Jungle's Busybody Brown Zekoith


There's an odd lack of symmetry in the way this long and lean brown is proportioned, with overly long dangling limbs and a tail well outsized to the body and nearly prehensile in nature. The length of torso is sprinkled with striations of reddish-, golden-, and dark brown, all of it blending into near black as color bleeds into front and hind end, traveling down his tail and providing a near uniform mask to the face. There's a highlight of color around the eyes and headknobs, giving him a perpetually curious expression. It's his wingspan that is truly impressive, as it has to span long enough to make up for those long forelimbs of his; the color a blend in different shades of sundappled tree bark.


N'zi and bronze Zateriyath, now also at Eastern
A bunch of NPCs, Igen Weyr


Name: Kali
Description: Maura
Everything else: Ch'rii

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