earlier question, "Who're you?"

Paerin flushes a dark shade, "you will tell no one what you saw. And… Besides. I had to make sure you were not dead." She remains silent for a long moment, staring at him pointedly. "I continue with my statement that I should not tell someone who was sleeping in a bush. But…" Her eyes flicker over him before drifting away. "You may call me Pie."

Kaskan senses a deal in the making, though her direct manner irks him. At her long stare he shakes his head and widens his eyes for a moment in a patently impatient gesture. Yes, he's alive. Now move on. Once he has her name, to which dark brows arc dubiously for its unusualness, he staggers noisily to his feet and begins brushing debree from his clothing. Of average height, his frame is lean and wiry, skin a tanned olive tone that looks to mix a touch of both exposure and breeding. Once some semblence of order is achieved he gives his chin a toss to sway over-long bangs from his view and pointedly fixes Paerin with a sharply blue-eyed regard. "Alright, Pie. I'm Kaskan. And I'll offer you a bargain."

Kaskan senses a deal in the making, though her direct manner irks him. At her long stare he shakes his head and widens his eyes for a moment in a patently impatient gesture. Yes, he's alive. Now move on. Once he has her name, to which dark brows arc dubiously for its unusualness, he staggers noisily to his feet and begins brushing debree from his clothing. Of average height, his frame is lean and wiry, skin a tanned olive tone that looks to mix a touch of both exposure and breeding. Once some semblence of order is achieved he gives his chin a toss to sway over-long bangs from his view and pointedly fixes Paerin with a sharply blue-eyed regard. "Alright, /Pie/. I'm Kaskan. And I'll offer you a bargain."

Paerin watches him rise, taking a few more steps back and carefully fixing him a firm look as if he may try something. And if he does, he can be certain she'll be beating him with her boots and screaming as if he's touching her while she's at it. "Kaskan… What bargain are you offering?"

Kaskan is in no condition to physically threaten anyone, let alone a feisty young girl with boots for weapons. He's been through mental hell the last few sevendays, culminating in devastating heartbreak the night before. The emotional stress is evident in red-lined eyes with black circles underneath, as the physical strain has resulted in a myriad cuts and bruises that mar his rugged visage. Even the hand he offers after making his deal is rough and marked with recent scars. "You don't tell anyone you saw me sleeping under a bush out here and I won't tell anyone I saw you walking with no boots along the road."

Paerin stares at him for another long moment, lips pressing thinly together as she examines his hand and then reaches to take it. "Deal… Cause, if you tell anyone I'll get my brother to beat you up." Not likely… Unless she spins a tall tale.

Despite his exhausted pique, Kaskan can't help feeling a twinge of amusement at the girl's strong-willed demeanor. Retrieving his hand he folds both arms across his chest loosely and tilts a look of blatant doubt at her. "Oh really? I feel threatened already. Just who is this fear-inspiring brotherly bodyguard?"

Paerin flushes another shade, perhaps not expecting him to ask. "Well… Ah…" She trails off. And then shrugs. "He wouldn't beat you up. He hates me." Her lips press together again and she shrugs once more.

Well now, that wasn't the response Kaskan was expecting either. Surprise alights across his brow, shadowing deepened lines. One hand rises to scratch at his chin, the new growth itching where he recently shaved to impress someone. "Oh… well… I'm sorry to hear that." And not knowing what else to say he adds a well-meaning but tactless, "Are you sure?"

A toe is rubbed into the dirt, her eyes considering it and she sighs. "Yeah. I'm sure. He thinks I'm a brat… Cause mama loves me best." Then, she quiets to stare at him a long moment as if she is uncertain why, exactly, she is sharing with some random man she just met who was sleeping in the bushes. Or maybe that is why. Because he's different and doesn't know her for who she is… Despite her first bit of being quite the brat in first meeting him. "He didn't want to bring me with him. But…" Then she shakes her head. "I shouldn't be telling you this. You're weird and I shouldn't talk to weird men." But, she's not leaving. Maybe for the fact that he is weird and this is enticing her to do something she'd never do at home. Like walking with no shoes on outside and getting her toes dirty.

That explanation draws a smile to Kaskan's lips, or more accurately, an amused smirk. He's too drained for pure humor to surface. Hands dropping to perch on either hip he smoothes his expression to one of supposed maturity despite being only three turns her senior. With perfectly trumped-up reasoning he extols, "You're right. I am weird. But you're walking around early in the morning with no shoes on and that's pretty weird too, which cancels out my weirdness. Not to mention we've shaken hands /and/ you know my name." As if reminded of his disheveled state he starts to draw the tail of his shirt up and tuck it into the waist of his trousers, continuing on with flippant disregard for the facts, "Plus, it sounds to me like your brother is just jealous. Deep down I'm sure you're his favorite sister. So you'd better run along back to the weyr now before he gets worried about you."

Paerin is giving him a look for the smirk that settles upon his lips, eyes rolling and she folds her arms against her chest. "It is not weird." Lips press together into an angry line before she tilts her head and watches him. "But we did shake hands and I know your name.." She repeats before she shakes her head. "He's not jealous. He doesn't like mama. He wouldn't be worried about me. He doesn't even know where I am. I talked someone into covering for me today." Badgered and cried about it until they said yes, most likely. "And you. You were sleeping in the bushes. Don't you have someone who is worrying about you? You didn't go back last night." She assumes.

Kaskan finishes tucking in his shirt, giving the back of his trousers a quick hitch with both thumbs. His previously fine clothes are in order now but still badly rumpled, ground-in dirt smudging his knees more than anything. One hand rises to ruffle through his hair knocking out a few lingering bits of folliage and attempting to attain some semblance of control over wayward raven layers.

"Doesn't like your mama?" he echoes, blue eyes incredulous. "What kind of man doesn't like his mama?" With his own purpose at the weyr being guardian to a young boy of the Blood, the brother's apparent neglect of his little sister doesn't sit well with Kaskan either. Favor shifts marginally in Paerin's favor - even if she is weird.

Her question brings him up short, aborting the quick retort that springs to his lips. Who would worry about him? Only Jhorn would /expect/ to see him but even the cheerful scion of Southern Boll would assume Kaskan merely got held up and go on to his classes, not suspecting anything amiss unless his guardian didn't show up again later. Jaya might wonder but doesn't see him every day so wouldn't worry. Rio… Rio would probably be happy if she never saw him again.

So who would worry? No one. Two sevendays ago that thought would not have bothered him in the least, but now, with the devastation of recent revelations still sharply painful he is struck with a bolt of melancholy at the thought.

So, instead of shooing the young girl off like he would have previously, he shrugs broad shoulders and assumes a nonchalant expression. "More like no one to tell me what to do, the way I look at it." Tilting a sidelong grin laced with wry mischief he nods toward the greenery and adds, "I happen to like bushes. Good cushioning and shady."

Paerin watches with only a mild interest as he fixes his clothing, a single brow lifting. "The kinda man who's mama cried a lot and whines a lot and shrieks a lot and throws a fit when she doesn't get what she wants." Her nose wrinkles just a bit and she shrugs. "Mama expects me to be like her." And that would likely explain her whole situation of being out without her shoes, but, that would be an assumption on his part. For all he knows, women in her family could walk around with their shoes hanging in their hands all the time. With his response, her brows are drawn into a slow frown. "Lucky. Guess that's what boys get, huh?" Her shoulders roll and she glances back towards the way she came. "Well, I'll be sure not to bug you if I see you in the bushes again."

A smile forms, perhaps the first one all morning as she quirks him a look. An odd little one but she's shrugging and slowly turning away without another word. Walking back down that path and only pausing to slip her boots on to hide her dirty feet.

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