You Smell Funny



NPCs Lenia and her blue Orralth (Played by Bast)

Date: July 19, 2010
Location: Eastern Weyr: Lakeside
Synopsis: Zen is Searched!
Rating: PG
Logger: Bast - Kitteh.

Despite the drizzle, Zen is standing out by the lake in a jacket that is, at least, hooded. Green eyes are focused entirely on the empty lake, thoughtful. Hands are tucked into his pockets while his shoulders are slouched slightly. He is alone and there is only silence in the surrounding area, none having ventured out because of the rain and the mud.

Orralth, a young blue, comes winging down from the sky. His rider gazes down toward the lake and sighs. "Stil no water?" She's silent for a long moment, and then chuckles. "Well, yes. Except for that coming out of the clouds. You're so smart, Orry." She snickers and steps toward Merendezen. "Hey. Do you know when they're gonna get the water in the lake? Or are they gonna try to wait until it fills up with rainwater?" She grumbles a bit, mentioning words like 'inconvenient,' and 'trouble.'

Merendezen glances at the sound of talking, lifting a brow but then lowering it. "It doesn't seem like the water really stays… Not yet, anyway. I'm not too sure. I don't actively work on the lake." He chuckles and rolls his shoulders, "one would hope soon. I've heard quite a bit of whining when I walk the halls."

Lenia and Orralth settle down, the small woman snuggling beneath the blue's broad wing, to protect herself from the falling rain. She snickers. "Yeah. It seems like it's missin' something." She shrugs. "It'll come. Maybe you'll get clean enough in the rain, Orry, that I won't need to take you over to that freezin' river." Another snort. "What? Oh, I know you like it. I don't." She chuckles.

Merendezen watches the pair with a mild interest as they settle, mostly for the blue being used as cover. "Most Weyrs do seem to have a lake. I've heard about it from many riders that I've briefly come to chat with before their dragon wants a bathing, even on a visit." A chuckle follows as he tilts his head back briefly, "you could probably just scrub him in the rain when it gets heavier… To avoid freezing in the river, but, you'll still be cold either way. 'Reaches is really bad in the winter, but they have indoor baths for that reason. Don't want riders getting sick or dead from the cold water."

Lenia laughs outright at that; a great big belly laugh that doesn't seem like it should come from such a small woman. "Dragons are made for between, man. They don't feel a thing in the cold water. It's just us poor riders." She snickers again, and then stops abruptly as Orralth starts moving toward Merendezen. "Um, Orry, what are you doing?" The woman tilts her head, and listens and watches the blue for a long moment. "Doesn't work that way, Orry." She laughs again, and watches the blue continue moving.

Merendezen chuckles, "well… Yes. I was wondering how the dragons ignored it when they get from place to place." There's a smile in the direction of the rider and her blue but it only falters as Orralth moves towards him. There is a slight stiffening of the muscles, like prey ready to strike back against the hunter, unafraid. "What, exactly, is he doing?"

"He's … sniffing." Orrith continues to move toward her. "He thinks you smell … right." She turns, a confused look on her face. Lenia sighs. "What? He smells right? What kind of crackdust is that?" She shakes her head, and waits. "What? He smells right for what?" She snorts. "I'm sorry. I'm Lenia, and this crazy lump of dragonhide is Orrlth. He seems to think you smell right."

"Sniffing… He's not a canine." Pause, "is he?" Though that's more joking because that dragon is getting closer and his shoulders are squaring. "I… Smell?" Zen tilts his head, attempting to smell himself. "Right? Right for what? I think I smell decent."

"That's what I wanted to know. He's being obtuse." Lenia thwaps the dragon on the flank. "Stop it. Now's not the time for jokes. Either stop sniffing around, or tell me what the shellin' hell you're doing!" She stomps her foot, looking for all the world like a weyrbrat throwing a tantrum. "What?" She stops her tirade, and steps forward. "Oh. Ohhhhh. Ok." Understanding crosses her face. "Well. That's just fine, then. He says you smell like candidate. What do you think? We got two clutches coming soon."

Merendezen watches with a mild amusement, watching the pair interact with the blue sniffing still. The chuckle that follows is purely amused as she stomps her foot. "Don't slip!" He offers before it comes to an end. Then, he's curious, a brow lifting and mouth opening to ask of the sudden understanding before it closes. Shock? Just a little. There's silence, considering and then shoulders roll. "Sure. It could be interesting."

"Well, then." Lenia offers a hand to the man. "What's your name, Candidate?" She reaches into her leathers, and pulls out a white knot. It looks a little dingy. "Been carrying this around for several sevens now. No one seemed to need it. Congrats!" This is pretty obviously the first this pair has searched. "C'mon. Let's get you set up in the barracks. I think you're sleeping where the Weyrlings go."

Merendezen takes the hand offered, grinning. "Merendezen." The knot is given a lift of his brow but he takes it nonetheless with no need to be rude. "Thank you. Sounds good… I'll follow your lead, ma'am."

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