Martian Rock Egg

Red and large as it is, this particular egg is hard to miss. It is the burning, orangey-red color of a setting sun, with dark spherical circles dotting its surface. There is even a lot of discontinuity in lines and striation, as the circles and lines shading its surface don’t exactly match up. Lighter zigzags of copper weave their way around its bulging sides, while one whole side appears to be a sickly gray color. So it is not a pretty thing to look at, but then again it is an egg and no one ever said they had to be good looking.

Egg Inspiration: This egg is based on a martian rock - literally. Astronauts and robots alike have collected samples, which they brought back to Earth. And this egg symbolizes all that is alien.. in the form of a red, hole-y rock.

To Infinity And Beyond Bronze Hatchling

Barrel-chested and built to last, this bronze's hide is a copper color reminiscent of a lunar eclipse moon. He has all the craters and dips one would expect, shadows marking his body in haphazard spots, and a dark, ruddy underbelly. There's a particularly dark patch around his eyes, giving the effect that he's wearing a mask, while lighter copper twines around his headknobs. But for the most part, he's just another large bronze with lots of bulky muscle and a shorter-than-average snout. One could say he's compact and round, if it weren't for his tapered middle and a lean, long tail.

Public Impression
Private Impression
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I got the inspiration from the movie Toy Story, and more specifically the character Buzz Lightyear. He is a space ranger that is dedicated to eradicating evil from the universe. When he first appears in the Toy Story movie, he believes he is real and tries to fulfill his "mission". Later on, he realizes he's just a toy and starts having rational thought (or as much thought as a toy can have). But he's the typical hero, if a little on the not-so-smart side. Still, he's got a good heart, bravery, and a determination not many people - or things - can claim. Yzuruth is based on the logically-thinking Buzz, who knows he's a toy but still looks out for the people and things he cares about. Add a dash of space phenomenon, and you've got yourself a bonefide, brash bronze dragon!



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